What’s in my bag? Slimming World edition.

If you follow my blog you’ll know that I follow the Slimming World weightloss plan and attend class. I dont really talk about Slimming World much on my blog but it is an important part of my day to day life so I thought I’d talk a bit more about it in this blog, incase those who read my blog are interested and to help others if they read this and think it could be for them too. 

So, what is Slimming World? (Just a little bit about it incase you havnt heard about it before!)

It’s basically a food optimising plan that allows you to have a bit of everything (in moderation) you can still eat carbs, and meat and of course lots of fruit and veg but it’s cooked in a healthier way. It makes you think about alternatives to higher fat foods that are just as yummy and better ways to cook these foods. 

The Slimming World plan is so easy to follow and so versatile that there isn’t much you can’t eat. It works really well for me and when I stick to it (which isn’t always, I’m only human) then the results are fab! I go to class with my two sisters and brother in law, it’s much nicer going with others! I would never have walked through the doors if my sister hadn’t have gone first.

So, what’s in my bag for Slimming World (SW)?

Firstly lets just take a look at my awesome shopping bag! I usually just grab one of these material bags for SW and pop what I need for the meeting in them as it’s super quick. I love this one, it’s so me! When I’m shopping there are just some things I can never resist.

The first thing I always put in my bag is my SW book …

The black book is your main book with the details of the plan,recipe ideas and syns, this is also where you log your weightloss. Cant go without this! 

I also can’t go without my purse as you have to pay, ÂŁ4.95 until you reach your target weight.

Every week the person who has lost the most weight two weeks consecutively is awarded Slimmer of the week. We all take a free food in to go in the basket and this is what the winner gets. I grabbed a nice big Carrot, an apple and a satsuma! All speed foods which speed up your weightloss. 

It’s also nice to have a lovely hot drink during the meeting so I grabbed my Cath Kidson mug to use ☕

Such a pretty mug 😍

And finally, low syn snacks.

I don’t eat much if anything after lunch on a weigh in day as my meetings at 7.30 so I eat dinner afterwards. For my snacks to munch on after weigh in I grabbed a pack of sweet & Salty popcorn from Aldi and a pink & white marshmallow, a sweet treat. (I didn’t eat all 4 I took one each for my fam)

And that’s it! 

I’m going right back to basics this week and writing this helped me too! You only get out what you put in so fingers crossed for a big loss on the scales. My aim for 2017 is to become, or get as close as I can to my target weight by the summer. Holidays and the summer holidays in particular are hard so I want to smash it until then 👊

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful! Wish me luck 👐

Until next time, 

Roseanne 🙂

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