The Christmas panto

For the last three years me and Tim have been going to the Panto that they do at The Wolsey Theatre, in our hometown of Ipswich.


The first year we went was because Tims mum had tickets and she couldn’t make it so we went along instead. I was a bit dubious about it originally as I always thought that pantos were a bit cheesy but if you embrace it and have a laugh you really enjoy yourself! It is what it is, some people like it, some don’t.


They are ‘rock n roll’ pantos and feature lots of upbeat songs that fit into the plots of the stories.

Christmas 2013 was Dick Whittington


‘You are there in the sewers with Dick, Taffeta the Cat and Alice Fitzwarren battling the meglomaniac King Rat as he seeks to become Mayor of London.
Among the songs making an appearance this year are The Byrds Turn, Turn Turn, Everything She Does is Magic, Tutti Fruiti, Gimme Me Some Lovin,Holding Out For a Hero & Deadringer for Love and for the fight between Taffeta and King Rat, Eye of theTiger.’


King Rat & Alice.


Dick & Fairy Beau bells.

Christmas 2014 was Beauty and the Beast.


‘Its time to get this Party Started as Prince Promising is about to be crowned his country’s rightful King – there’s only one tiny problem, he needs to find his Beauty. After a Wicked Witch transforms the handsome Prince into a hideous Beast, he needs to Keep On Runnin’ until he finds Somebody To Love. 

Meanwhile Beauty, who is under the thumb of her two sisters down on Dame Bessie’s Suffolk farm, is keen to prove You Can’t Hurry Love. After saving her father from the clutches of the mysterious creature that lives in the castle, will she ever end up Dancing In The Moonlight? 

Join Fairy Fortunate and Company as they bring you Beauty and the Beast! A beautiful traditional story married to some monster rock, pop and soul songs all served up by our brilliant company of actor- musicians – Let Us Entertain You!’


Beauty, her dad, her stepsisters & crew.


The Beast.

Christmas 2015 was Sword in the stone.


‘It’s the end of the war and the Barbarians have been beaten back! But now the time has come to unite the seven kingdoms together by crowning the bravest knight of all as the rightful King of all the Britons. Join Merlin, Guinevere, Kay and the stunning Dame Bernadette Broadbottom to discover just who pulled the sword from that stone!

With favourite tunes including: I’m Going To Rain On Your Parade, You Got The Love, Come On Baby Light My Fire and Backstreet’s Back…

…It’s time to Rule The World!’


Guinevere & Arthur


The baddie! Booooo.

This year we got there early and had a nice drink together in the cafe first.



It’s become our little Christmas tradition that we do together and it’s really good fun. Definatly worth a watch and it’s on until the end of January.

10 sleeps to go!!!!

Until Next time,

Roseanne 🙂

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