Zoella & Colour Pop collab Make up range 💄

I’ve really enjoyed Zoe Suggs, ‘Zoella beauty’ ranges for a while now and I got into watching YouTube when I started watching some of her earlier sit down videos, many of which were make up tutorials, so when I saw that she was finally doing a make up collaboration I couldn’t wait to try out some of the pieces.

I love the cute packaging and brunch theme to the whole collection.

Breakfast food is the best food after all!

I chose some of the pieces that I knew I would get a lot of use out of as I haven’t tried any Colour Pop products before so I don’t know what they are like.

I went for the Blusher, Highlighter & one of the liquid eye shadows.

Pressed powder blush ‘Soulmate’

A lovely pink blush.

Pressed powder highlighter ‘Swipe right’

A lovely creamy, gold highlight.

Creme supernova liquid eyeshadow ‘Bellini’

A lovely pinky champagne tone.

They look so pretty on and I have already been using (& loving!) them loads.

I can’t wait for an occasion to wear the eye shadow as it is so pretty. I’m not an every day eyeshadow kind of girl so I’ll be saving this for an occasion.

The highlighter and blusher, on the other hand will, be used daily and are a great addition to an every day make up bag (great staying power, they look good all day)

I also found the prices to be really reasonable too which is great 👍🏻

Blusher & Highlighter ($8/£6) each

Eyeshadow ($7/£5.30) each

Have you tried any of the collection?


Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

My sale bargains! 🛍

I love shopping so with our Christmas money in hand me and my sister went into town to see what we could pick up in the late December/January sales.

Here’s what I got!

First up I got this lovely fragrance set from Superdrug. 

The set is by Ghost and is their ‘Eclipse’ scent. The set came with a 30ml bottle of the fragrance and a cute rose gold compact mirror. It was only £15 and it smells amazing! I havnt had it before but me and my sister just thought it smelt so nice and great for popping in your bag!

Also from Superdrug I managed to grab a few bargains from Zoella’s Christmas range! 

I bought the ‘Best chums’ coin purses for me and my sister. These were only £2.99 in the sale. These are so cute.

I also bought her set of three make up bags, these are so pretty so I was so happy to see these in the sale. 

The large bag is clear with a coral strip across the top and Zoella written across the front in the same colour writing. The medium bag is a gorgeous pinky rose gold glitter, it’s beautiful and has Zoella written in white on the front. And finally, the small bag is a material one that says ‘Throw kindness round like confetti’ in rose gold font, I love that quote it’s so lovely.

These were £4.99 for all three. They are great to use as make up storage, to pop in your bag or for travelling.

And finally from Zoella’s range I got one of the Christmassy gift sets.

I love the design and packaging of Zoella’s Christmas range with the brown paper look background and printed on ribbon in the corners like it’s been gift wrapped.

This set is the ginger and vanilla fragrance set, pamper yourself with my brand new limited edition fragrance. It comes with a large bottle of the fragrance and a large bottle of her ginger cream body lotion. The design with the little gingerbread men is adorable.

I wasn’t sure about this scent to begin with but it’s definatly growing on me and is quite nice and sweet.

If you’ve seen my blog before you’ll know I love Lush and I missed the Boxing day sale (Gutted!) But when me and my sister went in they still had the ‘Butterbear’ bath bomb on offer. It was half price and only cost 98p!! 

I picked up two for me and two for my sister. I talked about this bath bomb in my Festive Lush Haul, it so lovely for your skin, it makes it super soft because it’s made of  cocoa butter, lovely.

From Boots I got an electric toothbrush. Sounds boring, I know! But highly useful and it was a bargin at £20, half the original price. 

Tim got one for Christmas so I thought I might as well get one too. It takes a bit of getting used to but your mouth does feel super clean 👍

And finally, from Waterstones me and my sister picked up Sam and Nic Chapman’s new book ‘Face’. 

It’s a lovely book about all things to do with your face from skincare, make up with different tips and tricks. If you don’t know them Sam and Nic are the ladies behind the ‘Real technique’ make up brushes. I love watching their make up tutorials on their YouTube channel ‘Pixiwoo’ so I can’t wait to look through it properly.

So those are my bargains! I was super happy with them 😊

What did you managed to pick up in the sales? 

