Christmas traditions! The end of Blogmas.

Christmas day is finally here! The day we’ve all been waiting for, I can’t believe blogmas is now over for another year.

I thought since alot of our Christmas traditions take place on Christmas Eve that I would tell you about them today for my final blogmas post.

1. Christmas eve drive to look at Christmas lights 

Every Christmas eve for the last 5 or so years me and Tim have gone on a drive to look at the Christmas lights around our home town. It’s so festive and makes me feel really christmassy because we do it every Christmas eve so you know it’s almost the big day. Mum usually comes too and this year my sister Sarah & nephew Noah joined us too.

2. Christmas eve bags

Every Christmas eve we have little bags with treats in. This year we had chocolate orange segsations, christmas socks, hot chocolate and Christmas hats.

For Noahs bag I added some chocolate straws, a Christmas craft set, Christmas colouring book & crayons.

I didn’t want to leave Casey out so I got him a little Christmas shirt and a toy reindeer. It was so cute everytime the reindeer sang he smiled and hugged it šŸ˜

3. A Christmas film 

You have to watch at least one Christmas film and this Christmas eve we went for Home Alone. It was ok, I quite enjoyed it but I wouldn’t go crazy for it like some people do. I was also having a lot of fun with  Noah so I did miss a bit of the story tbf.

4. Christmas attire Christmas jumpers, all cosy! Hats, earrings, christmas socks, anything Christmassy is perfect to get you in the spirit. 

5. Treats for Santa, Christmas pjs & stockings 

Santa of course needs fuel for his busy night so I left him out a mince pie & a nice cold glass of diet coke. I also left a Carrot for Rudolph. Before bed I had a nice hot shower, put on fresh Christmas pjs (& our Christmas duvet cover) and left my stocking out for Santa! All ready for him to come šŸŽ…

I love Christmas traditions, they are always the best bits of the festive season and make it feel so magical & special.

Its the most magical time of the year! 

In my beauty advent calender today…

I got a full sized eyeshadow palette. This is a really nice one and really useful for mixing and creating different looks. 

I hope you’re all enjoying your Christmas day! That’s it for another Blogmas.

Ho Ho Ho 

Roseanne šŸŽ…

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