1926 – 2022 🖤 ER đŸ‘‘

As we all know unfortunately our Queen died on the 8th September 2022.

I was completely and utterly shocked – we all knew at the impressive age of 96 that it was an unfortunate inevitability… but somehow it just seemed like she would always be there, like she always has been.

It still seems unbelievable to write that even now, on the 21st September, 3 days after her state funeral.

How can someone who is such an intrinsic and integral part of Great Britain be gone?!

She was a constant throughout all the hardships and dramas (The COVID Pandemic being a particularly poignant one) as an unwavering source of comfort and support to the nation, to her people.

She served with such honour, pride and distinction, and alot of us held her with great affection, I know that I did, so it is a sad time now that she has passed away.

Grief is the price we pay for Love’ – Queen Elizabeth 2nd

I was heading down to London the weekend after The Queen had died, for a pre organised event and I was actually really pleased to be able to take the opportunity to pay my respects to her, at Buckingham Palace, the Queens London Residence.

It was a wonderful show of shared grief and respect and I’m sure she would have been deeply touched by the affection shown to her.

London really did pay tribute to her and it was lovely to see that happening around the country and the world too.

Me, My Husband and My Father in Law watched the funeral together on the Bank Holiday Monday.

It was a beautiful occasion for a thoroughly well deserving Monarch- 70 years in any job is unbelievable really.

Our longest reigning Monarch. I will remember her fondly, in particular her kind smile, her wicked sense of humour, her colourful attire, her Corgis and her care for this country.



Until Next Time,

Roseanne 🙂