Blogmas 2019 Day Twenty Five: Christmas Eve pt 2 🎄

Let me just start by saying Merry Christmas! I hope you all have the best christmas day with your loved ones. Eat, drink, be merry and care free.

Christmas eve pt 2

The evening

Here is the second half of our Christmas Eve adventures.

Our tradition, and one of my absolute favourites, is our Christmas lights tour of our home town.

We have usual hot spots that we visit each year but I also like to keep an eye out, in the few weeks leading up to Christmas, for any other lights that would be good to drive by.

My twin sister Sarah usually comes but she wasnt able to this time as she was working so my husband drove us, mum, and my two nephews around.

Once we had seen our share of lights we headed back to the boys house and gave them their Christmas eve boxes.

Once they had munched on some chocolate, it was time for Christmas PJs, setting up for Santa C and a festive bedtime story.

I got my two nephews and niece matching Christmas pjs, the same print but the boys were blue and Evie’s were pink.

They were lovely, and only £7 each from Asda.

I got them all a size up so they can have them for next year too.

All ready for Santa! 💙🎅🏻

Once the boys had listened to ‘The Night Before Christmas’ story and gone to sleep we settled down to have our Nachos and watch some Christmas tv.

We watched ‘Father Christmas’ and the Christmas Eve episode of Eastenders ready for tomorrow.

It was nice to chill after a fun but busy day!

& of course when I got home I had to get ready for Santa myself…

That’s it for another year of Blogmas, it goes by quicker every year!!

25 days, 25 festive posts, Done.

🎁🎄 Merry Christmas! 🎄🎁

Ho Ho Ho

Roseanne 🎅🏻

Blogmas 2019 Day Twenty Four: Christmas Eve pt 1 ☃️

This is where Christmas really starts. I definatly count this as one of the big ‘Christmas days’ inc Christmas day ans boxing day and any subsequent family Christmas days after these few days.

The day started off by having a Christmas Eve brunch with my sister and my niece Evie-Mae.

After brunch we had a look through Evies Christmas eve box…

(Blogmas 2019 Day 19: Christmas Eve Boxes )

Inside Evies box was a ‘Make your own Christmas Wreath’ kit.

Evie even created her own ‘Christmas Rhino’ to go on her wreath (you had to be there!)

It was good fun 😊

After all that craft we needed a treat… we tucked into some chocolate coins whilst watching Christmas Hey Duggee.

Yum yum, don’t tell Mummy!

Later on we made some cookies for Santa!

I think Santa is really going to enjoy them.

A lovely fun, festive start to Christmas Eve with my favourite little girly 💜

Now I have some baking and food prep to get started!

& its Christmas eve part 2 with my nephews.

I hope you are enjoying your Christmas eve! Don’t stress.

Ho Ho Ho

Roseanne 🎅🏻

Blogmas 2019 Day Twenty Three: Christmas film night 📽🎄

It’s Christmas Eve Eve Everybody!

Last night we had a festive film night at my twin sisters house, perfect for getting you into the festive spirit. Plus, as you may have seen from my previous Blogmas post that I did a couple of days ago, I’ve made a list of the christmas films I want to get in before the end of the holiday season.

Christmas film list

We watched Elf first…

‘The film centres on Buddy, a human who was adopted and raised by Santa’s elves. He learns about this ans heads to New York City to meet his biological father while also spreading Christmas cheer in a world of cynics.’

Then we watched Home Alone

‘The story follows eight year old Kevin McCallister who is mistakenly left behind when his family flies to Paris for their Christmas vacation. Kevin initially relishes being home alone, but soon he has two burglars to contend with.’

I’ve never actually watched this film properly, and all the way through so people were very insistent that I did this year. I did enjoy, it was an easy to watch film and Kevin is very sweet.

I wouldn’t say it’s one of my absolute faves but I would definatly watch it each year.

And of course, when you are watching christmas films, you need snacks!

I brought along I chocs from my Christmas stash…

After the films we played a game of Articulate. It’s a great game for the family and it’s a laugh too!

You’ll suprise yourself with some of the ridiculous things you say under pressure.

When I got home I finished all of my wrapping so I can fully enjoy the next few pre Christmas days!

2 days to go!

