Happy 1st birthday Casey James🎈

So on the 24th August my littlest nephew Casey turned one! SERIOUSLY!?! Where did that year go?! 

Now you may or may not know, that I was one of my twin sister’s birthing partners (with her husband Dan) so I actually watched little Casey come into this world. He’s changed so much in this first year and he has a real cheeky personality of his own. He’s funny, clumsy, cute and just a really smiley little sausage that can melt your heart with one look πŸ’™ 

On Sunday we had a family birthday party to celebrate and I thought I would share some snaps from the day.

We started off with opening the presents. Me & Tim had already given him a few on his actual birthday but saved his main present for the party, that being the activity table you can see in the photos. He seemed to really enjoy it 😊

After we had tucked into some party food & of course cake! (Which I made!) with a lovely rendition of Happy birthday, we decided to head out for a bit of fresh air. It was a really hot day.

We walked to a nearby pub to have a drink in the sunshine.

We found a lovely table outside and just chatted and enjoyed the lovely weather whilst catching up.

Infact we spent so long there we decided, why not stay a bit longer! & We all got something to eat. 

They do a delicious carvery at this pub with all the trimmings and it being a Sunday it would have been rude not to aye?! Lovely.

Casey seemed to have a fun day, lots of cuddles & smiles all round. So much fun intact that he needed a little nap inbetween 😴

Happy 1st Birthday Casey James πŸ’™ Lots of love Auntie Ro Ro & Uncle TT

Until next time, 

Roseanne πŸ™‚ 

My fave lip products πŸ’„

Hi guys! πŸ‘‹

I havnt done a beauty inspired blog post for agesssss and those are some of my favourite ones to read (& write!) 

Because it’s the summer holidays I have had a bit more time to do my make up and I have re-discovered my love of lip products. They are fab! whether it’s a pop of colour with a vibrant red lip, a nude everyday lip or a pretty pink lip, I just love how they bring your make up look to life, that perfect finishing touch πŸ‘Œ

So, without further ado…here are my faves!

1. Bourjois Rouge Velvet liquid lipstick in the shade, Nudist.

This is by far (in my opinion of course, I know everyone won’t agree & I havnt tried them all) the best high street liquid lipstick and I’ll tell you for why… 1. The product is creamy and therefore applies sooo nicely, 2. It is so moisturising on your lips and doesnt dry them out at all but leaves a lovely matte finish & 3. The range is just brilliant!! Cute sized packaging (perfect for a handbag!) Soooo many different shades to choose from and they are a  bargin at Β£8.99 #highstreetwinning

2. Tanya Burr cosmetics Lipstick in the shade, Pink Cocoa.

This is one of the only creme lip sticks I have found that actually feels and looks good every time you apply it. It’s glossy and soooo moisturising on your lips, the colour is a beautiful nudey-pink and it’s just perfect for everyday OR evening. Its just so comfortable to wear, a great product, soooo good. (Can you tell I love it!?!🀣  Ps: Did I mention it’s only Β£6.99 (I know right!)  

A close second from Tanyas lipstick range is her red lipstick πŸ’‹ ‘Big kiss’ it’s great for the evening (& the day if I’m feeling brave)

3. YSL Kiss & Blush

For those of you who have followed my blog from day one (wedding planning ahhh!) Then you may remember that I bought this product especially for my wedding, to wear on my lips and cheeks. 

It was the perfect pretty, pinky & natural colour for our big day πŸ’Ÿ and I still love it today. 

Although this lipstick dries matte it isn’t drying on your lips at all, (seriously is there anything worse when you get a new lip product, v annoying). It’s also super pigmented and very long lasting. 

So, those are just a few of my faves ✌

Which lip products do you guys love? Recommendations pleaseee 😊

Until next time, 

Roseanne πŸ™‚


Homeware haul

Who else loves a bit of home decor?! Its great, right! We have been doing a lot of sorting out in our flat recently and upgrading the furniture etc that was looking a bit tatty and so on. 

Are all the things we’ve bought essential, no? Is it all pretty & lovely and just super cool, obv!!! 

So I thought I would share with you the bits we picked up, big and small. I will include as much info as poss.

-Lets take a look-

β˜† Silver bowl light Β£10- B&M
β˜† Oak toybox reduced to Β£9.99- B&M
β˜† Red curtains Β£5 for the pair- B&M
β˜† White bathroom mirror Β£15- B&M
β˜† Cream heart over door hooks Β£3.99- B&M
β˜† Red glass jars with clip lids Β£1 each- B&M
β˜† Glass mug Β£1.49- B&M
β˜† Tall latte glass Β£1.49- B&M
β˜† Purple glass Β£2.99- B&M
β˜† Oak toybox reduced to Β£9.99- B&M
β˜† Teabag holder 79p- B&M
β˜† White picture frames, pack of 3 Β£3.99-B&M
β˜† Duvet set, double reduced to Β£8.99- The Range
β˜† Set of 2 accessory hangers, grey Β£1.99
β˜†Grey tones ball fairy lights Β£4.99- B&M

Until next time, 

Roseanne πŸ™‚


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OOTD: Casual layered lookΒ 

Hi guys! πŸ‘

My outfit of the day post was quite popular last time (thanks for the love guys!) So I thought I would do another one for you. 

I love writing these posts as clothes are one of my fave things, shopping counts as a hobby right?! (Albeit it a v.expensive hobby) 

This is quite a casual look that I popped on to go to the cinema yesterday and I felt like this was quite cool but comfy too (always a winner in my book!!)

I think the accessories really make this outfit and it’s just a great outfit for everyday for those cooler “summer” days (or chilled out evenings) in the UK!

