Auntie pt 2

Being an Auntie is truely special. I’m not a mum, in a way I’m sure thats probably ‘better’ but there really is something so lovely about being an Auntie. For one you get to give them back!! (Something I always say but rarely want to do) you also get to be the fun one. The crazy one. The let’s eat cake at half 10 one. The ok, go on, one last time one. The sleepover queen.

The one who these little people manage to wrap round their little finger no matter how hard you try to repell it (and let’s be honest you don’t try very hard!)

This picture is what prompted me to write this post…

My three week old niece and almost three year old nephew.

This photo fills me with equal amounts of pride and sadness.

Pride for that little boy that I met when he was barely an hour old, who I’m sure was only one yesterday! Being a beautiful big cousin to Evie-Mae, so caring and gentle.

But sadness because, I’m sure he was that small just a little while ago, they grow up so fast and until I had nieces and nephews I never quite realised just how fast.

Everytime they achieve something I burst with pride for that little person but at the same time think, that’s another ‘First’ gone. But boy are we lucky to have those ‘firsts’! All those things we hope they’ll achieve and are so happy when they do.

I’m always sure to remember, with ‘firsts’ come ‘lasts’ so I read that story even though I’m tired (because I’m not used to running around after them all the time! Mums I don’t know how you do it!!) I treasure that sound when he runs to me and says ‘Ro Ro’ (A nickname I hope will have longevity, I can’t cope with the thought of not hearing that) those cuddles when he is tired or has fallen over and he just wants your comfort, or the dancing to fireman Sam round the lounge in your PJs.

Because in the blink of an eye he’ll be a big boy and Ro Ro’s not quite ready for that yet. Thank goodness for my other little ones.

Being an Auntie really has changed my life.

What do you love most about being am Auntie/Aunt/Uncle?


Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

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Stationary Haul: Work edition ðŸðŸŒ´âœ

I work in a Primary school and this week (beg 17th) is the last week of term! Hurrah!! (Although spare a thought for those of us who still work in the holidays)

I love a bit of stationary as much as the next person, plus I like to get a fresh set for September (Back to school! Seriously you think that’s only a thing when your a child, it isn’t when you work in a school) so when I went into the Range and I was delighted to find some awesome stationary.

If you are a regular round here you’ll have noticed from a few of my previous posts that I’m really into the tropical print atm, so you’ll see why this stationary range grabbed my attention ✌

Let’s take a look!

I love this Ombre, holographic, shiny notebook with ‘My colourful life’ on the front, cute. I went for green as it’s my favourite colour and it was nice and bright.

This was £1.99

These tropical themed A5 note pads are so lovely and very similar to some I mentioned in a previous post, check that out >>here<< 

When I saw the pineapples and flamingos I had to get one of each 🙈 These were £1 each, bargin!

These flamingo shaped post it notes are so cute and were only £1.50

And just incase post it notes aren’t enough I picked up this set of sticky notes. This set has large post it’s at the top and four tab sticky notes. I love that these have  little pictures on. These were £1.

Paperclip with pom poms on… need I say anymore!?! So cool. I love the colours too. This pack was £1.49.

A pack of rubbers, because again they are tropical themed! But also because I can never find a rubber when the kids at work need one and I think they would like these too! This pack was £1.

And last but not least…

I thought I would just include this as I picked it up at the Range too. This is a mini colouring book with patterns and pictures in it for you to colour in. I love the adult colouring books and thought this was cute for on the go. I went for the wildlife one. The pictures are really pretty so I can’t wait to add a splash of colour to them. This was £1.

So as you can see the Range have some awesome stationary and it’s so cheap!! Love it. 

I still work in the summer hols but I get a couple of days off here and there and a couple of weeks in the middle! So here’s to a bit of a rest ready for the challenges that September and another new term will hold.

Until next time, 

Roseanne 🙂

June favourites 💖

I love favourites posts/videos so here’s mine for the month of June 🙂

Let’s start with beauty…

 Mac lipstick in the shade ‘Twig 

This is a satin finish lipstick, this colour is a beautiful nudey, pinky/plum colour. It’s a lovely shade as I don’t have anything like it and it stays on really well. It works really well for an everyday or a night out make up look.

