Christmas nails!

Blogmas day 13

Here are my favourite festive nail varnishes and nail looks.

1. Colours

My favourite Christmassy colours are of course red and gold.


These go so well together.

I also love the combination of a light icy blue and silver to add a frosty feel.



This ‘sugar coat’ nail varnish by Sally Hanson is lovely for an icy theme.

2. Glitter

There is nothing better than a bit of glitter and sparkle at Christmas! And it looks lovely on top of a festive colour such as red.

Here’s one of my favourite festive glitter nail varnishes.Β 


It’s a limited edition one by BarryM. It has red, green and blue strands of glitter in it. I like the way this one has long bits of glitter.


This is how it looks on top of red.


‘Amethyst glitter’ by BarryM.


The gold one is BarryM’s ‘Treasure chest’ and the silver one is BarryM’s ‘Hologram’.

These all make great sparkly top coats!

3. Stick on nails & accessories


Red stick on nails are a great base for lots of Christmassy looks.

The little red stocking embellishments are great for an accent nail to add a bit of extra chrismas-ness to your nail look.


I got these Christmassy stick on nails in my stocking last year. They are super cute with Santa hat tips! I’ll keep these for Christmas day.

…And not forgetting a clear top coat to keep your nails looking good for longer.

I use Maybellines Super Stay 7 day clear topcoat.

I hope you enjoyed my christmas nail looks.

12 days to go!

Until next time,

Roseanne πŸ™‚

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