Blogmas Day Seventeen: Stocking Filler Ideas 🎅🏻

• Stocking Fillers •

I love stockings and finding little bits to go in them, (helping out Santa obv!)

I generally go by the rule of something edible, something to do something to wear, something to pamper and something fun/silly!

I feel like the fun/silly present is easier to be more specific, depending on who the stocking is for…

So, here are some general ideas for you!

A book 📚 Festive theme optional.
Because is there anything for festive than a Chocolate orange ?!
A pampering face mask!
A useful item but also nice to receive, u think they are handy and its always nice to try new ones.
Something fun! A little game like Top Trumps, Uno or Dobble are great for Christmas morning/day time for a bit of fun. I love Dobble.
A new Christmas decoration. Little personalised or initial ones are cute.
A CLASSIC. No explanation needed.
A little filled bauble with some treats! Cute and a little different.
Christmassy socks! Or cosy ones. Either way, who doesn’t love a sock (and they are always handy hey!)

Another little pamper product such as a bath bomb or something similar. Lush have some funky, festive ones.

I hope this helps!

Until Next Time,

Roseanne 🙂

Blogmas 2019 Day Sixteen: Christmas stocking gift guide: For adults 🎅🏻

I’m sorry, I don’t care what anybody says, you are NEVER too old for a stocking.

So, if you are making one for your older children/partner or even yourself! Then hopefully these ideas are helpful.

I did a childrens edition earlier on on Blogmas, this year so I will leave that here .

I will also leave below the link to my stocking guide from last years Blogmas. That one is a more general guide to stockings and my top 5 categories to include, instead of specific gift ideas.

Stocking guide

Let’s get started!

Edible items

A Chocolate orange, all supermarkets
Try and look out for when they are on offer.

I think are currently half price in Tesco.

Chocolate coins, Wilko, 50p

Chocolate Santas, £1

Personalised toblerone, prezzybox £12.99

Available in milk and white.

Or any of their favourite chocolates or sweets.


Dobble, Amazon,15.99 or Original Dobble, £8.99

Mini Poker set, Primark £4

Assorted Christmas quiz card games, Amazon from £3.99

Retro pocket games with LCD screen, Prezzybox £14.99


Either a nice Christmassy book or a book you think they could get stuck into in the New Year.

I love reading an I think a book is a perfect gift, and fits well in a stocking.

Adult colouring books, Waterstones from £7.99

Give the gift of calm! These are perfect for taking a few moments to yourself.

100 books scratch off poster, Prezzybox £11.99

This is s really cool idea and great if you find it hard to choose a book!

A4 Notebooks, Paperchase from £8

They have loads of super cute notebooks in Paperchase. It is absolute stationary heaven so it is definatly a shop worth looking at if you are making a stocking for a stationary lover.

They come in loads of different sizes too, A4, A5 & A6.

Notebooks, Wilko from £3 depending on the size.

They do some really cute designs as well as lots of different sizes of notebook, to choose from.

They also do plain jotter style notebooks for £3 which you could customise for the person you are giving it to, or even print of a picture and pop that on the front to personalise it.

Magnets, Paperchase £3

I love these super sassy, super relatable adult magnets.They sum up adulthood perfectly.

Postcards, Paperchase 80p each

These are so cool. I love popping in there to see what different ones they have. These are perfect as ‘mini prints’ to gift someone. You could even frame one or two, or just pop a few that you think they would like into an envelope.

Pamper products

Face/hair/eye masks, Primark

They do absolutely loads of different masks to help hydrate, cleanse and freshen up your skin.

These are super cheap and work really well (I’ve used them myself!) They make a great stocking filler and everyone deserves a little pamper every now and then!

Lush Festive bath bombs, from £3.95

They have got some amazing bath bombs in their festive Christmas collection this year.

I love a bath and these festive treats would make a great addition to a stocking.

The festive ones are super cute too. My personal fave so far is the ‘Not so secret Santa’ bath bomb.

Its a snowball with santa arms and legs sticking out like he has been caught by a rolling snowball. It smells amazing, sweet with notes of citrus and sherbet. Plus, its one of the more reasonably priced ones at £3.95.

Bath Bombs, Wilko £1

The Body Shop, from £6

The Body Shop have some really cool pamper bits available in store and online. They even have a ‘stocking fillers’ section which has some great sets from little hand creams with a nail files, their ‘Delights bags’ where you get 3 or 4 little bits and their body butters too. I’ll leave a link because its definatly worth checking out.

