Pre Christmas Family meal meet up: Blogmas 24

Hi guys!


Last weekend we met up with my auntie & cousins to have a family Christmas meal together. We aren’t seeing each other around Christmas day so we all met up at a pub to see each other, have some yummy food and exchange pressies.

The pub was called ‘The waterfront Inn’ and is a Greene King pub so it had lots of tasty pub classics and lunch time bites on the menu.


I went for a jacket potato with beans and cheese. I had coleslaw and salad on the side.

The pub had some awesome decorations, my favourite ones that I have seen so far!

Here are some of them…

My favourite’s are the Brussels sprouts in party hats!! Love those.


They had some games so we sat and played a few of those too.
Noah loved Jenga!

I especially enjoyed the fire, so cosy & super toastie.

It was super lovely to get together as we won’t be together around the main festive days this year, family is what Christmas is all about at the end of the day! 💓

1 more sleep to go!


Until next time,
Roseanne 🙂

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