A lovely weekend đŸŒ¤

Hi guys 👋🏼

What a lovely weekend!

Here’s a little diary of what we got up to.


We started off the weekend with a lazy start (which was much needed) followed by a lovely cooked breakfast and drinks at a local cafe.

After that we went home and we caught up with the final part of the Thriller we have been watching ‘Riptide’. We really enjoyed that. Whilst we watched this I started my Harry Potter Christmas puzzle.

I then read my book for a bit before playing ‘The Sims’ with my sister.

In the evening I made me and my husband a lovely pie, mash, veg and gravy dinner and we ate it whilst we watched ‘The Masked Singer.’


I started off the day enjoying a green tea with mint as I read some more of my book.

We then got up and ready and made our way out for our trip to the zoo.

Before we go to the Zoo we always start off by going to the Sainsbury’s cafe that is en route. Delicious.

We then headed to the zoo.

It was a little wet at times but it held offmost of the time that we were there.

They have really improved the zoo in recent years with regard to the facilities and enclosures – which is great to see.

We usually go to the zoo a few times each year and it was great to discover bits that we hadn’t seen before, had been redeveloped or we just hadn’t visited on our last few trips. We had a lovely time and saw some lovely animals.

We headed home after a few hours and relaxed at home. I wrote a few blog posts, did some social media and then played ‘The Sims’ with my sister again

All in all a calm, restful and fun weekend spent with some of my favourite people.

How did you spend your weekend?

I hope you enjoyed yourself!

Until Next Time,

Roseanne 🙂