Until next time, 

Roseanne 🙂

Stocking fillers: Blogmas day 6

The Christmas stocking is one of my favourite traditions! I’ve had one since I was a child and I will continue to do so because it’s christmassy & a great way to start off Christmas day!

So I started off by making a list of a few different things that would make great stocking fillers and then I have grouped them into stockings for £5 all the way up to £30. 

These are mainly aimed at women but I will include some male orientated stocking fillers at the bottom to help you out. Men are definatly harder to cater for when it comes to stockings. I’ll pop the prices & shops I have seen these in or a suggestion of where you can get something similar.

I have tried to make sure that the stockings have a bit of variety in them as that’s always fun, here goes…

A £5 Stocking This was really tricky but for as few little treats I’ve included: 

  • A Chocolate Santa or coins depending on their preference £1 (Supermarkets or poundshops)
  • Revolution blusher £1(Superdrug)
  • Flutter bath fizzer £1 (Superdrug)
  • Novelty socks £2.00 (Tesco) 

Total: £5.00

Another £5 Stocking.

  • Lush ‘Floating island’ bath oil bar £2.00
  • Chocolate £1
  • Revolution eyeshadow £1 (Superdrug)
  • Flutter make up sponge £1 or Flutter cute nail file set, pack of 3 £1 (Superdrug)

Total: £5.00

A £10 stocking.

  • The body shop ‘Shea treats’ set which includes a shower creme, body whip & beige bath lily £5
  • Chocolate coins or Santa £1
  • Mua lipstick £1 (Superdrug)
  • Revolution Blusher £1 (Superdrug)
  • Christmas socks  £2.00 (Tesco)

Total: £10.00

 Another £10 stocking.

  • Dove ‘Ever blossom’ bath & shower duo set, this comes with two of their bath & shower cremes & a bath puff £2.50 (Superdrug)
  • Chocolate Santa £1
  • Book £3.99 (Amazon) They currently have loads of bestselling books for only £3.99, get them quick.
  • Christmas socks £2.00 (Tesco)

Total: £9.49

A £15 stocking.

  • Lindor truffles 50g box £1 (Superdrug) or any chocolate.
  • ‘Stocking filler: 12 Christmas short stories £4.99 (paperback, Amazon) 
  • Maybelline Merry kissmas gift set £3.75 (Tesco)
  • Sanctuary ‘get cosy’ candle set £4.50 (Boots)
  • Flutter bath fizzer £1 (Superdrug)

Total: £15.25

Slightly over in this one but not much!

Another £15 stocking.

  • Lush ‘Comforter’ bubble bar £4.95
  • Tanya Burr ‘Mrs Claus’ Nail set £4 (Superdrug) 
  • Chocolate £1
  • Toucan coin purse £4.50 (paperchase) 

Total: £14.45

A £20 stocking.

  • The body shop beauty bag. This comes in different scents, shea, strawberry, citrus etc and includes a shower gel, hand cream & body butter in a cute little bag. All travel size. £10
  • Chocolate £1
  • A book £3.99 (Amazon) 
  • Tanya Burr ‘It’s kissmass’ lip gloss duo £5 (Superdrug)

Total: £19.99

Another £20 stocking.

  • Toucan coin purse £4.50 (paperchase)
  • Revolution redemption eyeshadow palette, different styles available £4 (Superdrug)
  • Chocolate £1 
  • Soap & Glory ‘Take your pink’ gift set which includes a shower puff, hand cream, body scrub & shower creme. £10 (Boots) 

Total: £19.50

£30 stocking.

  • No 7 ‘glamorous eyes’ palette £10 (Boots) 
  • Deboss notebook, this comes in lots of gorgeous designs £10 (paperchase) 
  • Lindor truffles 50g box £1 (Tesco)
  • Zoella Hungry hands ‘ginger cream’ hand cream £5 (Superdrug)
  • Lush ‘Dragon egg’ bath bomb £3.75

    Total: £29.75

        Another £30 stocking.

        • Ghost bauble, these come in different scents with a mini version of a Ghost perfume & another miniature too £8 (Boots) 
        • Real techniques ‘Core collection’ make up brush set £12.50 (Amazon)
        • Chocolate £1
        • Sanctuary ‘Get cosy’ candle set £4.50 (Boots)
        • Revolution blusher & eyeshadow £1 (Superdrug)
        • Lush Bath oil bar £2

          Total: £30

              Obviously you can mix and match, but these are just a few ideas for you that I’ve put together! 

