ROTD: Pancakes 🍓🍌

I thought I would share a delicious recipe with you,  quick, easy & a great way to start the day!

Here goes…


  • 2oz Plain flour 
  • 1 Med egg
  • 100ml Skimmed milk (or semi)
  • 50 ml Water
  • Fry light
  • Fruit of your choice
  • syrup


1. whisk eggs then add water and milk

2. sift in flour then mix well 

3. fry in the fry light

I chose strawberries, banana & raspberries as my fruit. These are so delicious on pancakes 😋

Ta Da!…

So yummy 🙂

To add a little extra deliciousness to my pancakes I drizzled them with this…

Sweet Freedoms Fruit Syrup. It’s a nice alternative to golden syrup and does just as good a job, plus it’s natural so it’s a bit better for you too!

Seriously, can a day really be bad if it starts with pancakes? 

Go on, treat yourself! ☆

Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂 

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