A Christmas date night

Blogmas day 14

Yesterday evening me and Tim decided to have an impromtu date night and we thought we’d go all Christmassy for the occasion.

After dinner at his dad’s we doned our Christmas jumpers and made our way to the cinema.



We had plenty of time until the film started so we went upstairs to the Starbucks and had a coffee together first.


A latte for me &hot chocolate for Tim.


Our film started at 10 to 9 so once we had, had our drinks we made our way to the screen. In keeping with the Christmas theme we went to see a Christmas film, Christmas with the Coopers.


Those who have read my previous blog about the cinema will know this is one of the Christmas films I wanted to see. Here’s a reminder of the synopsis:

A retired couple invite their entire family to theirs for Christmas, little knowing what they’ve let themselves in for…

Sam and Charlotte Cooper have a large family, made up of lots of children and grandchildren. But when all of them descend on the couples home for Christmas, it soon becomes apparent that it won’t be the joyful, chilled out time they were planning…
This toasty-hearted comedy boasts an all-star cast, including The Hangovers Ed Helms, Tron: Legacy’s Olivia Wilde, Captain America: The winter solider’s Antony Mackie, Little Miss Sunshine’s Alan Arkin and – as the narrator – the great Steve Martin. The movie marks the directorial debut from Danny Collins writer Jessie Nelson and is written by Kate & Leopold scribe Steven Rogers.Β 

I’d give the film β˜†β˜† I did enjoy it but it wasn’t as upbeat as I thought. For a Christmas film it was a bit depressing!

I’m hoping to see Krampus this week, love a horror film.

Until next time,

Roseanne πŸ™‚

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