              Some ideas for mens stockings are:

              • (Book) ‘Stocking fillers: 12 short christmas stories’ £4.99 (Amazon)
              • (Books) Some bestselling novels are £3.99 on Amazon  
              • Novelty socks (Primark, Tesco)
              • (Game) ’50 things to do once in a lifetime’ This is a dinner party game where you see how many you’ve done/suggest your own £6.20 (Amazon)
              • Chocolate coins/ Santa’s depending on their preference or any chocolate
              • No7 daily duo wash set, this includes a body & hair wash and a face wash £10 (Boots)
              • Lynx wash bag set, this includes two Lynx shower gel & a deodrant £10 (Boots/Superdrug)
              • Gillette flexiball set, this includes the flexiball razor & hydrating hydra gel £10 (Superdrug/Boots)
              • Aftershave; eg David Beckham, Ted Baker etc £10 (Superdrug/Boots)

              Websites: Boots Amazon Paperchase The body shop Superdrug

              I hope this has given you lots of ideas to fill up those stockings!!

              Before I go, day six of my beauty advent calender…

              A face make up brush. This is again a cute small size. 

              Ho Ho Ho 

              Roseanne 🎅

              What’s in my bag? Work edition🎒

              I’ve just bought a new bag that I love and will be using temporarily as a work bag so I thought I would do a ‘what’s in my bag?’ work edition. 

              Let’s start with the bag…

              This gorgeous rucksack is from Asda and was only £14! 

              It’s a black and cream aztec print with flecks of gold embroidered through it.

              It has a popper at the top and string with these cute tassel details to close it. It has an handy zip pocket inside and two little pockets that close with poppers on the front.

              So, What’s in my bag?

              Most importantly (in my eyes 🙊) my lunch bag! this bag is so cute with 🎵’All you need is lunch! Na Na Na Na Nahh!🎵 I got this in London and it fits loads in it!

              I always carry my trusty water bottle with me, very important for staying hydrated especially when you are constantly on the go like you are in my job!

              A few essentials that I always have in my bag are as follows:

              ☔ because British weather is always unpredictable.

              Deodrant to freshen up.

              🔑 keys, for home and work. (Lego Dumbledore 👊☇)

              💷my purse 👱Hairbrush &🎧headphones

              And finally some chewing gum! I like the green Wrigleys extra spearmint.

              I also always carry my phone but I’m writing this blog post on it atm so I can’t take a photo of it haha. I have the Samsung S7 in Rose gold.

              I also always have a book in my bag but of course this changes regularly, I’ve just started reading Zoellas latest novel ‘Girl Online: Going Solo’ I really enjoyed her other two books in the series so I can’t wait to get stuck into this one.

              I can definatly tell Winter is almost here, everyone is getting colds so I’ve got these in my bag as I’m suffering at the moment! Hopefully I won’t need them for too long.

              That’s it 👍 I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post  

              What do you always have in your bag? 

              Until next time,

              Roseanne 🙂

              My daily skincare routine.

              I thought I would share with you my usual morning skincare routine, including the products that I like to use.

              I start off my skincare routine in the shower. I use normal shower creme but I am loving this lemon scented one from Aldi at the moment. 

              It’s really lemony, zesty & fragrant. The smell & oils in this really hit you and wake you up! and you deal fresh and clean ready for the day ahead 🍋

              I also like to use Zoellas Scrubbing me softly smoothing body scrub from her Tutti Fruitti range.

              This smells really lovely and I absolutly LOVE the texture of it. It’s quite thick & smooth but when you rub it into your skin you can really feel the beads gently exfoliating your skin and it does leave it feeling so smooth.

              The last thing I use in the shower is my LUSH ocean salt face & body scrub.

              Lashings of fine sea salt to scrub and clean, organic limes to brighten and avocado butter to soften your skin.

              This is so lovely & does exactly what it says on the tin 👌

              I use this on the areas of my face where I get particularly dry skin or where my face breaks out the most, I’ve been doing this at the advice of the beautician who did my facial at Aqua springs during half term and it has defiantly helped me reduce the amount of spots I get on those problem areas. 

