Nails 💅 Mermaid inspiration 🐟

I’m suprise I havn’t done one of these before as I love nail varnishes and have a rather extensive collection.  I recently sorted it out into usable ones & thought I would give my nails a break from acrylics by doing my own nails.

I keep seeing lots of mermaid inspired nail art online and thought I would have a go at my own twist on them.

I’m not very good at drawing on intricate designs so I modified it to match my own ability! Haha.

I used these three colours as my base…

  • BarryM Coconut infusion in a mint green 
  • BarryM ‘Cyan blue’
  • BarryM Effects edition ‘Lilac foil’

I applied the green first as I would any mail polish and waited for this to dry.

Once it was dry I used a cotton pad to pat on the blue & purple colours like so…

Once I had done all the base colours I moved onto glitter…

  • BarryM aquarium collection ‘treasure chest’
  • BarryM aquarium collection ‘Atlantis’

These glitters were perfect for this nail look and being fron BarryMs aquarium collection was very apt!

I popped the gold on first, followed by the pinky glitter.

I love both these glitters as they have a mixture of small & large bits of glitter in them.

The pinky one is fab for a ‘mermaid nail’ look as it had a lovely mix of pinks, purples, blues, teals & silver, perfect 💜

You’ll have to excuse my nails, with nice long nails this would look even better.

I hope you enjoyed this little nail tutorial. Let me know if you have a go or have tried something similar 👍

Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂 

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