Electricity comes to Suffolk…

I thought I’d do today’s Blogmas post on the lovely Christmas lights around my hometown of Ipswich.

I love walking or driving around seeing people’s lights and businesses all lit up for the festive season. It always puts a smile on my face!

So here are some pictures I’ve taken…


This picture shows the town hall and our Christmas tree! I love all the lights on the town hall, they seem to have put more on the exterior this year. It all looks lovely when its lit up however, I do prefer the more traditional Christmas tree that they used to have as opposed to the modern one that they have now.


These lights are outside the BriarbankΒ  brewery in Ipswich. These ones look so Christmassy, I love it.

Just around the corner from there is the waterfront and it looks lovely with lights most of the time but at the moment Isaacs has loads of extras and it looks amazing.


Day time.


Night time.

Me and the my family went to their pizza place on Saturday and inside looks just as magical.


Pretty fairy lights.


The courtyard.


The Christmas tree.

Cardinal Park has some lovely fairy lights in the trees. It looks all wintery as the trees have now lost their leaves.


Tims dads neighbours, who live opposite, always have loads of lights. It’s like they have a little competition with each other. Unfortunately they don’t seem to have as much this year but I had to include it as they always make us smile when we see them!


I’m starting to feel really festive now! Only 6 days to go!! Exciting.

Until next time,

Roseanne πŸ™‚


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