Halloween Fun 🎃

I Love Autumn & Halloween… here’s what we got up to !

We went out for the day, to a nearby farm!

It was brilliant.

There was SO much to do.. we made wands, got sorted into our Hogwarts house, had a spooky trailer ride, explored the spooky maze, picked and decorated pumpkins, pettee guinea pigs & rabbits, looked at loads of other animals and had a bug trailer ride.

A great family day out, themed really well and with lots of fun to be had.

We had a fun little family Halloween party at my sisters house.s

She set up some fun activities for them, we also had a buffet of party food, spooky tunes and Halloween pass the parcel.

Me & Tim always do a few Halloween traditions at home – these include carving a pumpkin (we’ve done one every year that we’ve been together) and I make us ‘Spooky Sausages’ which are meant to look like mummies.

I also like to watch horror films but Tim isn’t too keen on those so thats usually just me haha

Some of my favourites are Scream, Halloween, Hocus Pocus, Nightmare before Christmas and Nightmare on Elm St.

Our local cinema was showing some Halloween classics on Halloween.

Me and my Twin sister Sarah always watch horror films together so we went along and watched the original Scream! I can’t believe its the 25th Anniversay 😱

Scream is my favourite ‘Scary Movie’ and it was cool to watch it on the big screen.

What did you get up to this Halloween?

Do you have any traditions??

Until Next Time,

Roseanne 🙂

Happy Mothers Day 2021 ðŸ’

I used to share snap shots of my life on her, things we had done to celebrate different occasions, fun days out, holidays, however, obviously this last year has been quite an unpresidented one.

I feel like I haven’t really shared much of what I have been doing because really we’ve all been doing the same haven’t we! Staying home, Locked down, on and off since Summer, working and just trying to stay safe.

But I thought to myself, why not share the celebrations we are still having, as wierd as they may seem in comparison to how it used to be, because it’s all we’ve got at the moment and we should still be grateful for what we can do during such a mad time.

Today is Mothers day and I have shared on here, for several years, our tradition of our Mothers Day, homemade afternoon tea.

This year was a very 2020/21 affair, via Skype, but it still involved Afternoon Tea so no complaints here.

We ordered the individual Afternoon Teas from a small local business (All Covid safe) and enjoyed them at our own homes via Skype.

They were delicious and it was nice to be able to continue the tradition, even if it was a little different to usual.

Most of our ‘Usuals’ seem a distant memory right now don’t they 😣 but, it’s also so important to embrace what we can do, communicate and spend time together however we can, whilst staying safe, because we can still stay in touch and stay connected, and we will all be back together properly one day.

It gets to everybody at some point, this wierd time we are a part of, but I’m so very conscious that there are people in such a worse situation than me, who have experienced some of the worst times during this pandemic.

If the worst part of this whole situation, for me is that I can only speak to people through a computer then I’ll be forever grateful. I know some people have it much worse.

It’s still ok to find it hard though and I hope you’ve had a little bit of light and joy come your way today!

• Happy Mothers Day Everyone •

Until Next Time,

Roseanne 🙂

Blogmas Day Twelve: A festive, but productive day ðŸŽ„🛍🛁

So, here we are! Day Twelve.

Today has been both festive, productive and fun.. my kind of weekend in the run up to Christmas.

Me & hubby had a little lazy start, followed by a yummy breakfast because there is no better way to start a weekend.

After that I went Christmas shopping with my sister, which was fun!

And we well and truely shopped until we dropped.

But, I managed to get the everything that I needed!! Which is awesome.. I mean, I nearly lost an arm under the weight of my bags, but its all good because the Christmas shopping is done!

When I got home from town I had a nice, relaxing, festive bath.

Gotta love a Lush Festive Bath product.

This one smells so good and is a reusable bubble bar! ‘Elfie Stick’

It was so nice to chill after a fun but hectic time in town.

Feeling refreshed, I have now spent the evening sorting out what I bought, wrapping some more presents.

Super festive!

I’m now about to start decorating our second tree… because I decided one was enough and so I grabbed another one today, in town.

What’s your idea of a fun, festive day?

