My new make up storage.

I really wanted to get my make up sorted but I was so busy throughout December (and over Christmas especially) so I didn’t get a chance. In the end I thought why not leave it until the new year and start a fresh then!

So here we are in the new year and I’m ready to show you what I collected to store my make up and how I’ve done it.

Some of this storage is what I got new for this sort out and some of this I already had.

I’m really pleased with the finished result although it was scary to see how much I’ve collected over a 5 month period!! I only really got into make up after having my make up trials for my wedding and when I started watching YouTubers around July/August time last year.

So let’s get into it and start with the storage! I went to a couple of different shops and picked up a few things, mainly from Primark, Tiger and B & M.

From Primark I got…

A lipstick holder for £1.50. I probably have more lip products than any other type of make up so I just use this to put some of fav lipsticks in. This one currently holds my Tanya Burr lipsticks.

I also picked up another lipstick organiser, that’s what you can see at the top of the picture, and a  little set of draws. These were £4 each.

I also got a make up brush holder for £4 (I think it was £4, I did get it a little while ago now!)

The brush holder is a simple black, faux leather brush case. You can close it up by putting the top on and and clipping it shut either side or like me, leave it open so you can see your brushes.

From B & M I bought…

A make up storage & organiser, this was between £2-£4.

I also got this set of plastic draws, these were also between £2-£4.

          Tiger I chose these cute, patterned cardboard boxes.


They come in three different sizes and patterns and fit inside one another. They were only £1 each too, bargin!

Some other things that I used for make up storage are a set of three of Zoella’s make up bags from her Christmas collection. These were reduced to £4.99 so I grabbed them straightaway.

I also used the box that my Tanya Burr ‘Tanya presents’ set came in. This is from her Christmas collection too…

That’s it for storage so let’s get into how I used these items  to spruce up my collection and keep it neat and tidy.

As I said I used the little lipstick holder to house my Tanya Burr lipsticks and some of her Limited edition mini lip glosses from her Christmas collection. They are so pretty with the gold packaging.

In the bottom draw of my plastic draws set I put all my eyeshadow palettes.

I actually had more than I realised!!!
In the next draw up I put my blushers and bronzers, (palettes and single ones).

And in the final top draw I put a few random face bits including my colour correcting palette, a loose powder and some contouring and face palettes.

I knew I had a lot of lip products but I didn’t realise the extent of my obsession when it comes to this make up item 🙈💄

As well as the holder I mentioned I also managed to fill this (See below) with lip glosses and my favourite Bourjois matte liquid lipsticks as well as the Tanya Burr box!

In the little draws I filled one with eyeliner/mascara products and the other with my foundations/BB creams.

I used the long section of the organiser to house my highlighters and strobing palettes as well as the lipstick organiser.

In the three sections I put my liquid highlighters & eyeshadow primers, my lashes and my compact mirrors & nail files.

& finally the boxes!

In the large one I put my  new Tanya Burr palettes from her Christmas collection, ‘Pretty unstoppable’ and ‘beautifully defined’.

In the medium sized one I put my eyebrow products…

In the small one I put some random face products like my primers and illuminator.

I popped my little stand up mirror in the middle too.

I bought some Fairy lights from Primark for £3 to go around the edge of my make up area.

And here’s how it looks all finished…

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post! Let me know what you think 👍

Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

7 thoughts on “My new make up storage.

  1. This reminds me of how much I need to sort my stash of makeup out. Will definitely be making a journey to primark one day this week. Great review! X

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