Ho Ho Ho

Roseanne 🎅🏻

Blogmas 2019 Day Twenty Two: A Christmas Panto 🧞‍♂️

Every year me and my husband Tim go to our local theatres Rock N Roll panto.

It’s one of our Christmas traditions and we always look forward to it. We have been going for a few years now.

This year the panto was Aladdin.

It was an absolutely brilliant show, as always!

The set was my favourite so far. As you can see from the above picture, it was really well done. The panto was set in Shanghai and the set was so colourful with lanterns decorating the rest of the theatre.

The show was hilarious, one of the funniest yet! We were seriously laughing out loud alot during the first half.

We usually go earlier in December but it was really cool to go so close to Chrsitmas as it always makes me feel so festive and it was perfect for getting into a Christmassy mood.

It was a great evening together and one of my favourite traditions that we do together 😊

Ho Ho Ho

Roseanne 🎅🏻

Blogmas 2019 Day Twenty One: Festive Look Book 🎄


Velvet Sequin Knot Front Shift Dress, Boohoo £28

Sequin Wrap Skater Dress, Boohoo £32

Satin Cowl Neck Lace Up Fish Tail Midi Dress, Boohoo £20

Button Front Midi Dress, Boohoo £17.60

Oversized Check Scarf, Boohoo £6.40

Faux Fur Pom Speckled Beanie, Boohoo £6.40


Grey woodland pyjamas, Next £25

Christmas jumper, Next £32

Red Geometric print penguin Pyjamas, Next £25

Christmas jumper, Next £30

Christmas sweatshirt, Next £30


Christmas hair slides, Primark £3

Merry and Bright Christmas Pyjamas, Primark £10

Santa Claus socks, Primark £1.50

H & M

Tie belt dress, H&M £14

Paperbag trousers, H&M £24.99

Sequin Santa Hat, H&M £4

Velour Green dress, H&M £15

New Look

Funky novelty socks, New Look £2.49 or 3 for £6.

Pale pink Glitter pleated wrap midi dress, New Look £29.99

Merry Christmas’ tote bag, New Look £2.99

Black sequin wrap bodysuit, New Look £17.99

4 pack of multi coloured Christmas gem hair slides, New Look £6.99

Red check slogan Pyjamas, New Look £11.24

Red Suedette Strappy Mid Stiletto Heels, New Look £9.99

F•r•i•e•n•d•s Christmas present top, New Look, £12.99


Ho Ho Ho

Roseanne 🎅🏻

Blogmas 2019 Day Twenty: Christmas films 📽

One of my favourite Christmas traditions is watching Christmas films, it really gets you into the Festive spirit.

I really wanted to make sure that I made time to watch some this year so I compiled a list of the ones that I want to watch so that when I have time I can easily choose one to watch depending on what I fancy that day.

Here’s my list:

  • The Grinch who stole Christmas
  • The Snowman
  • Deck the Halls
  • Love Actually
  • Jack Frost
  • Last Christmas (New, 2019)
  • Nativity
  • Nativity 2
  • Home alone.
  • Elf

So far, I have watched Last Chrsitmas, a new Christmas film that is currently in cinemas, and I loved it! It was a real feel good film (if a little sad) plus it is heavily based around my favourite Christmas song.

I’ve also watched Nativity which I never realised was so funny, although I think it was just that bit funnier to me as I work in a primary school.

I want to watch Nativity two now as I really enjoyed the first one, plus it’s got David Tennant in! What’s not to love.

I’ve also watched Deck the halls. This is one of my absolute faves so I watched this one first!

I’ve popped home alone on the list as much to many of my family/friends disgust, I’ve never watched it all the way through!

I’m super excited for the Snowman, this is our Christmas eve tradition.

What’s your favourite Christmas film?

All suggestions welcome 😊

Ho Ho Ho

Roseanne 🎅🏻

Blogmas 2019 Day Eighteen: Affordable Christmas decorations 🎅🏻

If you want to do Christmas on a budget, because let’s be honest, although we love the frills it’s all about the quality time, kindness and love that we share with our friends and family. Those are the things we remember.

But, that being said, I bloody love the decs! So heres a way to go full Christmas without breaking the bank, and we have Wilko to thank for it with their beautiful but incredibly reasonable Christmas decoration ranges.

I literally couldn’t choose between the cute tree decorations in this range (as it fits our Red, Gold & Green).

They would also make lovely gifts.

