Fantastic beasts & where to find them Midnight screening â˜‡đŸŽĽ

As I’ve mentioned on here me and my twin sister Sarah are BIG Harry Potter fans and so the release of a film from the Harry Potter franchise was very exciting.

We decided to go to the midnight showing at our local cineworld. 

We went for dinner at Byron burger, this is one of the new resturant in the newly refurbished Buttermarket shopping centre in my home town. 

The interior is really cool…

And fhe food was delicious…

I had the ‘Clucky’ chicken burger which was full of yummy guacamole and pickles. Sarah went for the veggie bean burger. 

We also went for a couple of sides, courgette fries & onion rings with garlic alioli dip 👌

Once we’d eaten we made our way to The cinema…

We were very excited!!

Adorned with HP tops and Gryffindor scarfs with butterbear frappicinos in hand we headed into the screen!!!!! 

My verdict… ☆☆☆☆☆

It was amazing. Of course it is a different story to Harry Potter with different characters but it is set in the same magical world that all Potter fans know and love with a new and exciting plot and awesome characters that add more detail to an already amazing franchise.

Written by JK Rowling it fits in perfectly as a prequel to the original Harry Potter series (those Harry Potter marathons just got more epic) The mention of characters from the Harry Potter franchise just make it more viable and exciting and you learn more about JKs incredible magical world and the beasts that inhabit it. 

I would 100% recommend giving this a watch 👌☇

Until next time, 

Roseanne 🙂

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