              LUSH create lovely natural products which is good to know if you use their things regularly. I use this once or twice a week depending on how my skin is.

              Once I’m out of the shower I cleanse and tone. 

              (I’ve just run out of the cleanser so I couldn’t include a picture!!) 

              Both my cleanser and toner are from Superdrug Vitamin E range. This is great for adding moisture to your skin and since my skin can be a little dry this is ideal for me. 

              I put a little bit of the product onto a cotton pad and apply it all over my face and neck. Cleanser first, then toner.

              I have a couple of different moisturisers & creams that I use on my face. I’ll start with my moisturiser by Olay.

              I have been using this Olay day time beauty fluid for Normal/dry/combo skin since my teens and it has always left my skin feeling moisturised and refreshed. Now that I am mid twentys (ahh, that makes me feel old 🙈) I think my skin is in pretty good condition & I’m sure this moisturiser has played it’s part!

              To add a bit more hydration to my skin I also use the Day cream from Superdrugs Vitamin E range. 24hr hydration 💧

              This cream is rich in natural Vitamin E, high in anti oxidants and defends against environmental skin damage, it’s spf 15 too! 🌝 

              This cream is a bit thicker than the Olay one so it’s nice to have a couple of different products that work for my skin. 

              In the picture you’ll also see the Moisture boost facial serum from the Superdrug Vitamin E range; I use this every other day. This serum is more of a gel consistency and is great to apply before or after moisturiser.

              And, the Nourishing eye cream; I use this probably every other day or when my eyes are feeling particularly tired and in need of a pick me up!

              So that’s me! 👱 Using these products always leaves my skin feeling lovely & ready for the day (even without any make up) 

              My sister recently did a blog post on some of her skincare faves, including the new Garnier Skin active moisture bomb range! 🙌  Check that out here.

              Let me know what your skincare staples are! Any recommendations?!? 

              Until next time, 

              Roseanne 🙂

              Creepy cupcakes for Halloween 🕸👻

              Inspired by Zoellas vlog and bake off I had a go at some creepy cupcakes ready for my sister Halloween film day/night. To see what we got up to for this take a look at my sisters blog post here.

              Here’s what you’ll need:

              • 4tbspWater boiling
              • 40gCocoa powder
              • 3Egg(s) (free range)
              • 175gButter (unsalted)softened
              • 165gUnrefined golden caster sugar 
              • 115gSelf-raising white flour
              • 1tspBaking powder rounded 

                You can also find the recipe here 🍰

                I love Mary’s recipes as she goes for the ‘mix it all in together’ approach, which makes life a lot easier for even the most serious of bakers! 

                I started by weighing out all my ingredients carefully…

                I prepped the chocolate writing fluid next by placing it in a jug of boiling water.

                This helps the chocolate inside to melt ready for your piping. I would recommended buying two tubes of this if you haven’t done much piping as I used loads just practicing and then I ran out🙈

                Once everything was ready I used my food processor (lazy I know!) to combine all the ingredients.

                The mixture looks silky and smooth when it’s combined, good enough to eat like that!!

                I like to use an ice cream scoop to put an even amount of mixture in each cupcake case. I couldn’t find any funky Halloween cases so I opted for spooky silver ones.

                Whilst they were cooking I attempted piping…

                Once my baking prong came out clean from the cupcakes I popped them on the cooling rack, the house smelt divine.

                I cheated with ready prepared chocolate buttercream as I was pushed for time but the recipe I have linked includes what you’ll need to make chocolate buttercream too.

                Here they are…

                The piping isn’t great but I tried my best! Some didn’t go to plan so I improvised with shop bought ghost marshmallows to top half of them 👻

                I got very excited when Zoella herself liked my picture of my cupcakes 🤗

                Screenshot it of course haha 🙈

                For Zoellas vlog on how to make these cupcakes follow this link- Zoella

                I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

                What’s your favorite thing about Halloween? 🎃


                YouTuber products 🖲🛁🎀

                Here are a few products from two of my favourite YouTubers Zoella&Tanya Burr.

                Tanya burr cosmetics ‘perfect brows’ kit.

