Blogmas Day Twenty Two: Winter Walks πŸŒ²

β€’ 3 days to go! β€’

Autumn/Winter are my favourite months and I have really enjoyed my new found appreciation for walks, especially during these seasons.

So, thanks for that 2020 (because there isn’t alot else fo thank you for)

❄ Winter Walks ❄

Until Next Time,

Roseanne πŸ™‚

Blogmas Day Ten: Decorating My Reading Corner β„

Happy Day Ten of Blogmas!

Here’s a little sneak peek at how I’ve decorated my reading corner… I love fairy lights (any excuse!) And they look super cute with a few little other festive touches.

Super cosy!

Adding a few festive touches has made my reading corner even more cosy!

Annd I’ve even managed to not poke myself in the eye with one of the light up branches, whilst reading, so win win!

Books & Christmas = a pretty epic combo! πŸŽ„πŸ“š

Has anyone else decorated their reading areas?

Until Next Time,

Roseanne πŸ™‚

Blogmas Day Two: A Festive Book Review- ‘Coming home to Glendale Hall’ πŸ“šπŸŽ…πŸ»

I thought that for Day Two I would do a little book review. I an going to do a fee of these, as part of Blogmas, throught December as I am trying to read plenty of festive books.

Let’s take a look!

This lovely, cosy festive read takes us on the trip back to Beth’s hometown of Glendale, and more specifically Glendale Hall, the family home.

She fled at the age of 16 due to her pregnancy being rejected by her family.

She is now back or Christmas, 10 years after she fled, to see her ill grandmother.

What I particularly enjoyed about this book is how endearing the characters are, their characterisation is really nicely developed and you instantly like them, feel for them and are rooting for them. They are very real characters with a fluffy romantic edge.

And because you have this ease with the characters, you find yourself quickly immersed into the book and turning the pages feverishly, digesting more and more of the Glendale cosyness.

The story is very enjoyable and is written with a lovely festive feel that makes you ready for the christmas season, itching to put up your own decorations, see lights around the town and make a hot chocolate or six.

I couldn’t put it down.

So, apparently this is the part of the review that I’m supposed to write something I didnt like as much about the book… (Boo!)

… I knew what was probably going to happen in the end…???

My question is…Does it matter if you predict or don’t predict the ending when the journey to it is so enjoyable though?!

I’m really clutching at straws here because I bloody loved the book and am now on book 3!

So, if you want to get into the Christmas spirit, feel cosy, festive and ready to enjoy all things Christmassy then grab a hot chocolate and cosy down with this absolutely gorgeous seasonal delight.

Any festive book recommendations are welcome!

23 days until Christmas 🦌

Until next time,

Roseanne πŸ™‚

Autumn fun πŸπŸ‚πŸŽƒ

As I have said many times, Autumn/Winter are my favourite seasons!

I know its chilly but hey, its England, we were made for this weather.

Plus, it’s so pretty 😍

Theres nothing like a crisp autumn walk, frosty, leaves crunching under foot, trees fire bright against a pale sky, wrapped up in cosy jumpers, a hot beverage in hand.

Now tell me that isn’t a delight!?!

Here are some of the ways I’ve been enjoying the Autumn so far!

β€’ P U M P K I N β€’ P I C K I N G β€’

Me, my sister and my nephews had a great time pumpkin picking, at a local patch πŸŽƒ

We went early Oct to get the most out of our Pumpkins.

I’ve used them to dot around the lounge to create a cosy, autumn vibe. Some will of course be carved on Halloween.

β€’ A U T U M N β€’ W A L K S β€’

I definitely have a new appreciation for walks since the lockdowns and the pandemic in general.

Theres alot of enjoyment to be had in the fresh air, amongst the trees and pretty plants. I loved our sunny summer walks but in Autumn it’s an even more beautiful experience.

β€’ C O S Y β€’ R E A D S β€’

…because I could read anywhere… but, theres nothing better than in my little reading corner, in autumn and winter, because it just feels even more cosy.

β€’ H A L L O W E E N β€’ F U N β€’

I am a big horror film fan so I enjoy the spookiness of Halloween.

Lockdown no 2 was announced this Halloween (Horror!) So I wanted to make it even more fun, because if you can’t enjoy the little things, (even when stuck at home) during a global pandemic, when can you!?

Over the weekend I ended up watching eight different horror films!

β€’Nightmare on Elm St (New) β€’Friday the 13th β€’ Psycho (New) β€’Anabelle β€’ Freddy Vs Jason β€’Nightmare Before Christmas β€’IT (The Original) β€’Hocus Pocus

We like to carve a pumpkin each year, because its just some harmless seasonal fun, and since I had a few from our picking spree, I carved a few.

As well as the films and pumpkin carving, we also listened to some Halloween tuness (until the X-Files theme freaked me out 🀣😱) we had Spooky, mummy sausages and jacket potatoes for dinner (because why should kids have all the fun) and Halloween Hot chocolates to round off the evening.