The Body Shop ‘Stocking Fillers’

Lynx Gift sets, Amazon £9

Superdry Trio of scents, Superdrug £10

Beard buddy shaving apron, Online from £9.99

I’ve bought one of these for my husband (exciting haha) but needed! Very handy for all that beard maintenance.

Initial wash bag, Matalan £4


Statement earrings, Primark from £2

These are lovely and are really reasonably priced too. Great for a stocking to add to your Christmas day outfit.

Funky socks, River Island £3

Festive Feast’ beard baubles, Rover Island £8

These are a bit of a silly one, but I’m sure they would be a good laugh for any bearded family members this Christmas!

Scarves, Dorothy Perkins £15.40


Wireless touch speaker, Prezzybox £17.99

Pink wireless fast charger, Primark £12

(Available in other colours)

Wireless earpod headphones, Matalan £30


Christmas candle 3 pack, Primark £5

Various Christmas decorations inc Disney/Dr Seuss/Harry Potter, Primark from £3

Pjs! Matalan, from £12.50

Because who doesn’t love new pjs?! Especially at Christmas. Plus, something cosy is a vital part of any stocking.

So, that’s my little (hopefully) helpful stocking filler gift guide for adults! I’ve tried to cater to both men and women.

I know the struggle of trying to think of interesting bits for a man’s stocking!!

Thanks for reading 😊


Ho Ho Ho

Roseanne 🎅🏻

Blogmas 2019 Day Nine: Christmas Stocking filler ideas for kids 🎄🎅🏻

Stockings are one of my absolute favourite parts of Christmas.

So, I thought I would do another stocking filler guide, perfect for kiddies.

I will do an adult version too.

I will also leave below the link to my stocking guide from last years Blogmas. That one is a more general guide to stockings and my top 5 categories to include, instead of specific gift ideas.

I’ve tried to cater for lots of different ages so hopefully there is something for your kiddies/nieces/nephews etc

Stocking gift guide


Mini games £1 each.

To keep them entertained in the small hours of Christmas day and throughout the day too.


Fun, gross, glittery… what more do kids want??

Choccy coins, 50p

A must in a Christmas stocking & only 50p for a big bag in Wilko.

Craft carry case, £2

These are so cute and perfect for any creative kiddies out there, or to encourage a bit more drawing and colouring activity among your kids.

It’s nice and compact, perfect for taking out and about.

Animal/Enchanted Unicorn figure sets, £2

These a great little toy to pop into a stocking. There are lots of different ones to cater to your childs interests and they come with a variety of different figures in each pack.

Wilko Blox collectable figures, £1

Wilkos own brand lego have a figure set that you can collect.

These little bags are only £1, a great mystery suprise.

Wilko Blox Starter box racing car packs, £1.50

These are super affordable little ‘Blox’ starter sets. You get a little racing car to build, along with a figure to go in your finished car. These are really cool and are a perfect stocking filler

TY beanies keyring, £3

A classic! Children love a soft toy and a keyring so these would make a great addition to a stocking. They are very cute.


Harry Potter chocolate frogs

Primark have these cute little versions of the classic. They arent 100% like the original ones but you get a yummy chocolate frog and a witch or wizard card! Awesome.

12 pack of hair clips, £1

They do a few different sets, which are different colours/patterns. With 12 in a pack for just £1 they are an absolutely bargin.

Hot choc mug set, £5

A super cute festive mug and some yummy hot choc 👌🏻

Assorted Slipper socket, £3

These cute little slipper socks look super cosy. They have lots of different designs as well as festive themed ones too.

Novelty Bubbles, £1.50

Cute packaging, and they will keep the kids entertained. Because lets be honest who doesnt love bubbles!?!

Earphones, £4

For only £4 these are great for the more tech savvy children among us.

Christmas decorations, from £1.50

There are quite a few different offerings in this department from Harry Potter, Disney to more traditional Christmas decs, but they are all really cool.

Bathtime finger puppets, £3

These little finger puppet sets are such good value. They come in a huge variety of sets, that they change often, so there are lots of different ones to collect.These are great for bathtime but also for encouraging imaginative play with your child outside the bathroom.

Soft toys, from £2

There are lots of different soft toys on offer, so lots to choose from!

These are great for childrens stockings and are much more affordable than some soft toys on the market.

Mega Monster Maker, £2

Slime & accessories to create your own Monsters… a childs dream gift 👌🏻🤪


Hat glove and scarf sets, from £6.40

One of the more expensive items on my list but very good value for the amount you get.

These sets includes, a hat, scarf and gloved which is pretty good for under a tenner… and they match!

