Spring/Summer Lookbook 🌸

Anybody else looking to Summer and Sunnier days… I don’t wanna get ahead of myself haha but o’well 😂😎☀️

Spring has sprung!

I’ve been having a little browse so here’s a lil Spring/Summer lookbook.

Black Floral Button Front Sleeveless Crop Jumpsuit

£26.99 – New Look

Oversized Heavy Checked Shirt

£16 – Boohoo

Casual Blush Pink Dungarees

£12.99 – Shein

Blue Daisy Embroidered High Waist Adalae Wide Leg Jeans

£36.99 – New Look

Jersey Frill Tiered Midi Smock Dress (Various colours)

£19.99 – New Look

Dalmation Print Maxi Skirt

£11.49 – Shein

Occasion floral embroidery wrap skater dress

£24 – Boohoo

Brown Leopard Print Strappy Oversized Jumpsuit

£23.99 – New Look

Until Next Time,

Roseanne 🙂

Biscoff Chocolate Crispy Bars ðŸ«

Hi guys 👋🏻

So, here is another blog post, and this time I thought I would do a lil baking- it’s been too long.

These no bake Biscoff bars and super easy, super quick and partly inspired by loads of random videos that I have seen on Tik Tok… so there is no real ‘recipe’ as such.

Here is what you’ll need:

•Rice Crispies

•Smooth Biscoff/Biscuit spread

•Dark Chocolate


1. Slowly melt the biscoff spread jn a bowl, in the microwave – this took about 45 seconds.

2. Mix in the Rice Crispies until they are fully covered and start to combine.

3. Push the mixture into a tin and make sure it is all compact.

4. Freeze for at least 30/45 minutes.

5. Slowly melt your dark chocolate. I do this in the microwave at 30 second increments.

4. Allow the chocolate to cool.

5. Take the crispy block out of the freezer and slice into finger sized pieces. Be quick or it will warm up too much. Place back in the freezer whilst you prep the chocolate.

6. Carefully pour/spoon the chocolate over the crispy fingers.

7. Place on some non stick baking parchment to cool.

8. Bon apeiti!

These were a big hit with my husband, he really enjoyed them.

Mine don’t look the best, but they taste great!

Great for any chocoholics out there!!!

Let me know if you give them a go! Happy Baking.

Until Next Time,

Roseanne 🙂