A very Harry Potter Christmas: Blogmas day 9 ☇

Hi guys!

So, this is very exciting!! Well I think so anyway haha. For any of my fellow Harry Potter fans out there, this ones for you…

I have seen many photos over the years (thanks Pinterest) of Harry Potter Christmas trees, and with an extra tree in our flat this year, well it seemed rude not to give it a go finally.

I’ve got plenty of Harry Potter memorabilia to create such a masterpiece and so I set about decorating my most magical Christmas tree yet.

I already had lights and fittingly (excluding the pink ) they are red, green, yellow and blue lights, the same colours as the four Hogwarts houses.

I used two Hogwarts ties that I had as tinsel, A red and gold Gryffindor one and a blue and silver Ravenclaw one. The Ravenclaw one is actually my sister Sarah’s, so if your reading this, thanks for your contribution haha.

As I said, I used lots of different bits of my Harry Potter memerobilia to decorate the main body of the tree and it was really fun adding all my little Harry Potter trinkets onto the tree, from baubles to characters, pictures and more.

The tree topper, like many Ive seen online had to be my sorting hat that I got from the Warner Bros studio tour, it brings it all together really well.

Lets take a look…


Here is the finished tree…


Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

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