I’ll include as much information about the clothes/accessories etc as I can πŸ‘

Khaki Camo bomber jacket Β£10, Primark 

Mom jeans Β£5, Primark

Stripey tee Β£6, Primark 

Choker Pack of 5 Β£8, Boohoo

Belt Β£4, Boohoo

Shoes Β£6, Primark 

Pointless blog hoodie, The creator store Β£19.99

Badges, Β£6 inc postage, EBay 

Total price: Β£64.99

Until next time, 

Roseanne πŸ™‚

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The Harry Potter tag β˜‡

So, being the massive Harry Potter
Fan that I am I thought that I would do the Harry Potter tag. For those of you who don’t know what this is its just a list of questions either about you, or a certain topic, that you answer. I just typed ‘Harry Potter tag into Google to obtain these questions. 

To make it a bit more fun I asked my twin sister Sarah (my fellow Harry Potter enthusiast) her Husband Dan and my Husband Tim to answer the questions with me. I’ve used the abbreviations R for me (Roseanne) S for Sarah, D for Dan & T for Tim.

Let’s get into it!

1. Which is your favourite book?

R- Definatly book no 1, the philosophers stone. It’s so darn magical.

S- Book 1, the philosophers stone.

T- Book 4, the goblet of fire

D- The first one.

2. Which is your least favourite book? 

R- Mine is probably book no 5, the order of the phoenix just because i found a few chapters in the middle quite boring #grawp

S- Yeah the same, Order of the Phoenix because I hate Umbridge.

T- Book 1, the philosophers stone! (I couldn’t believe it when he said that! 😱)

D- The chamber of secrets.

3. Which is your favourite film?

R- 100% the first film for how magical it is and for the fact that it introduces you to the magical world. Like it serioudly makes me smile everytime I watch it (& think ‘Why can’t it be real!!’) and also the Deathly Hallows pt2 as this is where it all ends, it ties it all together nicely and is flipping epic.

S- Same as Roseanne πŸ‘ The Philosphers Stone & The Deathly Hallows pt2

T- The Goblet Of Fire!

D- The last one.

4. Which is your least favourite film? 

R- My least favourite is the Prisoner of Azkaban. I just don’t like the way it’s so different from the first couple, even some of the scenery and layout of Hogwarts changes, that annoys the continuity freak in me haha.

S- The Deathly Hallows Pt1 because it’s basically Harry Potter goes camping.

T- The Chamber of secrets, It’s just not as good as the others.

D- Probably the prisoner of Azkaban.

5. Favourite quote…

R- ‘It is our choices that show us what we truly are far more than our abilities’ either that or ‘Not my daughter you bitch’ πŸ˜‚

S- ‘It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live’ I’ve actually got this tattooed on my foot.

T-  I don’t have one… πŸ™ˆ

D- I don’t know any quotes tbh! 

Seriously guys!!! 😱

6. Favourite Weasley?

R- legit Fred and George, they are awesome.

S- Fred and George, cause they are twins and their mischievous and it’s really sad when one of them dies 😭

T- Fred and George.

D- I spose Fred cause he has that joke shop. (Poor George!!)

7. Favourite female character?

R- I love Molly Weasley, she’s great! Such a lovely motherly figure, kind, stern, funny and loyal. All hail mamma Weasley!

S- Molly Weasley because she’s awesome and she’s a nice mum to Harry even though he’s not hers.

T- Ginny Weasley, I don’t think Hermione is very interesting and she’s the other main female.

D- I only know Hermione so her I spose.

8. Favourite make character?

R- Snape! He’s a great character, so much depth. 

S- Dumbledore because he’s DUMBLEDORE!!

T- Snape.

D- Male, urm Dumbledores brother, he’s like an unsung hero at the end isn’t he.

9. Who do you think is the best villain?

R- It’s got to be Voldemort, he is pure evil, creepy as hell and just terrifying.

S- Snape! Because you hate him the whole way through when all along he was just good.

T- Draco, he’s just a bit pathetic isn’t he!?!

D- I’ll go for Track.

10. Which Deathly Hallow would you choose?

R- The invisibility cloak, the others are wayyy too dangerous really.

S- The invisibility cloak, cause then you can see what people are saying about you and freak people out. And you can get into places for free!!

T- The invisibility cloak, the other ones are kinda useless in the real world. (R- Harry Potter is real?! T- No its not Roseanne #sadface)

D- The cloak of invisibility.

11. Who is your favourite professor?

R- Mcgonagall! She’s a badass.

S- Mcgonagall.

T- Not sure, maybe Snape? 

D- Urm, Professor Moody, cause he’s a bit different isn’t he.

12. What house do you think you would be In? 

R- Probably Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw.

S- Possibly Gryffindor or Ravelclaw.

T- Gryffindor.

D- Gryffindor.

13. What is your Pottermore house? 

R- Ravenclaw.

S- Ravenclaw.

T- I can’t remember!! (R- Wasnt it Hufflepuff? T- I’m not sure tbh)

D- Havnt got one.

14. Which would your favourite lesson be?

R- Charms I think, just because it’s the standard lesson and it would be cool to learn all the spells.

S- Charms.

T- Transfiguration.

D- Learning to fly!

15. Who is your favourite Marauder?

R- Mine is definatly Remus Lupin. He’s the nicest one, in a group of friends he reminds me of me. Plus I named my Guinea pig after him πŸ‘Š

S- Lupin.

T- Sirius, He’s cool.

D- Professor Lupin because  he’s a werewolf. 

So, that’s our Harry Potter tag! I hope you enjoyed πŸ˜€β˜‡

Until next time, 

Roseanne πŸ™‚

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