Eating out: GBK

One of my favourite places to eat out is Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK).

Now, as you’ll know from my previous blog I am on Slimming World, but I’m a firm believer in everything in moderation and allowing yourself a treat every now and then and GBK is definatly a treat!


We visited the one in Chapelfield mall in Norwich on Sunday.


I had their classic chicken burger (regular size) and you can have it either chargrilled or panko crumbed & fried, I had mine with the panko crumb and it was really tasty! The chicken breast was huge!! It also came with salad and a yummy relish in it. It was £8.65


I also got a regular skinny chips, these are my favourite and a MUST at GBK.


I thought I’d try one of their dips as I like something to dip my chips in. I went for the garlic mayo and it was to die for, it packs quite a punch so I’d only recommend it to those that are fond of garlic, I love it!
I’ll definatly be having that again.
The chips were £2.95 & the dip was £1.25


I had a Diet Coke with my meal, that came in a glass bottle and was served with ice and a slice, lovely and refreshing. £2.60

My sister got one of their refillable fizzy drinks, it was strawberry and elderflower. It was really tasty and refreshing as it came with lots of ice and fresh mint leaves. This is great as you can refill it as many times as you like for £2.45.

I was being relatively good this time as my Hen Do is soon (Eek!) But there are a few other sides and things that I would recommend:

House onion rings £3.55
Halloumi bites £3.75
Milkshakes from £4.30

The milkshakes are so good and they are great with a meal or as an alternative to a dessert (which is what I usually do!) I’m particularly fond of the Oreo flavoured one, although there are the usual flavours (strawberry, chocolate, vanilla) as well as more premium ones such as the Oreo, salted caramel and more.

Me and my sisters are hoping to go to Norwich for mine & Sarah’s birthday so I will definatly be having some of these that time, yum yum.

If your a real lover of food like me GBK is definatly worth a go!

Until next time,
Roseanne 🙂

One thought on “Eating out: GBK

  1. I enjoyed my meal too Roseanne. I chose the GBK salad and added grilled chicken to it. The salad was very fresh and had lots of avocado in it. Delicious. They made a lovely cuppa too! Xx


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