Homemade Christmas presents

Today’s Blogmas post is all about homemade Christmas presents. As I mentioned in my previous post about homemade Christmas treats, this is all about art & craft ideas, so here goes!

Idea no 1: DIY scrabble pictures

These make a really personalised Christmas present.

I first made one for Tims Nana as she loves scrabble but it works well accompanying a picture too.

For Tims Nanas one I got a large frame and a nice coloured card for the background. On ebay I brought the letters I needed to spell out all the names of his Nanas grandchildren and then fitted them together, the names coming off each other in true scrabble style… It took a few goes to get all the names to fit nicely together.

I liked this idea so much that I used it alongside a picture as a present for my Auntie and one of my friends.

Here’s the one I made for my auntie:


Again I found some nice paper for the background,a picture and the scrabble letters that I needed.

Here’s the one I made for my friend:


My friend had just had her son at this point and she loved this present, it’s much more personal.


Wilko do great frames, all the ones you see here are from there. I LOVE Shabby Chic White Frames and Wilko do them for a great price.

Idea no 2: Santa & Rudolph plates

My nephew is 15 months old now and is toddling around and getting interested in Christmas and all the bright shiny decorations, lights and wrapped presents that comes with it, so I made him a santa plate…


These are really easy to do but are really effective!

All you need is a plain white dinner plate, some sharpies and something to seal the writing on the plate (I used clear nail varnish as it wont get too messy and will  only need a little wipe down once it’s used so this should keep the writing intact.)

I wrote ‘To Santa and Rudolph’ along the top, ‘From Noah’ along the bottom and then in the middle drew on places for Santa and Rudolphs snacks to go. I drew round a glass to make it neat.

I also drew some Holly either side to make it look super festive. Leave the sharpie to dry and paint over the top with nail varnish and your all done! Santa will be really please with Noah this year and when Noahs older he will really enjoy using this to leave Santa and Rudolph a treat.

Idea no 3: Hampers.

I love making up hampers for people, filling them with things you know they will like is lots of fun!

This year I’ve made one for my sister Sarah. She loves Vlogger Zoella and her beauty range so I have based her hamper around this theme.


Super drug were selling Zoellas beauty products 3 for 2 which was great timing so I got her three things to go in her hamper. Some body scrub, a body lotion and a spritz body mist.

To bulk it out a little I also added some cute pink sented candles and a mini rose scented bath bomb.

Great for a pamper session!


I covered the basket in red tissue paper and tied round a gold ribbon, then I filled the inside with tissue paper and shredded paper, placed the products in, wrapped cellophane around and bunched it together at the top, tieing with a ribbon to finish.

I decorated with a few Christmassy themed embellishments and voila, done!

Idea no 4: Homeade cards.

Now this isn’t a present idea but I wanted to talk about homemade cards as for the last 5/6 years I have been making homemade cards.  I make them for all occasions and have a little supply and craft area in our flat to make them, I love it!

I even make them for my mum to give to her friends and some of our family for certain occasions too.

Here are some Christmas cards I have made:






Unfortunately this year I havnt been able to make any Christmas cards 😦
I have been so busy making wedding invites that I havnt had time to make them! It’s all for a good cause though and next year I can go back to normal.

Homemade cards are great and much more personal as people know you have taken the time to make them especially for them.

I hope this has given you a few ideas if your stuck on what to get someone. It’s great to be creative at Christmas.

Only 5 days to go!!

Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

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