Alpine range

Polar Bear, £3

Wooden star tree, £3

Green metal tree, £2

Packs of 3 baubles, £4

Gingerbread biscuit car decoration, £1

Tree star topper, £2

Packs of plain coloured baubles, from £1

They have loads of different ones in different variety packs and sizes.

Sacks, £6 Stockings, £4

Pom Pom Garland, £1

Pom Pom Garland with bells, £6

Large bells silver and red, £1

I love this collection and it is one of a few that they have.

This one fits in perfectly with our red/gold/green theme.

They also have a icy collection that is lots of whites, silvers and blues, as well as a gold collection and a rose gold collection.

I have bought a few things from the alpine collection (I couldn’t resist!!) I also picked up a couple of the polar bears as I thought these were super cute and would be quite generic for any tree.

I’ve personalised these, with the year, to go into a few hampers that I’ve put together for family members.


Ho Ho Ho

Roseanne 🎅🏻

Blogmas 2019 Day Seventeen: Mini Mince Pies.

Hi guys!

I thought it was time for another recipe as I’ve only done one so far this festive blogmas season.

Check that out: Pretzel Reindeer treats

Plus, the mince pie obsession has well and truly returned.

So, I thought I would have a go at making my own mini ones. These are Perfect for a little treat.

These are super easy and super quick!

What you will need:

•Jar of mince meat

•Shortcrust ready roll pastry (Chilled)•Small circle cutter•Small star cutter•Low cal spray•Baking tray•Parchment paper

Optional Extra:


What you will need to do:

•Line your baking tray with the parchment paper.

•Pre heat your oven to 180° C

•Lay out your pastry and cut into two.

•Use half of the pastry to cut out your circle bases and half with stars for the tops.

•Place the circles into the baking tray with a little space between them.

•Spoon a generous amount of mince meat into the centre of each circle.

Optional: Top the mince meat with your extra flavouring (Terry’s choc orange segment or blob of caramel)

•Lift up the edges of the circles a little so that when they cook the mince meat doesnt all pour out.

•Top with one of your cut out pastry stars.

•Spray with your low cal spray/egg wash/milk. Anything that will give it that lovely golden brown finish.

• Pop into the oven until they are golden brown.

•Enjoy warm or cold.

The cool thing is I made these for my husband to take to work as part of his bake off competition and we won!! Whoop whoop 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Bake off winners.

So, they are definatly worth a try.

Let me know if you have a go at making these or if you make any other Christmassy treats.

8 days until Christmas 🎄

Ho Ho Ho

Roseanne 🎅🏻

Blogmas 2019 Day Sixteen: Christmas stocking gift guide: For adults 🎅🏻

I’m sorry, I don’t care what anybody says, you are NEVER too old for a stocking.

So, if you are making one for your older children/partner or even yourself! Then hopefully these ideas are helpful.

I did a childrens edition earlier on on Blogmas, this year so I will leave that here .

I will also leave below the link to my stocking guide from last years Blogmas. That one is a more general guide to stockings and my top 5 categories to include, instead of specific gift ideas.

Stocking guide

Let’s get started!

Edible items

A Chocolate orange, all supermarkets
Try and look out for when they are on offer.

I think are currently half price in Tesco.

Chocolate coins, Wilko, 50p

Chocolate Santas, £1

Personalised toblerone, prezzybox £12.99

Available in milk and white.

Or any of their favourite chocolates or sweets.


Dobble, Amazon,15.99 or Original Dobble, £8.99

Mini Poker set, Primark £4

Assorted Christmas quiz card games, Amazon from £3.99

Retro pocket games with LCD screen, Prezzybox £14.99


Either a nice Christmassy book or a book you think they could get stuck into in the New Year.

I love reading an I think a book is a perfect gift, and fits well in a stocking.

Adult colouring books, Waterstones from £7.99

Give the gift of calm! These are perfect for taking a few moments to yourself.

100 books scratch off poster, Prezzybox £11.99

This is s really cool idea and great if you find it hard to choose a book!

A4 Notebooks, Paperchase from £8

They have loads of super cute notebooks in Paperchase. It is absolute stationary heaven so it is definatly a shop worth looking at if you are making a stocking for a stationary lover.

They come in loads of different sizes too, A4, A5 & A6.

