Blogmas 2019 Day Four: ‘The Season’ Musical ❄

Day four of Blogmas is here!

Recently me and my husband Tim made an impromptu visit to the theatre. I saw a local Christmassy show advertised on Facebook and thought, why not!?

Every year we see the Rock N roll Christmas panto at the same theatre so we hoped this would be to the same standard! And it didn’t disappoint.

‘A New Musical by Jim Barne & Kit Buchan

It’s Christmas Eve and Dougal has travelled from Ipswich to New York for his father’s wedding. At JFK Airport he’s greeted by Robyn. Tomorrow her sister becomes his stepmother and Robyn’s dreading it. Dougal can’t wait. But then Dougal loves Christmas and Robyn’s the original Grinch.

Thrown together for a wild weekend in the city that never sleeps, their adventure becomes a musical whirlwind of confession, frustration and maxing-out credit cards in Macy’s. Will these two endearing misfits provide the ultimate test for the theory that opposites always attract? ‘

It had a lovely Christmassy feel to it and it was a very cute story.

The songs and acting were great and it was really funny, a feel good story.

It was set in NYC at Christmas which is famously magical and festive at Christmas so that was really cool.
I always think it’s so amazing how they do such an awesome job of portraying a story with few actors (there were only 2 in this show) and a simple stage layout that they adapt for different scenes. It’s very clever.

We felt so festive afterwards and it was the perfect pre Christmas activity!

I’m really glad we went as we don’t often go to these kinds of shows, favouring the cinema. It was a very welcome change and a lovely evening spent together.


Ho Ho Ho

Roseanne 🎅🏻

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