Holiblog 2: The food 🍕🍝

Food is of course one of the reasons why we love Italy, pizza, pasta, gelato, what more do you need right?!

Thankfully we have been able to sample all of these whilst we have been on our honeymoon but Sardinian food has been quite different to what we’ve had in Italy before as well, lots of seafood 🐟🐙

The hotel offers a buffet which has an amazing selection, let’s start with breakfast! Anything you could possibly think of to have for breakfast is on offer and you can go up as many times as you like, it doesn’t get much better than that!

They do a cooked breakfast which is nice alongside the continental options which is the only option at alot of hotels. They’ll even make omelettes for you with lots of yummy fillings 🍳🍞🍅

The Homemade waffles are one of my favourite bits of breakfast. I’m not normally into waffles much but these are so fresh and tasty 😋

Now dinner, they serve dinner a bit differently here but you defiantly won’t go hungry that’s for sure. 

First up, starter is a buffet, again with a huge selection to choose from! Salads, bread, seafood salads, meat, cheese & some hot bits too.

Here are some of our favourites…

Tomatoes & mozzarella (Caprese salad) and mozzarella in breadcrumbs, cheese overload but so delicious. I also really liked the squid and selection of Italian meats on offer.

After the starter you choose from 5 dishes as your ‘first plate’ usually some sort of pasta…

This is a delicious veggie lasagne we  had one night as our first plate.

Then you choose from 5 different dishes for your ‘second plate’ These are usually some sort of meat or fish…

This is a pork and sausage skewer with ratatouille.

The desserts are also in the form of a buffet too.

My favourite Italian sweet item is of course their Gelato 🍦🍧

We found a lovely ice cream place on our walk to Puerto Cervo one afternoon, it was run by a lovely and very enthusiastic American lady, here we sampled a few flavours each. Tim had fragola (strawberry), banana & watermelon. I had Nutella & coconut.

A few days ago we noticed that our hotel has its own Gelataria so we went and sampled some there too (be rude not too). Here we are eating lemon & mint choc chip.

We are half board so for lunches we have been having snacks at the hotel or looking out for places to go out to eat. We found a lovely resturant in Puerto Cervo and had some delicious tagliatelle au ragu…

This, like most meals, alongside bread rolls, is served with Sardinian bread…

It’s paper thin and usually seasoned with sea salt or rosemary, delicious.  

Yesterday (much to Tim’s delight) we found a pizzeria whilst we were on Madalina Island…

You honestly cannot beat authentic Italian food, if you’ve not been to Italy, go! Seriously.

And on that note I’m very hungry and am now going to find some lunch! 😁😋

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, let me know. 👍👎

Until next time,

Roseanne πŸ™‚ 

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