Our Slimming World Christmas party!

Last night we had our Slimming World Christmas party. It was good fun as we played lots of games.

We got into four teams, me, my sisters Sarah & Charlotte and brother in law Wes were in a team together (with Noah as our mascot) we were team army!


Team army

There were four different games to play. The first one was a classic, 15 items on a tray and you had to try and rememberΒ  as many as you could until the tray is taken away and then you write down as many as you can remember.

We remembered 11 but didn’t win unfortunately.

There was also a game where you had to wear a box full of ping pong balls and the box had a small hole in the front. The aim was to be the first one to get all the balls out without using your hands.

Here’s Charlottes attempt…


Another game involved after eight mints. Wes had a go at this one. You had to sit down and have the mint on your forehead. The aim of the game was to be the first one to get it to their mouth and eat it without using their hands.


Wes did really well and won so we had another round and it was my turn…


I wasn’t very good though and lost this game.

I did however win one of the other games, the egg and spoon race! Me and Sarah did this as a team first, then me and Charlotte.


I did the last round on my owm and smashed it! A win for team army!


Look at that speedy finish!!



Here are some of our prizes.

It was good fun and lots of us had dressed up in dresses, sparkles, Christmas jumpers and suits for the party occasion.

Now its time to get serious and stay on track this coming week! Our next weigh in is on

Christmas eve!

Fingers crossed I have a good week, I’m feeling determined as I will enjoy Christmas much more after a good week.

Until next time,

Roseanne πŸ™‚

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