Christmas arts & crafts with Noah!

This Blogmas post is all about arts and crafts.

This time of year is really magical but it’s even more so when you have a little one to share it with.
I thought it would be nice to do some Christmas craft with my nephew Noah. We used salt dough to create our own Christmas decorations.


I cooked the salt dough beforehand but with older children you could involve them in this bit too!

Here’s the recipe I used:

1 Cup of flour (8oz/225g)
½ Cup of Salt (4oz/112g)
½ Cup of cold water (4floz/100ml

You’ll also need:
Cookie cutters
Something to make a small hole

I used star, heart and people shaped cutters for ours when I was making the dough.
I cooked it at a low heat for 1hr 30 mins but adjust for your oven and keep checking it to ensure it doesn’t burn.


Whilst it was cooling down and hardening I got out some glitter and paint for us to use.


Once this was all done it was time for the fun, messy part!


Noah enjoyed brushing the paint onto our salt dough creations.




And here’s the finished product:



Don’t forget to pop a nice bit of ribbon through the hole you made before baking, in order for them to be  hung up on the tree or around your home.

We had lots of fun making these and they make a lovely handmade Christmas present for family.

Whilst I was looking up ideas I found a few others that I really liked and hope to do at some point, so I thought I’d share them with you!

1. DIY snow globes

These are such a clever idea and easy to make.


Here’s what you’ll need:
An old jar with lid (needs to have a good lid)
Christmas ornament/scene
Super glue

So basically, all you do is turn the lid upside down and super glue your ornament to the inside of the lid and leave it to dry.

Put your water, glycerin and glitter into the jar. Use 1 part glycerin, 2 parts water and  a good amount of glitter.
Tip: glycerin can be found in most bakery aisle with cake decorations, vanilla essence etc.

Once the glue is dry screw the lid back on and put the jar upside down so that the lid is on the table and the ornament inside is now the right way up.

Give it a shake and watch the glitter cascade. These are so clever and super easy to do.

2. Sock snowmen

These are really cute and you don’t need much to make them. You can use any old (but clean) white socks or pick up cheap ones from somewhere like Primark.


This is what you’ll need:
One large white sock
Old material
Elastic bands
Something to fill the sock (rice, cotton wool etc)


As the picture shows you firstly fill the sock.

Then you use the elastic bands,in certain places, to create the body and head.

Use the buttons to create the features and material to decorate!

We are making these during the Christmas holidays with the kids at the after school club so that will be fun!

And lastly…

3. Cut and stick activities

These are great little art and craft projects to keep children occupied, and are still in keeping with the festive theme.




Theres paper plate characters, Christmas mittens and handprint Christmas cards. You’ll need lots of colourful card, paper and bits to decorate as well as plenty of glue 🙂

Children love cutting and sticking so I’m sure these will be a hit!

So, those are my arts & craft ideas for children,  for Christmas. Have fun if you try them out. Let me know how you get on by leaving a comment.

15 sleeps to go!

Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

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