☂️☕ F•r•i•e•n•d•s Fest ☕☂️

The one where we went to Friends Fest…

Me & my sisters attended Friends Fest in Milton Keynes, at the weekend.

We went on Sunday 15th September, which happened to be the final day in Milton Keynes.

It was a beautiful day for it.

What is Friends Fest?

It’s self-proclaimed to be be the ultimte celebration of the worlds favourite TV show – which pretty much sums it up.

Based in four locations across Britain – London, Bristol, Manchester and Milton Keynes – the event gives hardcore Friends fans the opportunity to live as one of the gang for a day.

It allows you to walk around the most iconic sets, like Monica’s apartment and the Central Perk coffee shop, and get some great snaps in the process.

Whether it be lounging around on the Central Perk couch, or recreating the Thanksgiving floating heads scene by peeping around Monica’s apartment door, there’s plenty of opportunities for fans to get involved.

There’s even a chance for you to yell ‘PIVOT’ in the stairwell with a giant mattress… should you wish to recreate the iconic exchange between Rachel, Ross and Chandler.

Naturally, guests will be given the opportunity to recreate the title scenes’ most notable moments, complete with umbrellas, a fake fountain and a whole lot of dancing.

(J.Wakefield 2019)

So lets take a look at our day out at Friends Fest! It was SO much fun.

The One where Ross & Rachel get married in Vegas! 🎲💍

The one where they wear wedding dresses 👰🏽

The one where they recreate the opening titles ☂️

The one where they win Monica’s aparment 🏘

The one with the prom flashback 👗

The one with the floating heads 👩🏼

The one where they PIVOT 🛋

The one where they get a job in Central Perk ☕🎸

The one with the foosball table ⚽️

The one where Rosita dies 💺

It was SO much fun! & perfect for any Friends fans 🛋☂️☕

I’m going to Festive Friends fest in December with some work friends, which I cant wait for now that I know how cool it is!

Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

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