My reading challenge: August πŸ“š

August edition

So, what did I read in July…

As I was on holiday and I’ve started my volunteering for the library Summer reading challenge, I actually ended up reading three books in July.

& for August I am going to try and read more too as I also have some time off, lots of reading time!!

In July I read:

The Prison Doctor by Dr Amanda Brown

Every breath by Nicholas Sparks


The guilty party by Mel McGrath

The prison doctor was a really interesting read, and tbf as horrendous as you’d imagine.

I have to say that I didmt enjoy this as much as ‘This is going to hurt’ by Adam Lay, which is a similar format but from the perspective of a Junior Doctor.

As always the Nicholas Sparkes book was one that I couldnt put down, a heart warming story, definitely one for all you Sparks fans.

The guilty party was a really interesting read, not only was it a gripping story but it was also quite thought provoking too. Do you really know how you would react in a certain situation? Can we ever know until we are in that position? And how profound are the decisions we make on our own lives and on the lives of others?!?

This months books are…

Give me the child by Mel McGrath

Imagine your doorbell rings in the middle of the night.

You open the door to the police

With them is your husbands eleven-year-old love child. A daughter you never knew he had.

Her mother has been found dead in their South London flat.

She has nowhere else to go.

Would you take her in?

An Unwanted Guest by Shari Lapena

As the guests arrive at beautiful, remote Mitchells Inn, they’re all looking forward to a relaxing weekend deep in the forest, miles from anywhere. They watch their fellow guests with interest, from a polite distance.

With a violent storm raging, the group finds itself completely cut off from thr outside world. Nobody can get in – or out.

And then the first body is found…

And and horrifying truth comes to light. There is a killer among them – and nowhere to run.

All that she can see by Carrie Hope Fletcher

Cherry has a hidden talent. She can see things other people cant, and she decided a long time ago to use this skill to help others.

As far as the rest of the town is concerned, she’s simply the kind-hearted young women who runs thr local bakery, but in private she uses her gift to add something special to her cakes so that after just one mouthful the townspeople start to feel better about their lives. They dont know why they’re drawn to Cherrys bakery – they just know that they’re safe there and that’s how Cherry likes it.

She can help them in secret and no one will ever need to know the truth behind the gift.

And then Chase turns up and threatens to undo all the good Cherry has done. Because it turns out she’s not the only one who can see what she sees…

I can’t wait to get stuck into these πŸ™ŒπŸ»

As always, any recommendations are welcome πŸ˜πŸ“š

Until next time,

Roseanne πŸ™‚

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