Slimming World update: Lets do this! 

I’m feeling quite motivated at the moment, I’m in the zone 👊

This week in class I lost 0.5 lb and your probably thinking that’s not alot! But as they say a loss is a loss. I couldn’t get to class last week due to family problems and we had a few days of bad eating at the weekend so I was going into the unknown a bit this week having not known how I did last week.

I tried really hard this week to stay on track as since January I’ve been doing quite well with only a couple of small gains that have been evened out by big losses or maintaining so I didn’t want to spoil it, so as I say I was happy with that loss no matter how little it is. 

I’ve put lots into place this week to really boost my weight loss because I do really need to start sticking to the plan 100% because it really does work!

So what have I put into place this week you ask? 

  • I have decided to no longer have a treat after class on a Thursday night. Class finishes at 9 and by the time I get home and order sed takeaway treat (because that’s usually what it is) It’s gone 10 and that’s just too late to enjoy it really. I will be saving my treat for Saturday night when I’ll really enjoy and appreciate it 👍
  • Instead of a treat (as mentioned above) I am going to have a dinner I can eat at Slimming World once I’ve been weighed. This will fill me up & stop me being so hungry after class. Here’s what I had this week:

Low fat houmous (1.5 syns per tablespoon) with carrot & cucumber crudites, mini multiseed thins (1.5 syns each) and Quorn cocktail sausages (0.5 syn each) Hula hoop pufts (3 syns a bag)Obviously this isn’t 100% free but it’s just something tasty to have, still a little treat and so easy too. (+ with some added Speed foods!!)

  • Keeping up with my food diaries and my journal.

I got this little Slimming World journal a couple of weeks ago and it’s so good for keeping you on track. When I first started Slimming World I filled out a food diary every week without fail, however in the last year I havnt been so good and once it isn’t habit anymore it’s easy to not bother! I find this journal much easier too as it’s not a piece of paper I can lose and it has cool features like inspirational quotes, a weekly meal planner, a graph to track your weight loss, food diaries (a whole page for each day) etc.

The journals are only available from class (I think) and are £4.95. 

  • Getting prepared!! When I got in from class I sat down with my ‘Little book of lunches’ SW book and planned what I will be having next week. I get so hungry at work and thats when I snack on naughty things so getting prepared is always good. Looking through the books also reminds you of how much delicious stuff you can cook/make/prepare on SW, so goooood!

  • Food shopping! I definatly won’t be skipping this, this week as it always makes for a better week when the fridge is stocked with deliciousness! I mean seriously, is there a better sight than a full fridge, no, no there isn’t!! We also stopped off at Asda on the way home from class to grab a few bits, here’s what I got…

Hartleys no added sugar jelly (0.5 syn per pot)

Chicken & sweetcorn noodle mugshot (Free!)

Strawberries (Free!) & only £1

Bakery fresh wholemeal rolls (Hex B)

    • Having a target or weekly goal is also great,  again the journal’s great for this as you write in your weekly weight loss goal. I’m only 1.5 lb away from having lost 1 stone, hurrah! Then I’ll only have another stone left until my target 🤞 I would like to lose more than that this week if I can, maybe 2.5 or 3, but getting to that 1 stone would be fab regardless.
    • Don’t look at the cake!! My work is so bad for cake in the staff room so I’m just going to make sure I have plenty of SW friendly sweet treats for work & just think, do I really want that cake?! (YES!!) More than I want to lose weight? (NO!!) I need to appreciate the treats when I have them, don’t deprive yourself that doesn’t work but also realise that you need to have a bit of control because you won’t lose weight otherwise. 

    If there was a diet where you can eat whatever you want and still lose weight we’d all be on it, Slimming World is as close as you can get to that!! Take your control back 👊

    I hope you’ve found this blog post helpful, you can do it!! 

    I’m looking forward to a chilled out weekend & an awesome, super focused week! Let’s do this!! 

    Until next time, 

    Roseanne 🙂 

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