Blogmas 2019 Day Twenty Four: Christmas Eve pt 1 ☃️

This is where Christmas really starts. I definatly count this as one of the big ‘Christmas days’ inc Christmas day ans boxing day and any subsequent family Christmas days after these few days.

The day started off by having a Christmas Eve brunch with my sister and my niece Evie-Mae.

After brunch we had a look through Evies Christmas eve box…

(Blogmas 2019 Day 19: Christmas Eve Boxes )

Inside Evies box was a ‘Make your own Christmas Wreath’ kit.

Evie even created her own ‘Christmas Rhino’ to go on her wreath (you had to be there!)

It was good fun 😊

After all that craft we needed a treat… we tucked into some chocolate coins whilst watching Christmas Hey Duggee.

Yum yum, don’t tell Mummy!

Later on we made some cookies for Santa!

I think Santa is really going to enjoy them.

A lovely fun, festive start to Christmas Eve with my favourite little girly 💜

Now I have some baking and food prep to get started!

& its Christmas eve part 2 with my nephews.

I hope you are enjoying your Christmas eve! Don’t stress.

Ho Ho Ho

Roseanne 🎅🏻

Blogmas 2019 Day Seventeen: Mini Mince Pies.

Hi guys!

I thought it was time for another recipe as I’ve only done one so far this festive blogmas season.

Check that out: Pretzel Reindeer treats

Plus, the mince pie obsession has well and truly returned.

So, I thought I would have a go at making my own mini ones. These are Perfect for a little treat.

These are super easy and super quick!

What you will need:

•Jar of mince meat

•Shortcrust ready roll pastry (Chilled)•Small circle cutter•Small star cutter•Low cal spray•Baking tray•Parchment paper

Optional Extra:


What you will need to do:

•Line your baking tray with the parchment paper.

•Pre heat your oven to 180° C

•Lay out your pastry and cut into two.

•Use half of the pastry to cut out your circle bases and half with stars for the tops.

•Place the circles into the baking tray with a little space between them.

•Spoon a generous amount of mince meat into the centre of each circle.

Optional: Top the mince meat with your extra flavouring (Terry’s choc orange segment or blob of caramel)

•Lift up the edges of the circles a little so that when they cook the mince meat doesnt all pour out.

•Top with one of your cut out pastry stars.

•Spray with your low cal spray/egg wash/milk. Anything that will give it that lovely golden brown finish.

• Pop into the oven until they are golden brown.

•Enjoy warm or cold.

The cool thing is I made these for my husband to take to work as part of his bake off competition and we won!! Whoop whoop 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Bake off winners.

So, they are definatly worth a try.

Let me know if you have a go at making these or if you make any other Christmassy treats.

8 days until Christmas 🎄

Ho Ho Ho

Roseanne 🎅🏻

Blogmas Day 19: Rocky Road Bombe recipe.

Here’s another delicious, festive recipe for you guys to try over, the Christmas period.

Its super easy and quite quick to make, but it looks impressive and really festive on a Christmas buffet/party table.

This is a Rocky road (are you sold already!!!) Bombe, decorated to look super festive as a Christmas pudding.

I love this idea and it’s so effective!! As soon as my husband saw this recipe he wanted us to give it a go.

The great thing about the Tesco Real Food website is that it has everything you need to know to make the recipe, tweak it if you want to add an extra festive touch but also, if you are doing your food shop you can add all the ingredients that you’ll need to your basket in one go, no hunting for everything you’ll need!!

You can add or take out too if you don’t want to strictly follow the recipe.

I’ll leave the link to the recipe below for you, definatly take a look at the page and some it their other yummy recipes too.

