Blogmas Day 18: My top 5 festive foods.

Let’s be honest, for me at least anyway, food is one of the best bits of Christmas.

It’s great to get together and share some tasty grub with your nearest and dearest.

I’m such a foodie and I just love all the festive delights on offer at this time of the year.

I thought I would share with you some of my absolute faves, and Christmas must haves, when it comes to food and any festive buffet.

This is an unordered list, I haven’t put them in a definative order (It’s too hard to decide which ones I like more than others)


These Mince pies, that you get from the Co-op, are my absolute fave.

I really have developed a bit of a Mince pie obsession this year, it’s out of control haha.

They are so tasty.

I also love, love, love Aldi’s Salted Caramel Mince Pies, not to everyone’s taste but they are super yummy.

Mince Pies are perfect as part of a dessert section for any festive buffet or just as a snack with a cuppa whilst you play games or watch some Christmas TV.


A buffet staple! I don’t think you can have a buffet without them to be honest.

I like making my own at Christmas time, with the extra special edition of red onion chutney inside and sesame seeds on top, so tasty. I also make cheese rolls too, a great veggie alternative and very delicious.

I’ve also seen some great recipes for sausage rolls with cranberry sauce, a great idea to add a festive twist to a classic.


Another classic 👌🏻

I love a cheese board and they remind me of Christmas’s with my Nana.

They are SO versatile too as you can choose your cheeses depending on what you like or your guests.

(My favourites are Edam and Brie)

The same goes for the crackers and fruit too.

Personally I’m a traditionalist, I love a grape or two with some butter puffs, Cornish wafers and a Jacob’s cream cracker.


My ultimate favourite biscuit and a absolute staple for me and my twin sister at Christmas.

As soon as I see those festive shortbread selection tins I’m there with my basket full and my purse empty.

I dread to think how many tins we get through 🙈.

My favourites are Tesco’s and Aldi. The festive tins are cute to keep too.


These are one of my favourite elements of Christmas dinner and they are perfect for a buffet too.

These are just so good. They are a particular favourite of my husband’s too so we get through a lot of these.

What are your festive food faves?

Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

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