The wedding so far!

So, our wedding…

The venue

Wantisden Valley      




We both loved the venue as soon as we saw it! It’s an old converted barn with a beautiful marquee ceiling, fairy lights and some lovely features. It’s in gorgeous surroundings too which will be fab for taking photos.

Colour scheme



Our colour scheme is dusky pink and sage green.

They look lovely together and work well for both the bride and groom side, tim wasn’t too keen on wearing pink haha.

Bridesmaid dresses


I loved these as soon as I saw them on the BHS website. I almost went for the short length version but I am really glad I didn’t in the end, the long ones look really elegant.

They were on sale too which was great! Love a bargin.

The flowers






These are just some ideas I’ve had so far.
Gerberas are a definate as they are my favourite flowers 🙂 I love the green gerberas too as they are a bit different.
I’ve also always really liked cream roses.


We have gone for an Italian theme for our food as we both love Italy ♡
Tim found an amazing wood fired pizza company, their food sounds delicious!
Pizzas, antipasti, salad! They also do yummy food for the reception too, I can’t wait.

So that’s a little snippet of our wedding so far 🙂 super exciting.

Until next time,


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