HUGE Make up Haul💄

Recently I have been on a couple of spending sprees and this is the result…


I’m going to list the products I bought by the brand, including prices and pictures!


  • Revolution focus & Fix in the shade ‘Light-Medium’ £2.50

This primer makes the application and stay of your eyeshadow fantastic, I’d definatly recommend it 👌

  • Revolution blush palette ‘Blush goddess’ £6.00

Here’s a swatch of some of the colours.

This palette has some lovely pale pinks & irredescent shades to add a lovely shimmer.

  • Revolution blush palette ‘Blush queen’ £6.00

Here’s a swatch of some of the colours.

This palette has lots of lovely different pinky shades from light to bright 💟

  • Revolution Pro fix Oil Control Fixing Spray £5.00

This is fab for making your make up last longer 👍

  • Revolution Bronze Shimmer Highlight £4

  • Revolution Focus & Fix eyebrow kit in the shade ‘medium’ £2.50

This set comes with 3 different tones and a brow gel.


  • Bourjois Paris blusher, shade no 74 ‘Rose Ambre’ £7.99

  • Bourjois Rouge edition Velvet in shade no 10 ‘Don’t pink of it’ Shade no 11 ‘So Hap’pink’ & Shade no 12 ‘Beau Brum’ £8.99 each.

The top swatch is shade no 9, the middle swatch is shade no 10 & the bottom swatch is Shade no 11.

  • Bourjois radiance reveal concealor in the shade ‘Ivory’ £7.99

I chose this shade because I watched one of Zoella’s blogs where she recommended this for brightening  under the eyes and suggested getting a lighter shade than you would usually use on other areas of your face.


  • Maybelline colour tattoo 24 he creme eyeshadow in the shade 65 ‘Pink gold’ £4.99

  • Maybelline brow satin in the shade ‘Medium brown’ £5.99

This is the best brow product that I have found so far 👌 The pencil is great for shaping & the sponged end fills in really well.


  • MAC matte lipstick in the shades ‘Pink Plaid’ (top) & ‘Please Me’ (bottom) Both retail at £15 although I got my Pink Plaid from duty free so it cost me £12.50

Here is a swatch of the colours! The top swatch is Pink plaid & the bottom swatch is Please Me. 


  • Colour chameleon eyeshadow pencil in the shade ‘Champagne diamonds’ £19

I chose this shade as it is designed for people with blue eyes, to make them stand out. This is great for applying all over the lid & crease of the eye.

Here is a swatch of the colour ‘Champagne diamonds 

  • Charlotte Tilbury legendary lashes £25

This was actually a free sample when I brought the Colour chameleon, I thought if include it though as it’s a nice size bottle. I’ve included the price you would pay for a full size bottle online.


  • Zoella Blissful Mistful Fragranced Body Mist £8

This is from Zoellas original collection and smells so lovely.  

  • Zoella make up bag £8

This is also from Zoellas original collection & is really cute. It says ‘these are a few of my favourite things’ on the front & different things that Zoella likes on the back it’s a lovely dark peachy coral colour. 


  • Barry M lip oils ‘Coco Loco’ & ‘ Berry Good’ £4.99 each 

I actually got these after watching one of Zoella’s videos. She was talking about the Claines lip oils that she uses & that these were a good dupe for that brand.


  • Sleek Make up creme contour kit in shade ‘Light’ £10.99

This kit comes highly recommended (which is why I bought it) and is a really high quality. I havnt really tried contouring much but this set comes with six different shades & a little leaflet to help you apply the appropriate colour the each area of the face.


  • Collection lasting perfection concealor £4.19

This also comes highly recommended and is a very good high street product. It’s affordable and brilliant quality.


  • Urban decay travel brush set £11.99

These are great for carrying around in your make up bag & for avoiding filling it to the brim 👍

Right, that’s all of it! The total cost of this haul ( not including lashes that were a sample) is *drum roll*  £179.58 🙈🙊💷

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post. Let me know if you’ve used any products, how did you get on with them. 

If you have any recommendations let me know too 🙂

until next,

Roseanne 🙂 

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