Until Next Time,

Roseanne 🙂

28 🎉


So here it is, my 28th birthday! 28 years of me, 28 years of us🎈

I mean, I couldn’t blog from the age of 0-10 so I feel like this may be the most poignant 10 years of my life so far (that I am capable of blogging about)

This year, 2019, mark’s 10 years since I turned 18 and that is just so crazy to me because it honestly feels like yesterday.

10 whole years of being a fully fledged adult (who by the way totally doesn’t feel like one even now)

But aside from that I feel like these last 10 years, the first 10 of my adult life have been quite important!

10 whole years of working with children in one setting or another, whether it be on placement, work experience or employment.

I completed my compulsory education and A Levels…

Then went to Uni for 4 years and completed a Ba Hons degree.

It’s been almost 8 years in my first childcare job and 5 in my job as a Teaching ssistant, a job I love, the career I strived to have.

I met the love of my life & best friend during these 10 years ♡ We visited what has now become our favourite country, Italy (Several times) and we got engaged there and are now Husband and wife, for almost 3 year! (8 together)

We have a mortgage!!! We own our own home, which is very adult and sensible (& at times infuriating haha) Who knew owning your own home was so expensive!!

We got our own pets, 2 Guinea pigs. Sadly Remus is no longer with us but Captain is still going strong.

I’ve become an Auntie 3 times!! And it’s the most wonderful, lovely, fun, heart bursting, love filled, hilarious and joyful role that I’ve ever had. I love those little guys, they are so awesome.

& last year me and Sarah finally made it to Hogwarts ⚡ Florida ’18 was a holiday of a lifetime and it was as amazing (infact probably more amazing) than we could ever have imagined.

I think 18 year old Roseanne would be pretty pleased with how it’s going so far.

But, what do the final couple of years of my twenties have in store?

What do I hope to achieve before I enter the realms of my thirties?

  • Learn to drive
  • Visit a few more places in Italy
  • Complete a half marathon
  • Reach my SW target
  • Continue to improve my running
  • Re visit the HP tour with all the new bits.
  • Learn to be more content
  • Worry less
  • Have a short break in New York to celebrate our 30th birthday

What’s on your list?

Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

A Harry Potter Primark Haul âš¡ðŸ™ŒðŸ»ðŸ˜

Last weekend I went on a day out to London, and what sort of day out would it be if it didn’t involve a trip to a Primark.

If you’ve followed my blog for a little while you may know that me and my twin sister LOVE Harry Potter and we have been meaning to visit the Tottenham Court Road Primark for ages so, no time like the present.

& yes the Harry Potter section is as magical as we’d imagined and yes you need to go, NOW!

So.Epic. ⚡

So, as this is a haul…

Let’s take a look at what I picked up!

HP T shirt nightie, £5

Gryffindor Pride Longline Nightie, £7

Gryffindor & HP shoeliners, £2.50 per pack of 3

A Gryffindor prefect badge 🙌🏻 £1.50

(For my friends impending arrival!!) Gryffindor Baby outfit, £11

Whilst in London we visited the Harry Potter shop on Platform 9 3/4 at Kings cross station… (also incredibly epic!!)

So I’ll include the couple of bits I got that too.

I’ve wanted one of these (that isn’t incredibly itchy and made of wool!! for so long.)

‘R’ Ron Weasley jumper, £35

Time Turner necklace, £8

I hope you enjoyed that little magical haul ⚡

Two of ny favourite things combined 🙌🏻

Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

Half term diaries pt 1

Hi guys!

I thought I would document my half term, here on my blog. After all, I started this blog to capture memories, and so I thought that since I have a few things planned this week, this would be a nice way to document them.

Friday 15th February 2019

Half term is here!!

And what better way to roll in the half term than a delicious meal with a friend.

Me & my friend Steph met up for a long over due catch up at Wagamamas.

I tried a few things that I hadn’t had before and it was super delicious.

Then we rounded the evening off with a trip to Creams, a nearby dessert restaurant.

They do amazing crepes 😍

Saturday 16th February 2019

Me & my hubby Tim spent the day relaxing at a local spa ‘Aqua Springs’. This was our Valentine’s treat and a great opportunity to relax and spend some time together.