And a spot of Halloween Animal Crossing!

It was really good fun and it made us forget about the pandemic a bit, a fun weekend/evening spent together.

β€’ P U M P K I N β€’ C A R V I N G β€’

Because you have to do one of these every year! Come on now.

‘Parry’ By me & Tim
My slight fail, HP lightening scar and glasses attempt
This was really flippin’ hard 🀣 Yes, I’m that cool.

… and yes I am indeed wearing a Bat onesie in this picture, my traditional Halloween costume/pumpkin carving outfit! πŸ¦‡

Don’t hate me cause you ain’t me!

β€’ A U T U M N β€’ N A T U R E β€’

β€’ H U N T β€’

As a fun little pre lockdown 2.0 activity with my nephews, we went on a Nature Hunt.

They love running about in the park and exploring and they enjoyed it even more than I thought they would (so did I!!)

β€’ B A K I N G β€’

I spent another lovely pre lockdown day with my niece 😊

What’s more cosy (and delicious) than baking!?!

We had a lovely time together β™‘

Gotta love a Unicorn Cupcake πŸ¦„πŸ§

& finally…

β€’ B O N F I R E β€’ N I G H T β€’

Again, due to Lockdown (thanks Rona!) we won’t be seeing people for a bit, but its timing did coincide with Bonfire Night and so we resurrected a Byford tradition, and got together to celebrate.

Outside, wrapped up, enjoying other peoples fireworks, sparklers, s’mores, soup, jackets, bangers, log burners and catching up!

A great evening! We missed this tradition last year as there was alot going on, so it was great to do it again.

It’s been a little while (probably the Summer hols) since I’ve done a little ‘life’ update and I love capturing memories on here. I think I forget to use my blog this way sometimes when I get carried away sharing about my hobbies.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Stay safe everyone β™‘

Until next time,

Roseanne πŸ™‚

πŸŽ…πŸŽ… BLOGMAS 2018 πŸŽ…πŸŽ…

Its that time of year again!

Blogmas is back.

If you aren’t familiar with Blogmas then basically it is 24 (or 25) festive posts from the start of December up until the big day itself.

The rules, one post a day, and make them fully festive.

Christmas is 100% my favourite time of the year.

Yeah, it’s a bit chilly but I am so ready for some serious festive fun.

I hope you enjoy these posts throughout December and if there’s anything in particular I can do let me know.

Which sort of Blogmas posts are your fave?

Until next time,

Rohohoseanne πŸŽ„

Lush Haul πŸ›€

I’ve been waiting until I’ve had a chance to have a nice long bath before doing this blog post so that I could show you the bath bombs in action. 

So here goes! 

First up, the Dragon egg bath bomb.

Feel ready to soar’      Β£3.75

This is the one that I used in my bath this morning, it’s really cool. 

On the outside it is white but once it goes into the water it fizzes and the centre of the Dragons egg is revealed…

This bath bomb contains lemon, jasmine and it has popping candy in too! (Don’t eat it thought πŸ˜›)

Next up is my favourite Lush bath bomb, The Comforter. ‘Berry yourself under a fruity blanket’      Β£4.95

I’ve mentioned this one before because I love it! I always pick this one up when I’m in Lush, it comes from their bubble bar slice range. It’s so lovely, berry yourself in the fruity aromas πŸ“πŸ’πŸŽπŸ‹πŸ‘

I also went for the Honey Bee. Take the sting out’      Β£3.50 

This contains honey, sweet wild orange and aloe Vera. This one is quite sweet & summery.

This is the Rose Jam Bubbleroon. For a rosier mood and softer skin’       Β£3.95     

It’s a Pink-tastic, glittery macaroon shaped bomb with a rose design on top.

It’s so pretty. This one contains Rose oil, coconut oil, shea butter & lemon oil.

I also picked up a seasonal bath bomb…


This Pumpkin one is so cute and smells divine!  ‘Oh my! Pie!’     Β£3.95

I was drawn to it when I saw it as I’m loving autumnal things at the moment but when I saw it had cinnamon in it I wasn’t sure. Cinnamon is a scent I’m not really into at all but once I smelt it I changed my mind.

It’s scent is pumpkin (of course!) Sweet vanilla & cinnamon (as mentioned) I think the cinnamon is very subtle and the main smell is the sweet vanilla which I love. 

And finally…

I picked up their Ocean salt face and body scrub. Scrub and soften’  I got the 120ml pot which retails at Β£8.50. 

I also used this in my bath this morning. It makes your skin feel so soft & fresh.

The scrub has lashings of fine sea salt to scrub and clean, organic limes to brighten and avocado butter to soften the skin.

I love this and would definatly recommend this alongside their bath bombs for a proper pamper!

Let me know what your favorite Lush products are or any that you would recommend πŸ‘

Until next time,

Roseanne πŸ™‚