Rockin around the Christmas tree 🎄Blogmas day 4

For day 4 of Blogmas I thought that I would show you my Christmas decorations in our flat & our tree.

I know not everyone will agree with this but I put my tree and decorations  up on November 25th, ready for just over a month of festive cheer.

First up, the tree 🎄 

Yes we have a fake tree but this malts enough as it is, I don’t know people cope with a real tree with pines!!!  

We have yellow Fairy lights on our tree with a red, gold & green theme for the decorations. Red & gold tinsel and red, gold & green baubles with other assorted decos and a red star for on top of the tree. 

I always put the lights on first, followed by the bead string & tinsel, then the baubles, decorations & the star goes kn top last.

Our personalised Christmas sacks go next to the tree ready to be filled 🎁

i do love Christmas so I don’t stop with a decorated tree…

The lounge has been nicknamed ‘The grotto’ by Tim around this time of year because I am a bit OTT but I love it!

Lovely & festive 🌟

I love coming home and relaxing with the Christmas lights on, getting all cosy. All the lights look awesome at night time too, sometimes I just put them on instead of the main lights 

DAY 4 of my beauty advent calender…

Today I got the Revolution strobing balm.

This one looks like shade ‘Hypnotic’. This is an illuminating balm for a neutral looking highlight to help sculpt the face.

It is a creme formula and apparently you can use this wet or dry depending on the intensity that you are going for.

I used the balm that I got in my calender yesterday as a primer and my make up did look really good all day while we were busy in London shopping, rushing around so this will be a nice little addition to my collection maybe saving it for a night out as I don’t worry too much when I’m just at work.

What’s your favourite Christmas decoration? lights? tinsel? Wreaths?

Ho Ho Ho 

Roseanne 🎅

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