We rounded off the day with a couple of games of Cluedo with my mum and dad.

I’ve been wanting to play for ages but it’s not so good with just 2 players so we’ve had to wait.

I love their original Cluedo board!!

Unfortunately, I was the only one who didn’t win a game 👎🏻

Sunday 17th February 2019

Today, me & Tim visited my uni friend Kirsty and her little ones in London.

It was lovely to have a much needed catch up and Tim got to meet the newest edition to the gang, little Bella.

We had a great time chatting, playing some silly games and eating pizza.

Monday 18th February 2019

Today me and my friends Steph met up again, but this time in the day time so that I could see her boys too.

We had a lovely time at the soft play centre, a bit of lunch and then back to hers for a cuppa and a chat.

In the evening we went round to my mother in laws to see her and give her, her birthday present.

Another nice cuppa and a catch up to round off the day.

Tuesday 19th February 2019

Today me and my older sister Charlotte, and my niece Evie, went for Afternoon tea.

We successfully resisted any treats in the staff Room for the whole of the half term, and this was our reward.

We havn’t been here for Afternoon tea before but it didn’t disappoint!

There were four different finger sandwiches each (Chicken, Tuna, Cheese & Ham)

And a lovely warm sausage roll 😍

There was also a scone with cream and jam and a assortment of cakes, very nice!

Once we had finished we got the bus back into town, visited Elmer and then went back to Charlottes for a play.

My favourite girly 💜

What have you been up to this half term?

Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

Blogmas Day 24: Decorating gingerbread men.

It’s Christmas Eve!!

I can’t believe it, this Blogmas has been the quickest yet.

Only One day to go!!

love doing festive craft and cooking with my nephews and niece.

I found these cute ‘decorate your own gingerbread man’ sets in the Co-op.

You get six mini gingerbread men (perfect for little ones) some icing tubes and sprinkles to decorate.

This is great for little ones as the gingerbread men aren’t too big, a good treat size, and nice and simple for them to.

They were all very excited to get started.

The set came with a little tube of icing and two different types of sprinkles.

It was a nice little bit of festive fun for the kiddies and of course their favourite part was the eating!

Merry Christmas Eve!

If you want to know how we are spending Christmas eve have a look at Blogmas Day Five

Whatever you are doing, I hope it’s a good one 🎄

Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

Part one: Our 27th Birthday celebrations ðŸŽ‰

If your going to celebrate you might as well go all in.

I love a Birthday, a chance to have fun, eat lots of good food & spend time with your favourite people.

& being a twin I’ve always enjoyed having someone to share the special day with.

Even though I’m not quite sure how I am now a 27 year old person, (Like, I was at sixth form yesterday wasn’t I!?!) Where did that time go!?!

But, a lot of great things have been achieved since then so why not celebrate another year of living life ✌🏻

So how did we celebrate? Here’s how…

Friday 11th May

On Friday evening we met up with our friends for a meal together. It was great to see everyone as it’s much harder for us all to get together now a days.

Nandos was of course our choice of restaurant, you can’t beat a cheeky Nandos.

Me & my twin sister Sarah have the same group of friends from school, so that makes it alot easier too.

Saturday 12th May

We started off with our usual Saturday morning tradition, Parkrun.


A 5k course around our local park. Crazy you might think but, it was a perfect way to start the birthday weekend of indulgence. I didn’t feel as guilty knowing I’d done my run for the day.

We went our separate ways to freshen up after the run and then ‘re grouped’ at mum & dad’s for a family birthday breakfast brunch.


I honestly don’t know why we have never done this before, because let’s be real, breakfast food is the best food.

It was good fun getting together, enjoying some yummy food and opening some pressies. We even had birthday cupcakes with candles.

We then spent the rest of the day chilling out and then me and Tim got ready for the evening.

Tim’s work friend had invited us along to her wedding reception so this is how we spent the evening.


It was a BEAUTIFUL setting and the flowers & fairy lights were so pretty. Love a wedding.

