Blogmas 2019: Day Nineteen Christmas Eve boxes

Hi guys!

So, of course Christmas day is the big day we all countdown to but I love Christmas eve and boxing day too.

Over the years we’ve added traditions to these days as I think they are just as good a day to celebrate as the 25th.

When my nephews, and now my niece too, came along I started a tradition of doing them a Christmas eve box each.

Its just a few little fun things but it really builds the Christmas excitement, the day before, and I like that it’s my little tradition that I do with them ♥️

So, what to put in a Christmas eve box?

In loads of supermarkets and shops in town they are now selling either ready made or empty ‘Christmas eve boxes’.

I like to fill mine myself as my nephews and niece are all different ages and I like to pick things that I know they would like.

I picked up the christmas boxes I’m using last year…

Places like Wilko, Card Factory, B&M,The Works, Tesco, Asda all have their own ones on offer.

What do you put in it?

Here’s what I have gone for this year…

(This is the content of my nieces box, she is two and a half years old, but it’s not particularly girly, my nephews have got pretty much the same.) I will add some extra ideas at the end too.

A Christmassy story.

I love books and I think its so important to get children interested in reading. My Niece loves books so I got her this Christmas classic.

Christmas Arts & crafts

I love popping something fun in, and it gives you something arty to do on Christmas eve, to keep the little ones occupied.

I got my niece this little ‘Make your own wreath set’ she has her own little tree this year that she loves so I thought she would like her own Christmas wreath to hang too.

Chocolate coins

A christmas classic item and a nice little treat.

Some cute little Christmas bath puppets (although they don’t have to just be used in the bath!)

My niece loves a bath so I thought she would enjoy these in general, but also on Christmas eve when she is getting all cosy and ready for bed.

Christmas pjs/new pjs

And on the same cosy theme I got her some new festive pjs to pop on after her bath. I went for these super cute festive ones from Asda. I loved the print and they had ones you could get for different ages to match.

I got my nephews the blue versions so they are all going to be matching, super cute!!!!

A Christmas decoration

I saw these cute little decorations when I was shopping in Wilkinsons (Check out more of their collection here.

I picked up a cheeky elf one for my niece. They also had a santa, a snowman and a reindeer.

Cookies for Santa

I thought that these were a lovely way of adding to the age old tradition of leaving Santa a snack on Christmas eve.

This is a really simple cookie making set and then you get a few festive bits to decorate them.

Again, I thought this would be fun and a great way to get them into the festive spirit and keep then occupied on Christmas eve.

I thought I would also include this as they are super cute and great for kids. I have previously bought these for my nephews but as this is the year my niece will really be having a proper Christmas dinner I thought it was time she had one too!

So cute and super fun!

Other ideas:

•Christmas activity books

•Christmas sticker books

•Cosy socks

•Hot chocolate

•A little Christmas teddy

• A pack of Reindeer food

• A selection box

• A Christmas top or Jumper

•A Christmas card game

•A Christmas plate for Santa

Ho Ho Ho

Roseanne 🎅🏻

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