Hairbands (Inc Novelty Christmas ones) £6

Hairbands and hair accessories are very popular around young girls right now. These headbands are great for a stocking. They have some festive hairbands included in the range too, exciting!

Assorted Childrens jewellery, £5

B & M

Colouring books, £1.99

Activity books, £2.49

Marvel action figures, £3.99

Toy Story 4 mini action figures/vehicle, Now £6 reduced from £7.99

Stickers, £1.49

Because what child doesn’t love a sticker ot ten!

Pens & gel pens (Assorted styles) £2.99

They have loads of different packs from plain colours, gel pens and scented pens (which children love!)

They also have packs of jumbo glitter crayons for the same price of £2.99, so lots of different options.

Bumper value craft set, £3.99

Perfect for all those little crafters, this set has loads of different items in it to get their juices flowing! From Pom Poms, foam shapes, stickers and more.

‘Paint your own’ sets, £3.99

These are such good value and are a lovely way to keep them occupied and for them to create something that they can keep.

B & M also sell some yummy edible items that would be perfect to pop into a stocking…

●Sweets, 3 for £1 or 39p per pack

●Sparkly jelly beans £1.99

●Retro Pez dispensers, £1 and refills for £1

●Standard Bags of chocolate (Cadburys etc), £1

●Kinder eggs Suprises, 89p

●Chocolate Santas & Chocolate coins, from 50p

Lots of shops also sell books that are super cheap! The Works, Poundland and B&M all sell lovely story books and they often have them on offer too.

I hope you have found this useful and it gives you a few ideas!

No one wants a stressful Christmas.

16 days until Christmas 🎄

Ho Ho Ho

Roseanne 🎅🏻

Blogmas Day Six: My Stocking gift guide 🎁

There are five essentials, in my opinion in order to create the best filled stocking. Each one working well with the others, resulting in a perfectly balanced Christmas stocking of dreams.

Obviously, this is just my opinion but the Christmas stocking is one of my favourite traditions at this time of year and one of my favourite things to shop for.

I will include a few options of items that I found for each category to help you out if you are a bit stuck.

1. Something cosy

Christmas is all about being cosy so this us very important. I always think cosy socks are a winner, those lovely fluffy ones are perfect. If not socks then maybe some gloves or a new wooly hat or scarf or a Christmas T-shirt to wear on Christmas day.

2. Something tasty

I usually opt for chocolate as you can’t go wrong really. Although of course you can taylor this to the person who it is for, picking up their favourite sweet or savoury treat. Chocolate coins or a chocolate santa are also a nice festive options

I love to receive a Terry’s chocolate orange in my stocking.

Some options…

  • Chocolate orange
  • Brussels sprouts shaped chocs
  • Chocolate coins
  • A Chocolate Santa
  • Chocolate reindeer
  • Their favourite sweets

3. Something to do

This could be anything but I think it derives from my childhood of having toys in my stocking haha. We always had something to occupy us until mum and dad got up. This could be a little game, maybe a puzzle, a dvd to watch, a book.

4. Something to pamper them with

This could be a nice shower gel, maybe a festive scented one? Maybe one they wouldn’t buy everyday. If they are a bath bombs fan like me you could include one of those or something simple like a face or hair mask.

5. Something fun

I think it’s always nice to have something silly in your stocking. This is dependant on the person of course but it just adds an element of fun. Last year I got my husband beard lights because he has grown his beard. They were a laugh and just a bit of fun.

I hope you find this handy and enjoy getting your Santa on when creating your stockings. Just have fun with it, you really don’t need to spend alot to make a great stocking

Happy Shopping

Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

Stocking fillers: Blogmas day 6

The Christmas stocking is one of my favourite traditions! I’ve had one since I was a child and I will continue to do so because it’s christmassy & a great way to start off Christmas day!

So I started off by making a list of a few different things that would make great stocking fillers and then I have grouped them into stockings for £5 all the way up to £30. 

These are mainly aimed at women but I will include some male orientated stocking fillers at the bottom to help you out. Men are definatly harder to cater for when it comes to stockings. I’ll pop the prices & shops I have seen these in or a suggestion of where you can get something similar.

I have tried to make sure that the stockings have a bit of variety in them as that’s always fun, here goes…

A £5 Stocking This was really tricky but for as few little treats I’ve included: 

  • A Chocolate Santa or coins depending on their preference £1 (Supermarkets or poundshops)
  • Revolution blusher £1(Superdrug)
  • Flutter bath fizzer £1 (Superdrug)
  • Novelty socks £2.00 (Tesco) 

Total: £5.00

Another £5 Stocking.

