My daily skincare routine.

I thought I would share with you my usual morning skincare routine, including the products that I like to use.

I start off my skincare routine in the shower. I use normal shower creme but I am loving this lemon scented one from Aldi at the moment. 

It’s really lemony, zesty & fragrant. The smell & oils in this really hit you and wake you up! and you deal fresh and clean ready for the day ahead 🍋

I also like to use Zoellas Scrubbing me softly smoothing body scrub from her Tutti Fruitti range.

This smells really lovely and I absolutly LOVE the texture of it. It’s quite thick & smooth but when you rub it into your skin you can really feel the beads gently exfoliating your skin and it does leave it feeling so smooth.

The last thing I use in the shower is my LUSH ocean salt face & body scrub.

Lashings of fine sea salt to scrub and clean, organic limes to brighten and avocado butter to soften your skin.

This is so lovely & does exactly what it says on the tin 👌

I use this on the areas of my face where I get particularly dry skin or where my face breaks out the most, I’ve been doing this at the advice of the beautician who did my facial at Aqua springs during half term and it has defiantly helped me reduce the amount of spots I get on those problem areas. 

LUSH create lovely natural products which is good to know if you use their things regularly. I use this once or twice a week depending on how my skin is.

Once I’m out of the shower I cleanse and tone. 

(I’ve just run out of the cleanser so I couldn’t include a picture!!) 

Both my cleanser and toner are from Superdrug Vitamin E range. This is great for adding moisture to your skin and since my skin can be a little dry this is ideal for me. 

I put a little bit of the product onto a cotton pad and apply it all over my face and neck. Cleanser first, then toner.

I have a couple of different moisturisers & creams that I use on my face. I’ll start with my moisturiser by Olay.

I have been using this Olay day time beauty fluid for Normal/dry/combo skin since my teens and it has always left my skin feeling moisturised and refreshed. Now that I am mid twentys (ahh, that makes me feel old 🙈) I think my skin is in pretty good condition & I’m sure this moisturiser has played it’s part!

To add a bit more hydration to my skin I also use the Day cream from Superdrugs Vitamin E range. 24hr hydration 💧

This cream is rich in natural Vitamin E, high in anti oxidants and defends against environmental skin damage, it’s spf 15 too! 🌝 

This cream is a bit thicker than the Olay one so it’s nice to have a couple of different products that work for my skin. 

In the picture you’ll also see the Moisture boost facial serum from the Superdrug Vitamin E range; I use this every other day. This serum is more of a gel consistency and is great to apply before or after moisturiser.

And, the Nourishing eye cream; I use this probably every other day or when my eyes are feeling particularly tired and in need of a pick me up!

So that’s me! 👱 Using these products always leaves my skin feeling lovely & ready for the day (even without any make up) 

My sister recently did a blog post on some of her skincare faves, including the new Garnier Skin active moisture bomb range! 🙌  Check that out here.

Let me know what your skincare staples are! Any recommendations?!? 

Until next time, 

Roseanne 🙂

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