Book Review 📚

So, I’ve always wanted to be part of a Book club and this week that dream came true.

A lovely local cafe near me runs a book club and I found out about it after having a chat with the cafe owner. I was so excited when she mentioned that they run one as its a lovely little cafe and easy for me to get to. My twin sister joined with me.

It was SO awesome!! I can’t wait for the next meeting and to start our new book.

I’ve decided that since we will discuss these books in more detail, these will be the books that I do a little review of. This means I have one a month to write about/recommend (hopefully) to you guys.

So, here is the first book that I read for the book club… February 2022!

22 Britannia Road By Amanda Hodgkinson


This book follows the story of Janusz, Silvana
and their son Aurek from Poland.
The story goes back and forth from the past, when they first met, when war broke out, and during the war, as well as the present when they are trying
to rebuild their lives after the war.
We find out how it has
affected them, their relationship, and
their relationship as a family,
as well as the secrets that they
have carried along the way.


•Family •Survival •Love •War


•Easy to read
•Interesting insight into
the impact of war on the
women and children.
•Mixture of past & present.


•Quite sad in
•Geography of
Ipswich wasn’t spot

Would you recommend it?

Y/N 👍🏻

Especially to anyone who lives in the local area of Ipswich.

Rating out of 5:

☆☆☆☆☆ 4/5

Until Next Time,

Roseanne 🙂

Children’s Mental Health Week 🧠

Mental health is about how we think, feel and act. Just like physical health: everybody has it and we need to take care of it.

Mind (2021)

We all have good days and bad days, and mental health is very much a spectrum of feeling.

Good mental health is when we are feeling positive and calm as well as feeling confident in what we do.

Bad mental health is very much a feeling of being out of control, overwhelmed and unable to cope with your feelings, this is often reflected in your actions.

“Mental health is on a spectrum – we can be ill and struggling and well and functioning. It constantly changes which can be exhausting, but it’s also a reminder that things will change for the better again.”

Mind (2021)

There are lots of different ways to help promote and nuture a good mental state in children, which will then form a good basis later in life.

Of course trauma, events, things out of our control etc can influence our mental health at any point, but being able to deal with this and recognise it in yourself is so important – especially in children and young people.

Get talking…

Here are some great books that are a good talking point for mental health and wellbeing discussions with children.

‘Confidence is my superpower’ by Alicia Ortego
‘Lucy’s blue day’ by Chris Poke
‘Monty the Manatee’ by Natalie Pritchard and Natalie Merheb.
‘Kindness is my superpower’ by Alicia Ortego.
‘Whs’s going on inside my head’ by Molly Potter
‘How are you feeling today’ by Molly Potter.

These are great for children to read/look at themselves, as part of a storytime, to aid/prompt classroom discussions or as part of an activity/activity tray (See below my tuff tray)

Useful links:

There is alway’s help out there.

Don’t suffer in silence.

Everyone is different.

Your feelings are valid.

Until Next Time,

Roseanne 🙂

2021 🌟

I obviously post alot about books on here but I’ve always enjoyed using it as a diary of sorts so, here is a little round up of the last year.


Lockdown – Quiz Nights – Trip to Venice Covid Style – Snow!!


Valentines – Pancake day – First Covid Vaccine – Video calls.


Lots of walks – Springtime – Covid styley Mothers Day Afternoon tea – Darren releases new music/merch etc.


More walks – Meet ups – Fambizzle Easter Chinese Covid styley – Naya tribute – AC Anniversary – Covid Vaccine no 2.


May bank Hol – New Series of LOD – Me & Sarah turned 30 – First tattoo – F.R.I.E.N.D.S reunion – Suprise 30th party in the park.


Meet ups – Suprise birthday drinks with work friends – Bought my first car – 5 Year Wedding  anniversay/10 years together – Euros – Uni Reunion, finally – Dr Who Experience – Pizza – Drove to work for the first time – More pizza!


Passed my theory test – Tim turns 30 – Tims suprise pizza party – Naya 🖤 – Evie turns 4 – Euros heartbreak – Tim & Ducks party in the park – Days out – Boys round to ours, first time since Covid – More sunny walks – Summer Reading Challenge Volunteering is back –
First sleepover with the boys post Covid.


A busy Summer ☀️
Meeting up – Eating out – More special birthdays – Roxy’s Hen Do – Our Holiday Camping – Youth Club ending – Summer Reading Challenge completed – Casey’s 5 – Tim’s Meerkat Experience – Parties.


Roxy’s wedding, being a bridesmaid – Noah’s 7 – Mcfly – HP Photo exhibition –


ITFC Show – Out & about – Afternoon tea – 20 years of HP at the cinema – Jasmine’s Hen do in Brighton – Halloween fun at the farm & a partyy –


Wedding fun – New Ear piercing – Trip to Dorset – Covid finally got us


Christmas prep – Christmas Tik Toks – HP concert – Jasmine’s wedding & CHRISTMAS (&NYE)

2022 is here…

Fingers crossed for a good’un.

Until Next Time,

Roseanne 🙂

Bookcase tour 📚👉🏻

Hi guys 👋🏻

So, I started the new year by giving my bookcase a little reshuffle.

Here are the different shelf arrangements…

1. The Harry Potter Shelf

This is obviously a must 🤪

It’s a mixture of my copies of the book series as well as other illustrated versions and books about the wizarding world and films.

2. The tbr Shelf

My ‘to be read’ (tbr) shelf is all of the books that are on my list to read. It’s rather extensive at the moment – who else has a problem with being unable to stop buying books?! 🤪

It’s got quite a nice mix of different genres to choose from, from easy readers, Thrillers, Autobiographies, Novels, Romances, Fantasy etc.

3. Recommendations Shelf

This shelf is my go to when anyone asks for a recommendation. I get asked for recommendations quite a bit so they are handy to grab.

4. My Favourites Shelf

These books are some of my alltime faves. Most I have read more than once.

Some of my favourites include ‘Bridget Jones’ – ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ – ‘Animal Farm’ – ‘The Land of Stories Series’ and ‘Goodnight Mr Tom.

This one kinda spills onto two shelves – special mention to Heidi Swain whos books almost have a whole shelf to themselves now haha.

5. My Childrens Book Shelf

Working with Children as well as being an Auntie means that I can appreciate a good picture book. I have some classics as well as just random ones I have picked up on the way. These are a mixture of Fiction and Non Fiction.

I love colour co-ordinating my shelves too, I have done this with my ‘tbr list’ as there is quite an array of different books and covers.

This always looks pretty cool.

How do you organise your bookcase?

Until Next Time,

Roseanne 🙂