Happy Fathers Day

As you’ll know,  this Sunday was Fathers Day. This year we thought it would be nice (weather permitted) to have a BBQ. Thankfully we were lucky and the sun shone for us, it was a lovely day.


I got some cool gold & blue striped plates, cups and cutlery from Tiger as well as some bunting to match (also from Tiger)
They did this disposable range in a few different colours, great for a party, but we thought the blue was best for this occasion.


Once everyone had arrived we got the food going on the BBQ…


We had a lovely selection  of food, Dad brought along some kettle chip style crisps, I’d brought some of the Slimming World burgers and sausages as well as some Coleslaw, Sarah had prepared corn on the cobs, veggie kebabs with halloumi as well as some other sides and Charlotte brought along some more sausages, burgers and chilli & mango chicken, Yummy!

For dessert we had chocolate brownies with cream and trifle, safe to say we were all suitably stuffed by the end.

What a lovely way go spend a Sunday! ☆



Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

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