A Christmassy evening.

Day 9:

As you may have guessed by now I love Christmas, so whilst Tim was out with work yesterday and I had the place to myself to took full advantage and got some Christmassy jobs done.

1. Christmas Cards

Me and Tim found some lovely Christmas cards in Tesco last week. They are pretty and glittery, what more could you want?!

Here they are:


Consequently my floor is now rife with glitter and not just in the area where I was writing them oh no, it’s an epidemic that spans the whole of the lounge floor and into the kitchen! Well at least it looks Christmassy.


This is my pile of Christmas cards (here’s hoping I havn’t missed anyone out) they are just waiting for Tim to sign them and I can give them out/send them next week.

2. Wrapping presents

I love wrapping presents, finding matching tags and ribbon!  It’s all part of this fun, festive season! Although trying to find cellotape and scissors is a different matter.


I wrapped up my twin sister Sarahs presents and my nephew (her son) Noahs presents too (well a few of them #spoiltnephew).



I’ve popped them under the tree now and it automatically makes the tree even more festive! I love it when all your wrappings done and the tree is loaded with presents underneath, it’s such a happy sight to behold.



I know Christmas isn’t all about presents but it is a great part of it and I love seeing people react to the gifts I’ve taken time to find and have chosen especially for them.

This is only a small part of the wrapping I will be doing over the next few weeks but it’s a good start and I’m feeling even more Christmas-tastic!

Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

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