‘One Left Alive’ & more Book Review πŸ“š

π•†π•Ÿπ•– 𝕝𝕖𝕗π•₯ π•’π•π•šπ•§π•– & the Crime/Detective Books Series.

By Helen Phifer

I stumbled across Helen Phifers books whilst browsing on the Kindle app, on my phone.
Now, I totally get the merits of a Kindle but I am defaintly team ‘Physical Book’. However, when I discovered her books I couldn’t resist and they were only available as a Kindle download.
I was hooked immediatly and here I am, three separate, stand alone detective series later and I am still throroughly enjoying her books.

Heres a general review of her books as a whole. The most recent that I have read being ‘One Left Alive’

‘One Left Alive’ is part of her newest series ‘Detective Morgan Brookes Series’.
Her books are Crime and Thriller Novels and its no suprise that they are bestselling.

They are gripping from the get go. The horrific murder/s that gets the ball rolling, in the beginning of the book, will both horrify and intrigue you in equal measure. You will have to find out what has happened and you won’t put the book down until you do.
If, like me, you are a horror fan then Helen’s books will be right up your street. There are always moments of pure, on the edge, ‘oh my god, I don’t want to read on but I must’ moments that will keep you hungrily reading until the end.
(They are not for the squeamish readers amoung us!)

The characters are  so relatable and are ‘normal’ people, and even with the strong police element, they and the storylines, aren’t overly complicated. Its quite fascinating to look into the police process. I love police dramas on TV, such as Line of Duty, and its almost like reading a episode.
And as I said, the investigation is easy to follow, but it always keeps you on your toes and is never predictable.

With regard to the characters, I like how you are following ‘the story’ but also their story too. You are always rooting for them to succeed both professionally and personally.

As soon as I read and finish one I always want more, so thank goodness there are a few in each series. The second book of this series is in preorder already.

I was genuinely gutted when I got to the last book in her ‘Annie Graham’ series. Gutted.

ᴍʏ α΄α΄ α΄‡Κ€α΄€ΚŸΚŸ Κ€α΄€α΄›ΙͺΙ΄Ι’ κœ°α΄Κ€ α΄›Κœα΄‡ κœ±α΄‡Κ€Ιͺα΄‡κœ±: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4/5)

I hope you liked this review! I am going to try and do a review for each different genre that I read.

I recently reviewed the childrens fantasy series ‘The Land of Stories’ by Chris Colfer, (any Disney lovers young and old will love this series) So, check that review out here.

As always any book recommendations are ALWAYS welcome.

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My Reading Challenge: September πŸ“š

I’m a bit late with my update this month, we can blame ‘back to school’ fever. It’s a busy time when you work in a school!!

What did I read in August:

All that she can see by Carrie Hope Fletcher

The Unwanted Guest by Shari Lapena

Give me the child by Mel McGrath


Two short reads…

The beach wedding by Dorothy Koomson

Full house by Maeve Binchy

I loved Carrie’s book, I wasnt sure to begin with, I dont know why but it took m a while to pick this up off my shelf, one I had though, I couldnt put it down!

It was a very interesting concept and a very different story to one I’ve read befoe. It really made you think about you own emotions and how much control you have over them and they hav over you. I loved the making element to the story, it was very easy reading.

The Unwanted Guest was brilliant, it had a real Agatha Christie feel to it and I was gripped, trying to work out who it could be, what would happen next, how it was all linked. Very good, very well written and definatly a great book for murder mystery fans.

I enjoyed ‘Give me the Child’ and it you wanted to find out what was going to happen, however I do think that it went on for a little bit, then right near the end it all of a sudden got very dramatic and then it just ended. It was a bit too much right at the end when it had dragged on a lot before that.

I really enjoyed the short reads, especially the one by Dorothy Koomson, it may have been shorter but it was just as good as her others and it had great twists and turns.

This months books are…

Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult

A compelling emotional drama of love and guilt that grips from the very first moments.’

Luke Warren would sleep in the dirt if it meant he could be under the stars.

He lived by the laws of nature. And would surely want to die that way.

But Luke is in a coma and his family mus make an unbearable decision

As tensions and secrets rise to the surface, the tragic accident which brougt them back together against the odds could well tear Luke’s family apart forever.

They know Luke would not want to live like this . But how can they choose to let him die?’

The big little festival by Kellie Hailes

‘Love happens when you least expect it…

Jody is panicking. Its only weeks until her little village in Devon hosts its first ever festival and everything is falling apart.

Desperate to avoid disaster, she brings in notorious party planner Christian to save the day. Although she wasn’t prepared for just how gorgeous he would be!

Men are off the cards for Jody and surely Christian is the last man she would wlever date? But with tensions risng- along with the bunting and homemade scones- shes about to find out… ‘

Until next time,

Roseanne πŸ™‚