Pre Christmas Family meal meet up: Blogmas 24

Hi guys!


Last weekend we met up with my auntie & cousins to have a family Christmas meal together. We aren’t seeing each other around Christmas day so we all met up at a pub to see each other, have some yummy food and exchange pressies.

The pub was called ‘The waterfront Inn’ and is a Greene King pub so it had lots of tasty pub classics and lunch time bites on the menu.


I went for a jacket potato with beans and cheese. I had coleslaw and salad on the side.

The pub had some awesome decorations, my favourite ones that I have seen so far!

Here are some of them…

My favourite’s are the Brussels sprouts in party hats!! Love those.


They had some games so we sat and played a few of those too.
Noah loved Jenga!

I especially enjoyed the fire, so cosy & super toastie.

It was super lovely to get together as we won’t be together around the main festive days this year, family is what Christmas is all about at the end of the day! 💓

1 more sleep to go!


Until next time,
Roseanne 🙂

My Tanya Burr Advent calendar! The final day: Blogmas day 22

Hi guys!


So, today is the final day of my Tanya Burr beauty advent calendar ‘Tanya’s treats’

Ive really enjoyed having a beauty advent calendar again this year and have got some super sparkly and glitzy products ti try out.

They should see me through to new years too.

Lets look behind window 12…


It’s a bit more sparkle in the form of a glitter nail varnish. This one is called ‘Glitter frosting’ and is a beautiful goldy, bronzy toned glitter polish.

I actually LOVE this colour, I haven’t got anything like this tone in my collection and it is SO pretty!!


It is a bit different to the other glitter I got as it isn’t just clear with glitter particles in it but it has a shimmery background tone to it too.

3 days to go!!


Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

Cosy Christmas film night! 📺:Blogmas day 21

Hi guys!

What’s better on a Saturday night than a cosy movie night!?! especially at Christmas!!
Me & the hubby put on our comfys, got a blanket and I made us some hot choccies whilst Tim scrolled through Netflix.

He settled on ‘Deck the hall’s’ starring Danny Devito.

With hot choccies in hand and sweet & salty Popcorn packets we snuggled down to watch the film.

I actually really enjoyed the film, it was one I had heard of many a time but had never watched. It’s super festive and I love all the Christmas, lights and snowy scenes, perfect for making you feel christmassy.

A great Christmas evening in.


Until next time,
Roseanne 🙂


My Tanya Burr advent calendar : Blogmas day 20 đŸ—˘

Hi guys!

Today is the penultimate window of my Tanya Burr advent calendar! Its gone so quickly, December always seems to go so quickly and even though I love that Christmas is only 5 days away I’m also aware that it will all be over soon.

I hope these next few days don’t go too quickly as I have now finished my main job for the holidays and so I want to enjoy a bit of festive time off before the big day.

So, lets take a look behind number 11…

It is another little glitter pot! This one is called ‘Midnight magic’ This is an eye glitter pot and is perfect for creating a sparkly, smokey eye. A definite must for a Christmas party or drinks with friends over the festive period.

Check back for day 22 of Blogmas and the last window of my Tanya Burr advent.

5 days to go!


Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂



Late night shopping!🛍️: Blogmas day 19

Hi guys!

Last Thursday me and my sister Sarah decided to brave the streets of our home town for some late night shopping. With only 11 days until Christmas (on the Thursday) we needed to get the rest of the presents that were left on our lists.

Armed with our lists and shopper bags we headed to Primark first. I’m pretty sure time speeds up in there and by the time we got out we were in much need of a break!

We stopped off at Costa to have our favourite festive drink (& our first one of the festive season!!) their Mint hot chocolate. IT IS AMAZING!!

We always have these at this time of the year and they always make us feel super festive.

Re-fueled and ready we were off to grab the last few bits that we could before the shops closed.


I managed to get over half of the items on my list which I though was pretty good going, We went in for round two on Saturday and I am glad to say that all my Christmas shopping is now FINISHED! Hurrah!


Have you finished your shopping or are you a last minute buyer?


Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

My Tanya Burr advent calendar: Blogmas day 18

Hi guys!

I’ve only got a few windows left!

Behind the latest window was…

A  mini nail file. Its a lovely dark and christmassy red. It is the perfect size to pop into your handbag.

Hopefully if my nails are nice and smooth I won’t be so tempted to bite them!! 💅

Sorry its a short post but there’s only so much I can write about a nail file haha.



This time next week it will be Christmas 🎅


Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

Christmas fayre fun: Blogmas day 17

Hi guys!

My oldest nephew Noah now goes to pre school (😢 He’d just turned 1 when I started this blog!!) And they had a little Christmas fayre, to raise money for the pre school, at the weekend. I popped along with my sister, bro in law and nephews to take a look.

It was only a small fayre but they had some super cute and really lovely little activities for the children (& adults!!) to enjoy.

Of course they had the standard raffle, tombola and cake stall, because is it even a fayre without those!!

They also had a ‘Snowman soup station ☃

I love this idea! You have a little cellophane cone and put two scoops of hot chocoate in your cone and top it with a scoop of mini marshmallows, tie it up and you’ve got your own cute hot choclate cone, or snowman soup should I say! 

Noah loved scooping in the ingredients.

Noah, Me and Sarah made one each (& I made one for my hubby Tim) to go into our Christmas eve boxes.

These would make a lovely Christmas gift idea for friends or from the kiddies as it’s a bit of fun but super easy.

Me & Noah had some turns on the tombola and won some hand cream haha.

Noahy also made himself some reindeer food ready for the reindeers on Christmas eve.

Casey has a little snowman painted onto his arm to get into the festive spirit. ☃

When we got home Noah and Casey’s letters from Santa, that I’d arranged with the big guy myself (it’s not what you know, it’s who you know) had arrived.

Noah was really pleased with his letter, stickers and official nice list certificate.

‘Thats exciting isn’t it!!’

It seems only yesterday he was having his ‘first’ steps etc and now it’s pre school ‘firsts’ and such. Time really flies, but I am loving how excited and how much Noah understands Christmas this year! It’s going to be so much fun 😀


Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

My Tanya Burr advent calendar: Blogmas day 16

Hi guys!

It’s time for another look inside my Tanya Burr beauty advent calendar!

Let’s dive straight in…

Behind number nine is a lovely lip gloss in the shade ‘Ice queen’. Its a lovely shiny, slightly glittery/iridescent white and clear gloss.

It’s really pretty and perfect for this frosty, festive season.

This would be great on its own or as a top coat to add a bit of shine and sparkle to your lips.

Super pretty!


Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

The Rock n Roll Panto: Blogmas day 15

Hey guys!

One of our yearly traditions is to go to the panto at our local theatre, The Wolsey.

It’s an annual Christmas panto and is rock n roll themed. It is always full to the brim will brilliant songs.

This year the panto is Red Riding Hood. Their take on the classic tale was really good.

I went to the panto with my husband Tim and sister Sarah. This is mine and Tim’s 5th year going to the panto and Sarah’s 2nd. We all LOVED IT.

The stage was really cool too, I think it is my favourite one so far…

I love the atmosphere and the warm, cosy feel of the place. Its a great festive outing and it really puts you in a happy mood.

The acting was great, and it was absolutely HILARIOUS.

I would even go as far as to say it was the best one we have seen so far!! Tim and Sarah agreed too.

I know a lot of people think that pantos are cheesy but, they are so much fun, a laugh and really feel good.

If you’ve never been go! You wont regret it.

& on that note…



Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

My Tanya Burr advent calendar: Blogmas day 14

Hi guys!


It’s also time for another look in my Tanya treats beauty advent calendar.

Let’s see what I got…

Behind the latest window was a little compact mirror. It’s a lovely matte dark red colour with a matte bronze edging. It has ‘Tanya Burr cosmetics’ I  her trademark font (which I love btw) 

There’s also a little ‘TB’ in a heart above the writint, in the same lovely matte bronzy colour.

This is really pretty and the perfect size for popping into your handbag.
Until next time, 

Roseanne 🙂