Decorating gingerbread men! Blogmas day 13

Hi guys!

So, my little nephews Noah and Casey stayed over for a sleepover and to get us into the festive spirit we did a bit of gingerbread man decorating.

We went to our local cinema in the morning to watch Olaf’s Frozen adventure and Frozen, whilst grabbing a coffee in Starbucks (Seriously, how do people do this all the time, I’d definitly be a coffee addict!!) I noticed that among their festive items they did little gingerbread man decorating kits.


They were around Β£2,85 (before I got a little discount with my unlimited card) and although this is slightly pricier than some kits you can pick up, I thought it was really handy as an activity idea once we headed home! Much easier than popping into town for one item, These would also make a great gift idea, hamper item or stocking filler.

I knew the kiddies would enjoy doing this and the gingery smell was divine and super festive.

Each kit contains one large gingerbread man, a tube of red icing and some assorted red and white sprinkles to jazz up your gingerbread man.

Both of the boys really enjoyed having a go at piping and tipping the sprinkles on!!

I asked Noah what his favourite bit of the activity was and he said;

‘Eating it, and putting the sprinkles on and the icing’

Safe to say it was a hit!


This is perfect for having a bit of festive fun with the kiddies! Great for the lead up to Christmas or Christmas eve.


Until next time,

Roseanne πŸ™‚

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