Wedding update no 3!

We have a few more things sorted out for the wedding! Yay 🙂

DJ/music for reception


Tim found a DJ for our reception that was free on the 11th and is reasonably priced which is great news as that’s something else to tick of the immediate checklist!
I love that you get to have the romantic, intimate bit of a wedding as well as a party! It’s going to be such an awesome day.



We have sorted out the servers for the wedding breakfast and they include the hire of plates etc as this wasn’t included in our venue. We are going to have lots to do the day before the wedding as we will have to set up tables and do all the decorations! I’m looking forward to putting it all together for the day and I’m hoping I won’t get too stressed out!



I cant believe i havnt blogged about this yet but… I’ve found ‘the dress’. I ♡ it.
Me, my mum and bridesmaids went around town and I had an appointment at one shop, this was my first experience of trying on wedding dresses and I have to say it was very weird. 

It was a bit strange getting undressed in front of a random stranger but there’s not much else you can do so you just get on with it.
It was surreal trying on the different dresses and it makes your realise your not 100% sure on what you want or what would suit you. It is quite a fun experience and it was good to have people with me for different options and advice.

I found one dress that I liked in the shop and I thought about it for a while but I didn’t love everything about it so I knew it wasn’t the one. I went home more informed but hungry to try on more dresses.

I wasn’t going to go to the wedding fayre at the holiday inn the next day as I was accompanying Tim to his Spartan run, however he persuaded me to go as I’d got really excited about the dresses I’d seen the day before… It was obviously meant to be as this is where I found ‘THE DRESS!!!’

It’s beautiful and as soon as I put it on and looked in the mirror I knew it was right ♡
I even liked myself in it. I can’t believe the first one I tried on there was just right. AND, I got ÂŁ50 off as my twin sister got her dress from them as well as a free veil and tiara (yay!)

It was good fun looking round the other stalls to get some quirky ideas and to make me start thinking about other things that I need to organise, all in all we had a fun time 🙂


We aren’t 100% set on any particular ideas for a cake yet except that it will be two tiers and in keeping with the colour scheme.

Here are some I like the look of from Pinterest.






My mum’s friend has kindly said she will make the cake for us which is fab!

It’s so exciting!!

I hope you enjoyed this little update, more to come soon.

Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

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