Sunday 13th May

We had booked ourselves in for an Escape room experience for Sunday so me, Tim, Sarah and her husband Dan went off to the Escape Room in Colchester. We booked the ‘Witchcraft & Wizardry’ escape room for us to attempt as me and Sarah are big fans of Harry Potter (Don’t think Ive mentioned that before… haha)

One room, One hour…

It was really good fun and WE MADE IT OUT!! With 7 minutes to spare.


In the evening we had our traditional family birthday meal.

We chose Byron Burger as the location (Second year running!) and it didn’t disappoint. We had a feast, it was sooooo good, especially their new Halloumi fries.

Here’s what I had…

●Clucky chicken burger

● French fries

● Me & Tim shared Halloumi fries & Chicken nuggets

● Banana milkshake

Once we had all finished we headed back to mine and Tim’s to have cake!

Tim chose the cake for us 😂 A Paw Patrol traybake.

It was a great birthday and lots of fun was had.

I’m going to do a part 2: ‘What I got for my birthday’ so keep your eyes peeled for that 👀

Until next year,

Roseanne 🙂

Late night shopping!🛍️: Blogmas day 19

Hi guys!

Last Thursday me and my sister Sarah decided to brave the streets of our home town for some late night shopping. With only 11 days until Christmas (on the Thursday) we needed to get the rest of the presents that were left on our lists.

Armed with our lists and shopper bags we headed to Primark first. I’m pretty sure time speeds up in there and by the time we got out we were in much need of a break!

We stopped off at Costa to have our favourite festive drink (& our first one of the festive season!!) their Mint hot chocolate. IT IS AMAZING!!

We always have these at this time of the year and they always make us feel super festive.

Re-fueled and ready we were off to grab the last few bits that we could before the shops closed.


I managed to get over half of the items on my list which I though was pretty good going, We went in for round two on Saturday and I am glad to say that all my Christmas shopping is now FINISHED! Hurrah!


Have you finished your shopping or are you a last minute buyer?


Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

Baby shower fun 💛  

So during May me and my twin sister Sarah hosted our big sisters baby shower! She is due mid July so we decided May would be the perfect time, especially with Half term then too.
We went for an afternoon tea theme with the colour scheme of yellow/grey/gold as they haven’t found out the baby s gender! This was really cool to plan as the only other baby showers I’ve organised are Sarah’s and they were both blue themed.

Here are the decorations…

Afternoon tea vibes ✌

We had loads of food from sweet fruit scones, jam Swiss roll, lemon cheesecake, chocolate cupcakes & Victoria sponge to savoury cheese straws  sandwiches, sausage rolls & a cheese ring! With plenty of tea and coffee.


So to keep the guests entertained we had a couple of games/activities and things for the guests to do.

Baby due date predictions.

Messages & advice.

Guess the baby. Whose old photo is whose?

Photo booth fun! 

Guess the size of the baby bump.

Opening presents.

Me, Sarah and Mum clubbed together to get Charlotte a few things that she still needed incl bottles, a steraliser & some bibs & baby grows.


We bought these super cute gift/favour bags to pip a little something in for each guest. We thought the floral vibe went well with the afternoon tea theme & would be right up Charlotte’s street. The colours were of courses perfect too. 

In the bags we had little bags of milk bottle sweets, retro 😎 and little wish bracelets. Sarah found these online and they are sooo cute.

* Make a Wish for baby *

‘Tie this bracelet on your wrist, close your eyes and make a Wish. When the bracelet breaks in two, the wish you made may soon come true.’

The bracelets are yellow with a little silver footprints charm. I love how you could personalise it too.

As a little memento for Charlotte we also made a sort of picture guest book (thanks Pinterest!) 

Everybody who came signed a balloon with their name and then I arranged it onto the pre drawn picture. Someone I work with is brilliant at drawing so I asked her to draw the elephant on, it looks fab. We thought this would be a lovely keepsake, perfect for the nursery.

It was a really fun (& tasty!) afternoon and everything went smoothly, which as a host is all you can ask for really! 

As I write this there are only 26 days (or 27 if my prediction is correct haha) until Baby S is due and I’ll be an Auntie for the 3rd time, EXCITING!!

Until next time, 

Roseanne 🙂