Sanctuary body washes 

I got a set of these from someone at work for my birthday and they are lovely! The scents are so fresh and clean and the consistency of the product is so smooth and makes you feel so clean and your skin super soft.
Tanya Burr face illuminator 

This is perfect for the summer time and a beauty staple to add a lovely glow to your make up look! I like to put a pump of this on with my bb cream or foundation to add a lovely shine/glow. This works really well with a goldy, shimmery, bronze make up look! So keep coming sunshine 🌞
Sleek face palette 

I bought this palette a little while ago but I have been using it alot recently and loving it! Contouring is quite new to me but I’m loving incorporating it into my summer make up routine for a more bronzy, glowy look.

This contour shade is lovely and warm but not too dark, great for my skin tone. The blusher is really nice as it has flecks of gold running through it, So pretty and the highlighter is a gorgeous champagne colour.

The Real Techniques contour brush is brilliant too, the shape is perfect for adding definition to your cheek bones.

Barry M Aquarium collection nail varnish 

I am loving this nail varnish by Barry M, it is from their Aquarium collection and is the shade ‘Mediterranean’.
It’s a lovely shimmery, irridescent, goldy copper colour, a definite metallic vibe which is very ‘in’ at the mo. It looks lovely when the sun hits it and at different angles it looks like lots of different colours, So pretty!


Skinny SF caramel iced lattes

These are SOOO delicious 👌 I originally thought the idea of cold coffee was so gross but I tried it again the other day and its so tasty. It’s super refreshing for the summer time with the delicious coffee taste. These work well on Slimming World too which is great and they are super easy to make at home too 👍

Milk chocolate mikado

I have absolutely been loving these this month as a chocolatey biscuit treat and on Slimming World they are only 0.5 syn each or your daily 15 syns for the whole box (if you wanna go crazy!) They are delicious and come in a couple of other flavours inc Daim & white choc. 

I am loving the new front covers, for the first Harry Potter book, to celebrate 20 years of Harry Potter. 
They have released the first book with four new covers, each representing a Hogwarts house, with the cover being the colour of the house, with the house crest on the front. I went for the Gryffindor one and I picked one up for my sister Sarah too. I had to get one to add to my collection, I would love them all but I don’t think I need four more copies of the first book!☇🦁🐍🦅🐼

So those are my favourites for June 👍

What have you guys been loving?!

Until next time, 

Roseanne 🙂


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Fun at the 02! 

So, at the weekend, (Sat 1st July) yes the 1st of July, the first day of the SEVENTH MONTH of the year! Seriously 2017, slooooww dowwn. Basically we went to the 02 for  the Star Wars: identities exhibition as my husband Tim loves Star wars and its his birthday next week. 

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. As someone who is only now watching the Star Wars films properly I found it really interesting and a fun experience.

There were over 100 pieces that were used in the actual Star Wars films, costumes, droids, models, to look at as well as an accompanying audio guide. 

You also got given a wristband at the start and you build your own Star Wars character and shape their identity using it. You make choices about their species, home planet, job, personality etc and this creates your character for you. 

Here is Tim’s:

Here is mine:

This was so much fun and I remembered alot more about the film’s than I though I would. 

Tim had a great time which is the most important thing ♡

After we had been to the exhibit we headed to get some food (also in the 02) there is such a good selection of restaurants in there to choose from and because we had been to the exhibit we got 25% off our food bill, winner!

We went to Zizzis and had a delicious Italian feast.

For starters Tim had this A-maz-ING bruschetta with creamy mozzarella, tomatoes & basil pesto 👌

I had one of my favourite starters, calamari (V.fitting after my character choice haha)

Tim had a classic Bolognese for his main, which was so rich and delicious. (Yup, I stole a sneaky taste, I’m not the only one who does that am I? I mean what’s mine is yours right! 😂)

I had a delicious mushroom tortelloni dish in a creamy sauce.

We shared their new tomato, basil & mozzerella bread 👌

We love having days out for a birthday, I love receiving gifts people have chosen for me but there’s something lovely about having experiences and making memories too.

Definatly worth a look for all you Star Wars fans 👍

Until next time, 

Roseanne 🙂