  • Lush ‘Floating island’ bath oil bar £2.00
  • Chocolate £1
  • Revolution eyeshadow £1 (Superdrug)
  • Flutter make up sponge £1 or Flutter cute nail file set, pack of 3 £1 (Superdrug)

Total: £5.00

A £10 stocking.

  • The body shop ‘Shea treats’ set which includes a shower creme, body whip & beige bath lily £5
  • Chocolate coins or Santa £1
  • Mua lipstick £1 (Superdrug)
  • Revolution Blusher £1 (Superdrug)
  • Christmas socks  £2.00 (Tesco)

Total: £10.00

 Another £10 stocking.

  • Dove ‘Ever blossom’ bath & shower duo set, this comes with two of their bath & shower cremes & a bath puff £2.50 (Superdrug)
  • Chocolate Santa £1
  • Book £3.99 (Amazon) They currently have loads of bestselling books for only £3.99, get them quick.
  • Christmas socks £2.00 (Tesco)

Total: £9.49

A £15 stocking.

  • Lindor truffles 50g box £1 (Superdrug) or any chocolate.
  • ‘Stocking filler: 12 Christmas short stories £4.99 (paperback, Amazon) 
  • Maybelline Merry kissmas gift set £3.75 (Tesco)
  • Sanctuary ‘get cosy’ candle set £4.50 (Boots)
  • Flutter bath fizzer £1 (Superdrug)

Total: £15.25

Slightly over in this one but not much!

Another £15 stocking.

  • Lush ‘Comforter’ bubble bar £4.95
  • Tanya Burr ‘Mrs Claus’ Nail set £4 (Superdrug) 
  • Chocolate £1
  • Toucan coin purse £4.50 (paperchase) 

Total: £14.45

A £20 stocking.

  • The body shop beauty bag. This comes in different scents, shea, strawberry, citrus etc and includes a shower gel, hand cream & body butter in a cute little bag. All travel size. £10
  • Chocolate £1
  • A book £3.99 (Amazon) 
  • Tanya Burr ‘It’s kissmass’ lip gloss duo £5 (Superdrug)

Total: £19.99

Another £20 stocking.

  • Toucan coin purse £4.50 (paperchase)
  • Revolution redemption eyeshadow palette, different styles available £4 (Superdrug)
  • Chocolate £1 
  • Soap & Glory ‘Take your pink’ gift set which includes a shower puff, hand cream, body scrub & shower creme. £10 (Boots) 

Total: £19.50

£30 stocking.

  • No 7 ‘glamorous eyes’ palette £10 (Boots) 
  • Deboss notebook, this comes in lots of gorgeous designs £10 (paperchase) 
  • Lindor truffles 50g box £1 (Tesco)
  • Zoella Hungry hands ‘ginger cream’ hand cream £5 (Superdrug)
  • Lush ‘Dragon egg’ bath bomb £3.75

    Total: £29.75

        Another £30 stocking.

        • Ghost bauble, these come in different scents with a mini version of a Ghost perfume & another miniature too £8 (Boots) 
        • Real techniques ‘Core collection’ make up brush set £12.50 (Amazon)
        • Chocolate £1
        • Sanctuary ‘Get cosy’ candle set £4.50 (Boots)
        • Revolution blusher & eyeshadow £1 (Superdrug)
        • Lush Bath oil bar £2

          Total: £30

              Obviously you can mix and match, but these are just a few ideas for you that I’ve put together! 

              Some ideas for mens stockings are:

              • (Book) ‘Stocking fillers: 12 short christmas stories’ £4.99 (Amazon)
              • (Books) Some bestselling novels are £3.99 on Amazon  
              • Novelty socks (Primark, Tesco)
              • (Game) ’50 things to do once in a lifetime’ This is a dinner party game where you see how many you’ve done/suggest your own £6.20 (Amazon)
              • Chocolate coins/ Santa’s depending on their preference or any chocolate
              • No7 daily duo wash set, this includes a body & hair wash and a face wash £10 (Boots)
              • Lynx wash bag set, this includes two Lynx shower gel & a deodrant £10 (Boots/Superdrug)
              • Gillette flexiball set, this includes the flexiball razor & hydrating hydra gel £10 (Superdrug/Boots)
              • Aftershave; eg David Beckham, Ted Baker etc £10 (Superdrug/Boots)

              Websites: Boots Amazon Paperchase The body shop Superdrug

              I hope this has given you lots of ideas to fill up those stockings!!

              Before I go, day six of my beauty advent calender…

              A face make up brush. This is again a cute small size. 

              Ho Ho Ho 

              Roseanne 🎅