Tesco Real Food recipe

1. Melt the dark chocolate over some boiling water.

2. Whilst it is melting crush up the biscuits, don’t crush it too finely.

3. Once the chocolate has melted, pour it into the biscuit mix.

4. Add the raisins and mini marshmallows and stir altogether.

5. Make sure everything is coated in the dark chocolate.

6. Pour into a medium sized plastic mixing bowl. Flatten the top.

7. Leave to cool down and harden in the fridge.

8. Once it has cooled for an hour or so, take out of the fridge and ease it out of the bowl. Turn upside down onto a plate and lift off the bowl to reveal the dome.

9. Melt the white chocolate over boiling water. Once it has all melted pour it over the top to look like the icing on a Christmas pudding.

10. Garnish with a little sprig of plastic holly, to add the finishing touch. Serve.


Let me know if you have a go at making this.

Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

Blogmas day 23: Festive baking 

This is so wierd, I planned to do my festive baking today at the beginning of the week and I got a notification today on Facebook telling me that day 22 of last year’s Blogmas was festive baking too, how wierd. So looks like Dec 22nd is Blogmas baking day! Although this year I have had to post it on the 23rd as I already had a post ready for today, anyway…

I did plan to do these in more than one post but the time has completely got away from me (seriously where has Blogmas gone?!?) and so I’m doing it all in one mega baking blog post. 

So, what’s on the menu?

  • Mini heart mince pies
  • Chocolate orange cupcakes 
  • Gingerbread men 

    First up, Mince pies! I made these using a Slimming World recipe, you can check that out here

    My little helper!

    I went for a heart on top (less festive than a star I know) as I couldn’t find my small star cutter. These still look lovely and the hearts are quite cute.

    These went down a treat in class, since these were ready and Slimming World friendly I thought I’d take them to my class that day as we were having our Christmas party. They didn’t last long at all.

    Next up, chocolate orange cupcakes!

    These were made using a Mary Berry recipe, Queen of baking who else could be better!! Check out the recipe here 

    I have to admit that I used pre made icing as I didn’t have time (or enough bowls!!) to make this too, thanks Mrs Crocker for saving me 👍

    I used the chocolate orange minis in the grab bags to pop in the middle (a yummy, gooey surprise) and to decorate on top of the cupcakes as these are a better size than the large segments of a full chocolate orange 🍊🍫 That’s just my preference but it worked really well.

    This cupcake set came from TK Maxx and was only £4.99. It comes with cupcake cases of two different designs and four different Christmas cupcake toppers. I love this cute little set! It would also make a lovely gift for any baking fans. 

    And finally, gingerbread men!

    I’ve never made these before (& to be honest my sister did most of the prep for these ones anyway) but these are soooo good and they smelt so Christmassy.

    This recipe is again from Queen Mary Bez and I found it on the BBC Good Food site (best site for cooking & baking, failsafe recipes galore!) gingerbread men recipe

    These smelt amazing and taste so yummy. From this recipe they are a tasty mix of a shortbread biscuit with a yummy taste of ginger to them. If you wanted to have a stronger flavoured biscuit I’d recommend adding more ginger and the cinnamon to add that spice. I didn’t add the cinnamon to mine as I hate the stuff, yuk.

    I really liked how these looked when they were done so I didn’t add any decoration to them but you could pipe on detailing or add sweets for buttons and features if you wanted to.

    Noah was such a good little helper and he loved rolling out the doughs and cutting out the gingerbread men (and tasting them at the end too of course)

    A fun, festive and yummy way to spend an afternoon. I can’t wait to have a cuppa at work with a gingerbread man and I’m going to serve the cupcakes at our Christmas party tommorrow!

    In my beauty advent calender today…

    A gorgeous red lipstick! 💋 I love how many different lipsticks you get with this advent, it’s perfect for starting a lipstick collection & since I only really had liquid lipsticks before this has been great for me. I’ve found a new love for creme lipsticks throughout December! I’ll definatly be wearing them more often now.

    Here’s a swatch…

    You can’t beat a festive red!

    It’s Christmas eve eve, 2 days to go! 😁

    Ho Ho Ho 

    Roseanne 🎅