Blogmas day 17: The Panto

Every Christmas The Wolsey theatre in my home town does a rock n roll panto! It’s full of fun, laughs, colour & songs and this year was no exception. The panto this year was;

I was unsure about it when I heard what the panto was going to be as I don’t really know the story of Sinbad but it didn’t disappoint! It was quite cool not knowing the story and what was going to happen next actually.

Me & Tim go every year as a little Christmas tradition but he had his work Christmas meal on the day we booked the tickets (obviously not realising at the time) so I went with my sister Sarah instead. 

It was so good, the songs were great and the set and costumes were really good too. All the actors are so talented playing all their different instruments, singing & acting.

I would definatly recommend going to see a panto it’s so much fun 😊

Me & Tim are going to try and get him some tickets so we can go together, we don’t want him to miss out!!

In my beauty advent calender today…

Todays was a lovely shimmery sheer lip gloss. I’m definatly getting a good collection of lip glosses now, but since I like lip products I don’t mind! 

What’s yours favourite lip product/s?

8 days to go!


Ho Ho Ho 
Roseanne πŸŽ…

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