Where did it all begin…

So I thought I’d do a blog to give a little background to mine and Tims story before I start sharing all our wedding plans.

Me and Tim went to the same high school, he was even friends with my twin sister but, we didn’t know each other until we were 19.
We had mutual friends who we’d met in separate circumstances and one day the group merged and we started to all hang out together.



We used to all meet regularly at our local pub ‘the Heathlands’, which has sadly since been replaced by a tesco, sad face 😦

It was on a night out that we all met up and we started to hang out. He truly was one of the loveliest,  funniest, most caring people I’d ever met and he still is.



After months of growing friendship and hidden feelings Tim plucked up the courage to tell me how he felt and the rest, they say, is history! 

We made it official on 11th June 2011 and on saturday 11th June 2016 (5 years on) we will become husband and wife ♡



                 The proposal

Tim asked me to marry him in our favourite country, Italy in the city of Florence on Sunday 9th August 2015.

Italy is a really special place to us as we both love it, especially the food, and it was the first place we went on holiday together.

We were on the Ponte Vecchio bridge or the gold bridge. It’s lined with little jewellery shops, hence the name gold bridge.

After some window shopping Tim stopped and and asked me if I’d like to go back and get the ring I liked, when I asked why he said;

Will you marry me?

Of course I said yes! The one in the shop window fitted, it was perfect!



So that’s us.
There will be a wedding update in the next blog post!


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