Blogmas 2019 Day Nine: Christmas Stocking filler ideas for kids 🎄🎅🏻

Stockings are one of my absolute favourite parts of Christmas.

So, I thought I would do another stocking filler guide, perfect for kiddies.

I will do an adult version too.

I will also leave below the link to my stocking guide from last years Blogmas. That one is a more general guide to stockings and my top 5 categories to include, instead of specific gift ideas.

I’ve tried to cater for lots of different ages so hopefully there is something for your kiddies/nieces/nephews etc

Stocking gift guide


Mini games £1 each.

To keep them entertained in the small hours of Christmas day and throughout the day too.


Fun, gross, glittery… what more do kids want??

Choccy coins, 50p

A must in a Christmas stocking & only 50p for a big bag in Wilko.

Craft carry case, £2

These are so cute and perfect for any creative kiddies out there, or to encourage a bit more drawing and colouring activity among your kids.

It’s nice and compact, perfect for taking out and about.

Animal/Enchanted Unicorn figure sets, £2

These a great little toy to pop into a stocking. There are lots of different ones to cater to your childs interests and they come with a variety of different figures in each pack.

Wilko Blox collectable figures, £1

Wilkos own brand lego have a figure set that you can collect.

These little bags are only £1, a great mystery suprise.

Wilko Blox Starter box racing car packs, £1.50

These are super affordable little ‘Blox’ starter sets. You get a little racing car to build, along with a figure to go in your finished car. These are really cool and are a perfect stocking filler

TY beanies keyring, £3

A classic! Children love a soft toy and a keyring so these would make a great addition to a stocking. They are very cute.


Harry Potter chocolate frogs

Primark have these cute little versions of the classic. They arent 100% like the original ones but you get a yummy chocolate frog and a witch or wizard card! Awesome.

12 pack of hair clips, £1

They do a few different sets, which are different colours/patterns. With 12 in a pack for just £1 they are an absolutely bargin.

Hot choc mug set, £5

A super cute festive mug and some yummy hot choc 👌🏻

Assorted Slipper socket, £3

These cute little slipper socks look super cosy. They have lots of different designs as well as festive themed ones too.

Novelty Bubbles, £1.50

Cute packaging, and they will keep the kids entertained. Because lets be honest who doesnt love bubbles!?!

Earphones, £4

For only £4 these are great for the more tech savvy children among us.

Christmas decorations, from £1.50

There are quite a few different offerings in this department from Harry Potter, Disney to more traditional Christmas decs, but they are all really cool.

Bathtime finger puppets, £3

These little finger puppet sets are such good value. They come in a huge variety of sets, that they change often, so there are lots of different ones to collect.These are great for bathtime but also for encouraging imaginative play with your child outside the bathroom.

Soft toys, from £2

There are lots of different soft toys on offer, so lots to choose from!

These are great for childrens stockings and are much more affordable than some soft toys on the market.

Mega Monster Maker, £2

Slime & accessories to create your own Monsters… a childs dream gift 👌🏻🤪


Hat glove and scarf sets, from £6.40

One of the more expensive items on my list but very good value for the amount you get.

These sets includes, a hat, scarf and gloved which is pretty good for under a tenner… and they match!

Hairbands (Inc Novelty Christmas ones) £6

Hairbands and hair accessories are very popular around young girls right now. These headbands are great for a stocking. They have some festive hairbands included in the range too, exciting!

Assorted Childrens jewellery, £5

B & M

Colouring books, £1.99

Activity books, £2.49

Marvel action figures, £3.99

Toy Story 4 mini action figures/vehicle, Now £6 reduced from £7.99

Stickers, £1.49

Because what child doesn’t love a sticker ot ten!

Pens & gel pens (Assorted styles) £2.99

They have loads of different packs from plain colours, gel pens and scented pens (which children love!)

They also have packs of jumbo glitter crayons for the same price of £2.99, so lots of different options.

Bumper value craft set, £3.99

Perfect for all those little crafters, this set has loads of different items in it to get their juices flowing! From Pom Poms, foam shapes, stickers and more.

‘Paint your own’ sets, £3.99

These are such good value and are a lovely way to keep them occupied and for them to create something that they can keep.

B & M also sell some yummy edible items that would be perfect to pop into a stocking…

●Sweets, 3 for £1 or 39p per pack

●Sparkly jelly beans £1.99

●Retro Pez dispensers, £1 and refills for £1

●Standard Bags of chocolate (Cadburys etc), £1

●Kinder eggs Suprises, 89p

●Chocolate Santas & Chocolate coins, from 50p

Lots of shops also sell books that are super cheap! The Works, Poundland and B&M all sell lovely story books and they often have them on offer too.

I hope you have found this useful and it gives you a few ideas!

No one wants a stressful Christmas.

16 days until Christmas 🎄

Ho Ho Ho

Roseanne 🎅🏻

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