                This powder eyeshadow kit is great. It has four colours;

                • Fairy cake: this is a lovely highlighter to apply under the filled brown.
                • Pebble: A light beige colour to fill in the brow.
                • Chesnut: A light brown colour to fill in the brow.
                • Hot Cocoa: A dark brown colour to fill in the brow.

                I use ‘Pebble’ & ‘Chesnut’ mixed together when I do my brows, this palette is great! I don’t use ‘Hot Cocoa’ as its a bit dark for me but it’s a lovely shade.

                Everyday flutter lashes.

                I haven’t used these yet but they look really pretty. These half lashes have a natural, eye opening effect.

                I went for the ‘everyday’ lashes as I haven’t worn flash lashes before so I thought these would be good for a first try, without being too much.

                I’m going to watch some of Tanya’s videos to see how to put them on best!

                I bought three different products from the Zoella beauty ‘Tutti Fruity’ range. This range is being discontinued soon so I thought I would try some out of it out before that happens, plus my sister Sarah loves this range and is always raving about how nice it is.

                Zoella scrubbing me softly smoothing body scrub.

                280g £1.50

                ‘Buff your way to snuggly -soft skin with this fresh, fruity scrub. Enriched with Acai and blueberry this body Polish has a light, feminine fragrance to uplift and give you an instant burst of energy. With conditioning Cocoa butter -lovely scrubbly! 

                Zoella Candy cream softening body lotion.

                160ml £1

                ‘Treat yourself to this delicious fresh, fruity cream for a soft and silky body. Packed with bursting beads and extracts of Acai and blueberry to pamper and protect because your skin needs a bit of love too! 

                Zoella ‘Kissy Missy’ lip balm.


                This has a lovely pink tinge to it and makes your lips feel really smooth, not tacky. The colour is lovely and good for a quick pop of colour.

                & from the New Zoella lifestyle range…

                The ‘Homemade treats’ reed diffuser.

                Softly whipped butter xterm and gooey salted caramel drizzled over home-baked cupcakes. Bring some indulgence to youe home with this delicious scent; (almost) good enough to eat!

                It smells SO good!! And the description of buttery creamy, cupcake goodness is on point. It takes a few days to diffuse fully but once it does its so yummy.

                I really hope Zoella brings this scent out as a candle soon, they are perfecting it atm so fingers crossed it will be soon 👌

                This would make an amazing candle 🕯

                Which Zoella or Tanya Burr products do you like or Recommend?! Let me know 🙂

                Until next time, 

                Roseanne 🙂 

                What’s in my bag? 🎒

                I love watching ‘whats in my bag?’ videos on yotube so I thought I would do one for my blog. 

                So, what’s in my bag? 

                Let’s start with the all important bag! This little black bag is from Primark and was only  £9. I love the faux leather material & suede material on the front. The gold detailing & clasp are really cute too.

                I love that it has both long & short straps too and although it looks small it fits a lot in it.

                Let’s take a look inside…

                I always carry my purse & a hairbrush where ever I go. I love this purse, sage green is one of my favourite colours  (one of our wedding colours too, ahhh ♡) & the patterned birds are really cute. It’s nice and big so fits lots in it too! 

                I got this lovely big Brush from Primark for £1.50, bargin!

                I also always have a book with me & if you’ve seen my August favourites you’ll know I’m currently reading this Nicholas Sparks book 👍 

                I love this body mist from Zoella original beauty range. Blissful Mistful ☆ it smells gorgeous.

                Sunglasses 😎 The weather hasn’t been too bad this summer so I’ve carried these in my bag ready. I love having decent prescription sunglasses, I always hated not being able to have nice ones or just not being able to see!

                I would defiantly recommend this Revolution Lip amplification lip gloss as it has such good staying power. I’ve eaten and drank and it’s still in place with a good colour. 

                I love this shade ‘Joy’ it’s a lovely plum autumnal colour. 🍂🍁

                And finally…

                I popped one of these fruity bars, from Aldi in my bag incase I got peckish around town. This is blueberry and seeds flavour. It comes from their ‘Foodie market’ range and they do lots of other yummy fruit flavours to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

                I hope you enjoyed this blog post, let me know if you did! What do you always carry in your bag? 

                Until next time,

                Roseanne 🙂