My half term diary!

October Half term 2019

… because it’s been a busy but fun one!




Me & my mum went out for afternoon tea to start off the half term! We both work in schools so we thought it would be a nice treat at the beginning of the holidays.

We went to a little cafe along the waterfront, in our hometown and it was lovely.

The interior of the cafe was really cool and quirky and the view (with sunshine!!) was amazing.

There were three tiers to the afternoon tea. On the bottom tier were finger sandwiches: Smoked salmon & cream cheese, Ham & mustard, Cheese & red onion chutney and cucumber.

The second tier was cakes, we had a piece of Victoria sponge to share, a piece of coffe cake to share syns a lemon curd that each.

The final, top tier was the fruit scones with clotted cream and jam.

You also got a pot of tea or coffee to accompany your food.


I spent Sunday relaxing at a local day spa with my friend.

It was a great way to wind down after a busy first half term.

Relaxing in the jacuzzi, sizzling in the sauna & having a spot of lunch too.

We both decided to treat ourselves to a treatment on this occasion. I went for a back, neck and shoulder massage (Which was amazing) & my friend went for a facial.

A perfect Sunday πŸ§–πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ’§


Before heading to work in the afternoon I caught up with my friend Livy and her little bundle of joy (SO CUTE!!) Finley.

We met at a local cafe, that I love! & is just around the corner, for what is possibly one of my favourite meals, Brunch!

So good!

But not as good as the catch up and Finley cuddles/giggles ❀


Another day, another brunch!

& this time with my lovely work friends from school.

It can be really tricky organising getting us altogether so it was lovely to be able to finally coordinate our calendars during a school holiday! We see each other every day but it’s good to just be able to chat properly.

Brunch is one of my favourite meals! Breakfast food is the best food for sure.


On thursday evening I had both of my nephews and my niece over for a sleepover! (Call me crazy, but it was really fun)

I’ve never had them all at once seeing as they are 5, 3 & 2 but it was triple the fun.

We did lots of fun colouring together as I bought them a little colouring pad and pencil set each for the occasion.

We had tomato and cheesey pasta followed by a bit of Peppa Pig and a story.

And to make things even better they all went straight off to sleep 😴


On Friday morning I took the boys to the cinema before they headed home.

It was Casey’s pick this time and we watched Shaun the Sheep Farmaggedon.

With lots of snacks of course!

In the afternoon I headed to the station as me and my Auntie had a weekend in London planned together and I was meeting her on the train.

Once we had got to the hotel we headed out for a spot of dinner at a local Bella Italia. It was delicious!

We both had Calamari to start followed by a ‘Create your own’ pizza for me and creamy pasta for my Auntie.

I’ve never known a chain Italian restaurant to have a create your own option so this was great. I went for mozzerella, garlic mushrooms & salami.

Once we had eaten we headed back to the hotel to change then made our way to the theatre.

The show was amazing and such a cool and modern way to tell history.

If you dont know, Six is a musical concert telling the story of Henty the 8ths Six wives. They perform songs as if they are in a girl band and each take it in turns to tell their story.

The songs were really good and the singing was incredible.


We started off the day as any day that proceeds a night stay away should… with an unlimited breakfast buffet, YES.

After that we packed up our things and headed to our first stop of the day, our London Bus tour.

I know that its so touristy but I’ve always wanted to do one so that’s something to tick off the bucket list.

We really enjoyed seeing all the different London sights.

We were definatly ready for some lunch, after our two hour trip, so we headed to a nearby restaurant/bakery for what turned out to be an incredibly delicious meal.

This avocado on toast was to die for and the chocolate bomb cake that I had afterwards was pure indulgence!

All that was left to do after this was make our way back to Covent Garden and grab our bags.

We stopped off for a cheeky soft drink at the hotel before making our way to London Liverpool street, homeward bound.

It was such a fun weekend 😁

I had a great time xx


Today was the last day of half term 😭

But, it still counts so we made the most of it by spending the day together, having fun!

We started off by gaming, ‘caus we’re cool 😏

& we took sed gaming to that lovely local cafe I mentioned in Mondays entry, (because as I said, its awesome)

So we spent the late morning/early afternoon playing in there and having some yummy lunch together.

The perfect end to half term with my favourite πŸ’—

How was your half term??


Until next time,

Roseanne πŸ™‚

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