Blogmas 2019 Day Twenty: Christmas films πŸ“½

One of my favourite Christmas traditions is watching Christmas films, it really gets you into the Festive spirit.

I really wanted to make sure that I made time to watch some this year so I compiled a list of the ones that I want to watch so that when I have time I can easily choose one to watch depending on what I fancy that day.

Here’s my list:

  • The Grinch who stole Christmas
  • The Snowman
  • Deck the Halls
  • Love Actually
  • Jack Frost
  • Last Christmas (New, 2019)
  • Nativity
  • Nativity 2
  • Home alone.
  • Elf

So far, I have watched Last Chrsitmas, a new Christmas film that is currently in cinemas, and I loved it! It was a real feel good film (if a little sad) plus it is heavily based around my favourite Christmas song.

I’ve also watched Nativity which I never realised was so funny, although I think it was just that bit funnier to me as I work in a primary school.

I want to watch Nativity two now as I really enjoyed the first one, plus it’s got David Tennant in! What’s not to love.

I’ve also watched Deck the halls. This is one of my absolute faves so I watched this one first!

I’ve popped home alone on the list as much to many of my family/friends disgust, I’ve never watched it all the way through!

I’m super excited for the Snowman, this is our Christmas eve tradition.

What’s your favourite Christmas film?

All suggestions welcome 😊

Ho Ho Ho

Roseanne πŸŽ…πŸ»

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