Notebooks, Wilko from £3 depending on the size.

They do some really cute designs as well as lots of different sizes of notebook, to choose from.

They also do plain jotter style notebooks for £3 which you could customise for the person you are giving it to, or even print of a picture and pop that on the front to personalise it.

Magnets, Paperchase £3

I love these super sassy, super relatable adult magnets.They sum up adulthood perfectly.

Postcards, Paperchase 80p each

These are so cool. I love popping in there to see what different ones they have. These are perfect as ‘mini prints’ to gift someone. You could even frame one or two, or just pop a few that you think they would like into an envelope.

Pamper products

Face/hair/eye masks, Primark

They do absolutely loads of different masks to help hydrate, cleanse and freshen up your skin.

These are super cheap and work really well (I’ve used them myself!) They make a great stocking filler and everyone deserves a little pamper every now and then!

Lush Festive bath bombs, from £3.95

They have got some amazing bath bombs in their festive Christmas collection this year.

I love a bath and these festive treats would make a great addition to a stocking.

The festive ones are super cute too. My personal fave so far is the ‘Not so secret Santa’ bath bomb.

Its a snowball with santa arms and legs sticking out like he has been caught by a rolling snowball. It smells amazing, sweet with notes of citrus and sherbet. Plus, its one of the more reasonably priced ones at £3.95.

Bath Bombs, Wilko £1

The Body Shop, from £6

The Body Shop have some really cool pamper bits available in store and online. They even have a ‘stocking fillers’ section which has some great sets from little hand creams with a nail files, their ‘Delights bags’ where you get 3 or 4 little bits and their body butters too. I’ll leave a link because its definatly worth checking out.

The Body Shop ‘Stocking Fillers’

Lynx Gift sets, Amazon £9

Superdry Trio of scents, Superdrug £10

Beard buddy shaving apron, Online from £9.99

I’ve bought one of these for my husband (exciting haha) but needed! Very handy for all that beard maintenance.

Initial wash bag, Matalan £4


Statement earrings, Primark from £2

These are lovely and are really reasonably priced too. Great for a stocking to add to your Christmas day outfit.

Funky socks, River Island £3

Festive Feast’ beard baubles, Rover Island £8

These are a bit of a silly one, but I’m sure they would be a good laugh for any bearded family members this Christmas!

Scarves, Dorothy Perkins £15.40


Wireless touch speaker, Prezzybox £17.99

Pink wireless fast charger, Primark £12

(Available in other colours)

Wireless earpod headphones, Matalan £30


Christmas candle 3 pack, Primark £5

Various Christmas decorations inc Disney/Dr Seuss/Harry Potter, Primark from £3

Pjs! Matalan, from £12.50

Because who doesn’t love new pjs?! Especially at Christmas. Plus, something cosy is a vital part of any stocking.

So, that’s my little (hopefully) helpful stocking filler gift guide for adults! I’ve tried to cater to both men and women.

I know the struggle of trying to think of interesting bits for a man’s stocking!!

Thanks for reading 😊


Ho Ho Ho

Roseanne 🎅🏻

Blogmas 2019 Day Fifteen: Visiting Winter Wonderland ❄

I’m in London all weekend so I thought I would share all of my festive activities with you guys.

Today, after staying up in London with one of my Uni friends (See yesterdays post for what I got up to in London yesterday ~ Blogmas Day 14 we met up with another of our uni friends and went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.

I’ve been a couple of times before but not for at least two or three years, so it was nice to get the opportunity to go again and see what’s changed and have a nice festive day out.

At Winter Wonderland it is free to get in and have a look around.

There are lots of stalls, food places, craft, hot chocolate, snacks, beer and rides to go on (at extra cost)

But, if you want to, before you go you can book onto some of their other experiences that they have on offer, such as Ice skating, a big wheel, ice bar with ice sculptures and shows such as the circus.

When I have been with friends previously we have booked onto the ice bar, some of the shows and the big wheel.

This time, as we have kiddies with us too, we thought it would be nice to just have a look around, instead of booking the big things.

It’s a lovely festive day out so it’s nice that you dont necessarily have to pay extra for all the other things, but you can if you want to.

I’m not sure whether you can book on the day, it might just depend on availability.

Let’s take a look….

Such a fun, festive day out!


Ho Ho Ho

Roseanne 🎅🏻